mature 1/8 dolls

Jul 21, 2019

    1. @daftpatience , the little home is so cute! Did you use a kit or did you make it from scratch?

      Bad photo, but I made a little comparison of the slim tinies I have. The dolls on either end are about 26cm
      L to R: MaskCat Inez, Cocoriang Sumi (OT), Maskcat Aruna and Ester, Doll Leaves Laura, Notdoll Lucy, Bardo Research Peme (OT), and LittleMonica Ani (OT)

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    2. thanks!! the dollhouse was made from scratch (with the help of my awesome dad!!)
      the image comparison you shared is super cool! its nice to see the sizes of some diff dollies : D
    3. I just bought $25 worth of patterns sized for Monster High from an etsy seller, to expand my DZ girl's wardrobe. I think she'll need a friend to share clothes with, so I can make more dresses!
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    4. i feel the same!! my dolly definitely needs more friends :whee:
    5. Does anyone know if it's possible to order one of the DZ special bodies with wings with the wings a different color than the doll?
    6. I just got one of her girls about a month ago! She's a moonling, I'll post pics of her cute face later but basically she looks like this :<
    7. I know they have their own dedicated thread, but I'm wondering if Merrydoll Round's 22cm pygmy line would qualify as mature 1/8 dolls? They look like they'd also fit right in with the rest of the dolls in this thread.
    8. I think they're mature 1/8 dolls. I have one, and she's too small to fit 1/6 furniture and accessories, but looks fine with my rement food and dishes, which tend to be 1/8 scale.

      I also calculated her height based on a height of 6ft, and she's definitely 1/8 scale according to that.
    9. I just ordered DZ Eugenia, she's sooo cute and I just can't wait to get her! :whee:
      But since she's so tiny I can't seem to find any clothes nor wigs that fit her. I'll probably make my own clothes eventually, but I'd like a store-bought wig at least. Does anyoby know where to buy wigs in that size?
    10. My doll is Lilia from Luenheim, they seem to be out of business now sadly but I recently got her secondhand. She's only 20 cm tall. I'd love to meet even one other person who owns this doll because I have not found any yet!

      I think her sculpt is so sweet! She has the cutest nose.

      [updated] I'm trying some playline doll clothes on her since she's close to the size of some slimmer dolls, but shorter. She fits monster high stuff in the torso but it's pretty snug. Ever after high dresses fit her very nicely, not sure how pants would be, but who wants to wear those? I got a blythe dress that was pretty big for her but it works after I took it in at the back. Some old barbie skirts kind of work but sit low on her hips. She also fits quite nicely in an old family-handmade dress that I think was for skipper. I'm curious to try Licca and Azone XS stuff for her in the future. I was worried that she would be hard to shop for since she's a less common BJD size, but it seems there are lots of options!


      (I need to order or make another wig for her cause the first 2 I tried did not work out) :|
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    11. I don't believe so. I've ordered 4 of their 1/6 dolls with wings and one of them was a special color gray. The wings that came with her was also gray. Granted, I think her wings was sold with a WS dz body because we wanted white wings. So the only time you can get different colored ones would be from another collector selling it like that.
    12. Are there faceup artists who specialize in/are known for work on mature tinies? I figure it might be something that not everyone who works on SD and MSD is into, necessarily
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    13. yes I'd love to know this too!!
    14. I've loved this size since 1961, when I got an 8" Betsy McCall doll. Since then I've had a Blue Fairy pocket fairy on the sugar body; Auruna, Belina, and Feline from MaskCat; and Ivy and Eugenia from Dollzone.
    15. How close to "mature" qualifies? Other bjds that fit the "slender 1/8 tiny" category but are not adult shape would be CustomHouse BisouAI, Orientdoll Joong size, and the Elfdoll Hana/Doona tinies. All three are unfortunately no longer made, but you can sometimes find them second-hand. I found that Only Hearts Club clothing fit them fairly well, as did some Bratz clothing. Most fit in the 25-27mm Blythe shoes.

      Here's an ancient comparison, before PKFs were a thing...Photobucket's change in policy unfortunately killed a lot of the comparison photos on the threads here.
      Smaller doll comparison
      by clochette62, on Flickr
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    16. @daftpatience Your dollhouse is so cute! Was your strategy to just "bring down the ceiling" to achieve the smaller scale? The lofted bed looks great - I want an apartment like that :kitty2

      I have been trying to create a roombox for a tiny doll I'm sculpting, and it's not been easy to figure out if my scale is actually correct... I was going for a 1/12th doll (She's about 16-17 cm), but looking at all the 1/12th furniture on the internet makes it seem (maybe deceptively?) small in comparison to my sweet tiny girl. I wish stores would open up again so I could take her on a trip to the model train store just to do some fit tests :XD:

      From the way you all describe the 1/8th size though as 18-22cm... maybe my girl did actually end up being 1/12th!

      BTW are any of you familiar with raysvet dolls? She's on IG as well ... I submitted her dolls for review to be on-topic, so fingers crossed!
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    17. I looove Raysvet's dolls. They are actually about 16-18cm ish to my knowledge, so they're around the same size as your doll. There's a few images on insta under her tag with her dolls in 1/12 doll houses. They do look a little large. With 1/12 scale, 1 inch = 1 foot, so 17cm is like 6.69 inches, or about the size of a 7ft person in that scale, which makes them look a bit tall but not too bad. Zjakazumi who also makes 1/12 scale BJD dolls (unsure if they're on-topic either, so just using them as an example here) makes them to more realistic proportions in that scale and they're about 14-15cm, so 5-6ft in 1/12 scale.

      I'd suggest looking into maybe 1/10 scale? But 1/8 scale might work too. I think 1/8 scale furniture is easier to find than 1/10 scale. I highly recommend Bentley House Minis' video on understanding dollhouse scale for more info on how to work out scales.
    18. @theplushfrog Thanks so much for your response here - a lot of what you've written is SUPER helpful. I actually just recently had an instance where someone referred to a 1" scale dollhouse, and when I clarified with them they said it was 1/12th. Knowing why that is (as you said, in 1/12th 1in-1ft) is pretty cool/helpful.

      I'll take a look at the hashtags for the raysvet dolls to see just what the difference looks to be. Great idea. I do have a couple of her dolls, but no dollhouse for them yet, so again have just kind of been guessing. But yeah, they're a little daintier than the lady I'm making, so if they're pushing the limit a little bit on sizing, you might be right that my girl might look real slick in a 1/8th scene :)

      Thanks again!
    19. @maxxxamillion I'm glad my random knowledge of dollhouse miniatures has come into handy with BJDs and been able to help, lol. I'm pretty bad with fractions so I can't help with the math, but it's good stuff to know when working with the smaller scale dolls.

      Also, to keep this strictly on-topic, I just impulse bought a NS Doll Leaves Laura on the secondhand market, and I'm so excited. She'll be shipping out today or tomorrow. I have no clothing, wigs, or eyes that will fit her :sweat but I can't wait to get her!
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    20. @theplushfrog I bought a Laura last week as well and am in a similar boat. Nothing clothes-wise this size but very eager to get into it!