mature 1/8 dolls

Jul 21, 2019

    1. @daftpatience , the little home is so cute! Did you use a kit or did you make it from scratch?

      Bad photo, but I made a little comparison of the slim tinies I have. The dolls on either end are about 26cm
      L to R: MaskCat Inez, Cocoriang Sumi (OT), Maskcat Aruna and Ester, Doll Leaves Laura, Notdoll Lucy, Bardo Research Peme (OT), and LittleMonica Ani (OT)

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    2. thanks!! the dollhouse was made from scratch (with the help of my awesome dad!!)
      the image comparison you shared is super cool! its nice to see the sizes of some diff dollies : D
    3. I just bought $25 worth of patterns sized for Monster High from an etsy seller, to expand my DZ girl's wardrobe. I think she'll need a friend to share clothes with, so I can make more dresses!
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    4. i feel the same!! my dolly definitely needs more friends :whee:
    5. Does anyone know if it's possible to order one of the DZ special bodies with wings with the wings a different color than the doll?
    6. I just got one of her girls about a month ago! She's a moonling, I'll post pics of her cute face later but basically she looks like this :<
    7. I know they have their own dedicated thread, but I'm wondering if Merrydoll Round's 22cm pygmy line would qualify as mature 1/8 dolls? They look like they'd also fit right in with the rest of the dolls in this thread.
    8. I think they're mature 1/8 dolls. I have one, and she's too small to fit 1/6 furniture and accessories, but looks fine with my rement food and dishes, which tend to be 1/8 scale.

      I also calculated her height based on a height of 6ft, and she's definitely 1/8 scale according to that.
    9. I just ordered DZ Eugenia, she's sooo cute and I just can't wait to get her! :whee:
      But since she's so tiny I can't seem to find any clothes nor wigs that fit her. I'll probably make my own clothes eventually, but I'd like a store-bought wig at least. Does anyoby know where to buy wigs in that size?