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Also known as Mia's Baby Doll. They are a Korean BJD artist who specializes in young baby-like sculpts. Sculpts are sold through their personal site shop in limited pre-order or in-stock sales. They have collaborated with other companies to create sculpts for sale like Bambicrony and Dollmore.

Resin Colors

Heads on their site were originally released in three colors normal pink, normal yellow and white skin. A new normal was revealed in July of 2019. At the same time, they announced a pre-order where all four colors would be available for their release of Smile Soo emoji and Soo 2nd. After, only new normal and white skin would be available. New normal is a neutral in-between color of both the pink and yellow. Yellow skin was very close to Volks and normal pink to Dollmore pink.

In December 2020, a new tan color called “real skin” was offered with Koi.


Earlier dolls like Snow, Baby Lamb and Ginger received an oblong numbered plate on their headcap.

In 2017 Miadoll updated Soo and Ginger 2nd to have enamel heart authenticity plates on the outside of the headcap. Previous releases of Soo do not have this feature.

Heads come with a certificate of authenticity card and a custom designed plastic box.

Koi was offered with a body (35cm) in December 2020. The doll has a heart shaped enamel plate inside his left chest that says MiaBe.

Due to their popularity and rare pre-order windows some sculpts have been recasted. To avoid counterfeit dolls purchase heads with plate, box and COA included.

Recasted (Counterfeited) Heads

  • Babylamb
  • Soo
  • Ginger
  • Vanilla (collaboration with Bambicrony)

1/3 Sculpts

Collaboration Sculpts

  • Dollmore Mio

1/4 Sculpts

Collaboration Sculpts

  • Dollmore Sona
  • Dollmore Vora (vora is her first head)

1/6 Sculpts

  • Soo
  • Soo Sleeping (released 2018)
  • Soo 2nd (first released July 2019)
  • Smile Soo Smile (first released July 2019)
  • Ginger (officially discontinued due to casting issues in 2019)
  • Snow (discontinued)
  • Babylamb
  • Babylamb Sleeping
  • Koi (first offered in December 2020)

Collaboration Sculpts

  • Bambicrony Vanilla
  • Bambicrony Vanilla Sleeping
  • Dollmore Baby Aga (re-release of Babylamb)
  • Customhouse limited Michael