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Microchipping Your Doll?

Nov 4, 2017

    1. Has anyone anyone here thought about inserting an RFID chip into their doll and using a service like TrackR or Tile to make sure you don’t lose or forget your doll someplace or even to catch a thief?
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    2. If you have to modify the doll to put the security feature in (or to remove it later,) the extent of the modification affects the resale value of the doll.

      Security features like this must be removed before the doll is bought or sold, so that the prior owner does not report it missing and try to get the other person in trouble.

      If it is a possession you are planning to keep for awhile, you are in a situation where loss or theft is a serious concern, and you do not mind the resale value potentially going down as a result of any modifications, it's not a terrible idea. It's just not something most people can be bothered with.

      Collectors insurance was recommended to me as a more practical solution, as you can cover multiple dolls and whatever else you may collect.
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    3. I'm not sure it would work but couldn't you duck tape it inside the torso depending on the size and scale?
    4. I'm very rarely ever in a situation where I think my dolls might be forgotten or stolen, so I haven't thought about a microchip, but I have carves marks inside some of them so if they did get stolen or lost, I could identify my doll by that marking. I usually put it in a hidden place, like inside a hip joint or torso piece.

      I think the problem with microchipping would be as mentioned above. To be effective, it would need to be hidden and probably permanent, but that would lower the value of the doll and have to be removed upon selling. If it weren't permanent but taped or glued inside, I think anyone who would bother stealing a doll or who knows the value of these dolls would probably be familiar enough with them to find the chip and remove it, so I'm not really sure what would be an effective way to go about it.
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    5. I was thinking the same thing. I’ll probably get a Tile mate next weekend and test it out. I’d love to find away to make Dorrie’s custom “ring” Girl on the Floor by Ayria becuase thta’s kind of her theme song. We shall see...we shall see...

      Also I’m looking at some “hacks” for Tile on YouTube. I’m not sure I have the supplies or skill to change a battery but it’s still cheaper to buy a new one rather than collector’s insurance. I’m pretty sure our home policy covers my other stuff (not to mention my kid sibling’s nrfb Gravity Falls 6 character figure pack which is worth a fair chunk of change). But Dorries hold significant sentimental value to me and would be very hard to replace.
    6. An RFID chip will help you identify your doll, it won't help you track or find it though.

      If you spent a small fortune and outfitted your house with RFID transponders you could use it for tracking, but that's a bit silly and wouldn't help you with finding it outside your home.

      For outside you need a GPS/LTE setup. That is certainly doable, but the battery will need to be recharged every week or so, and GPS doesn't really work inside anyway.
    7. If I had the money to and if I took them out often enough, I'd definitely put a GPS tracker in my dolls. Especially considering I even took one to Italy with me in October! But Leiothrix raises a point of recharging the battery and if I'm honest, that would quite tedious and I can see myself forgetting to put the tracker back in or forgetting to charge it in the first place... and then that defeats the point!
    8. This is an interesting idea. I know the batteries in Tile do not last forever, you have to replace the Tile periodically. Chipping a doll like pets are chipped is interesting though it seems like engraving inside the head or something might work better (if that would work at all?) since I don't know of anyone who would scan a doll if they bought it.
    9. It's a good idea for those dolls you're strongly attached to but the practicality of it, as already brought up, is the biggest issue.

      Now you wouldn't be able to tack your doll with it, but in the event it was stolen and attempted to be resold the RFID sticker chips would be great for inside the head and/or torso (in case it's split) that way when the notice is put out and people are seeing the same sculpt suddenly hit the second hand market they the RFID sticker would be a dead giveaway. Those things are nearly impossible to remove from smooth surfaces without using a chemical that would damage the resin.

      I don't think you'd ever be able to GPS track the dolls but using a sticker system for the dolls you don't plan to resell it could help you in identifying them if stolen and resold.
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    10. That is actually a really good idea! Like how dolls legs and arms are sometimes marked "L" and "R" for the purposes of restringing but instead of left and right it's "This doll belongs to X" :o I might actually do that if I ever take my dolls out more. Thanks ^^
    11. If I did, I'd probably use the sticker system and put it in the chest piece, though I wouldn't leave my doll anywhere without me being near it.