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Sep 22, 2011

    1. How about before that?

      I had read there was a 50 released in Korea, was there a release outside of Korea* before Dollmore? Thank you!
    2. I have no idea about what may have happened before the Dollmore release. I beleive that Mia listed Baby Lamb as being sculpted for Dollmore.
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    3. Thank you very much for your information. I appreciate all your help. Hoping to welcome a Miadoll soon in my family.♥️
    4. Hello. I just thought I should also post this here for everyone looking for Baby Lamb. Please be careful, as there already seems to be a recast floating around.

      My Latidoll dealer mentioned it to me as I asked her about Babylamb. And I decided to snoop Weibo.

    5. Recasts are a big problem! You always have to be careful buying on the secondary market!
    6. dolliberate, sorry for the late reply! The body is from Impldoll (normal pink), the head is also in normal pink. The color match of the body is good. But I'm still looking for a perfect body for him ;)
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    7. Did everyone see the smiling Soo on Mia's IG? I wonder if she will be releasing this one or the original Soo (or both!) this year. Or maybe the smiling Soo is just an experiment for now. Can't guess the mind of an artist. :lol:

      The smiling Soo is super cute, but I sort of miss his little teeth.
    8. Thank you very much for the information. It looks like a perfect match! <3

      I have a feeling it will be smiling Soo. She responded to someone, and I saw on Weibo she is hoping for an end-of-July release. And brother Koi will be 32cm, hoping for an end-of-the year release! :)
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    9. I remember Mia did sell some Babylamb by herself.
    10. Thank you that's very helpful! I really like Soo's brother. In my mind this is really Soo himself a few years older. I'd love to have him at different stages in life. :)
    11. He is super cute! I'd like him, too. But I prefer just the head so I can put him in a 26-cm size body. ><

      Yes, this is what I have read, too. At least 50 in Korea. I don't know if an international sales did push through before the Dollmore release though. So I was hoping someone here knew. ><
    12. Yes, be careful guys. The recast seller lives in Beijing, China, so if you bought a Babylamb and it's shipped from Beijing, China, please be really careful. I also got a picture of the recast Babylamb, the number inside the head is 48.[​IMG]
    13. I post the same text twice by accident, sorry.
    14. The recast seller Luo Ligui got the model of Babylamb, be careful, guys.
    15. Is Luo Oueneifs, or is he different?
    16. That's him!
    17. So upset. The scums just posted their doll on Ali.... with stolen photos from Instagram. They have zero shame.:evil:
    18. I'm very happy to be able to finally share my little girl, Hiraya.

      Currently, I am waiting for a body for her. Have you guys any information of the Pettimal body being sold on Taobao?

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    19. I'm happy to see all the excitement over the new releases eeee! I'm happy they are active and working hard on their little babies

      Also, I started wiki page for them since none was there! If anyone could help fill in release times for sculpts or anymore info that would be great! (corrections welcome!)

      Miadoll - Den of Angels BJD Wiki | Den of Angels
    20. Yay! I'm excited to order. But I'm so confused which to get, Soo 2nd or Smile Soo. T_T