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Mini Bactro Creatures Dolls Discussion Thread

Sep 25, 2017

    1. I couldn't find an existing thread on this, so I figured I'd start one.

      Unfortunately I missed the pre-order (I was checking instagram like crazy, but I guess the official pre-order dates were only posted on the website) but at least I managed to get on the waitlist. I'm very excited to finally get my hands on bactro, and I love the smaller scale!

      I'm already planning how I'd like to paint and dress them...just a matter of finding things at the proper size! Love to hear what everyone else is planning to do with theirs.
    2. Thank you for starting a thread for Mini Bactro, tuneful87! And glad to hear you made it on the wait list!

      I ordered a light blue one. I had spotted the pre-order announcement on BJD Collectasy. I love the larger, original-size Bactros, too, but wasn't able to get one. I'm more into smaller dolls anyway, so getting this mini is even better. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about getting one. Have you seen the WIP pic from Haru Casting? Harucasting's WIP on Sep 11. Can't wait to see more in-progress pics - helps ease the waiting a bit and keep the excitement going. :)
    3. The light blue is very pretty. Thanks for sharing the progress photo... You'll have one in your hands before you know it! I'm planning to get one of each color.

      Are you planning to make your own wig and clothes for her?
    4. Thank you, tuneful87! I don't blame you for wanting all three - they'll look awesome together! I would have loved to buy another, but could only afford one this time. I'm hoping there will be another pre-order offered for them at some point.

      I can definitely make a wig for her, since I've made wigs before, but not sure about clothes. I have a lot of doll clothes, so I'll see if she can fit in anything before I commit to whipping her up something. If I can't find anything that works, I'll take a stab at it. I've seen some pics of the larger Bactro dolls dressed beautifully on Flickr.

      Will you be making wigs and clothes for yours?
    5. Trust me, I shouldn't be getting three myself! But I figure I don't want to miss out and later regret it...

      I have minor experience making wigs (saran and mohair) but I wouldn't say I'm great at it....it's the part that really messes me up. Otherwise, I think I do a decent job. Love to see the wigs you've done. Do you accept commissions at all?

      As far as hair color, Green will probably get a blonde bob (nylon or saran), Blue will get long white wavy mohair wig, and Yellow will be a redhead in mohair, perhaps with a sideswept ponytail, or more likely a braid.

      For clothing, I'm thinking short summer dresses and romper shorts/suspenders combos. My Pollen are dressed rather regally, but the Bactro has a more carefree, fun-loving look, so I think the playful clothing will suit them a bit better. I have no sewing experience (other than one class) so I'm planning to make a duct-tape dummy and commission my friend, Fern Black.
    6. Sounds like you may have more experience making wigs that I do, tuneful87. I've only made a handful of mohair wigs for my tiny dolls, following tutorials I found on-line. One was a Marie Antoinette style for my Catsy , but the rest were just the simple sort. I've also modified manufactured wigs. I own a lot of cat bjds, so have to make room for those ears, but not sure Bactro would need much wig modification. I'm thinking she can probably wear mass produced, with little to no modification.

      Your wig choices sound great! I know from experience how pretty white mohair looks on blue resin dolls. It gives them an ethereal look. I made one for my blue Nabiyette. It's a long wavy one, but not thick, since she's a fairy and wispy works better for her. Not sure which way I'll go with my Bactro. I have leftover white mohair, but I may want to go with pinks or purples. Maybe even a gradient one, where the color gets darker on the ends. I recently saw a pic of a blue resin wearing a deep pink wig that looked great. Well, I suppose we could give them a wig wardrobe, right? Lots of options out there. They look kind of cute bald, too.

      Lucky you to have Pollen dolls! I didn't even know about Pollen until recently - really wonderful doll. Bet yours must look very impressive in their regal attire. I've seen pics of the larger Bactro dolls wearing corset tops, which looked very nice on them. I love romantic and cute styles, but I think you're right about Bactro. She lends herself to many different styles, since she's such a free spirit. I don't think there's a wrong way to dress her.
    7. That's a good point. There should be a decent variety of pre-made wigs that fit them...I believe they're 3/4, right?

      I have so many colorful dolls (dablyop, ceryop, argonautica, pollen, etc) but...they all have fancy head-plates or sculpted mohawks or spikes, so I don't get to utilize wigs. So...this should be fun! Also - I have a friend who loves the Catsy dolls! She has one but has been looking for another for ages.

      Pink/purple/gradients would work well with blue as well. I actually just listed a very pretty pink mohair wig for sale. It's 5/6, but the mohair could probably be salvaged to make a tiny wig.

      Pollen comes up for sale here and there, so you might manage to find one yet. I *think* I got the last two in stock, blue twins (yet to have the photoshoot they deserve). They fit into Monster High clothing fairly well, so I put them in custom white dresses. I also have a white one I snagged on ebay...she's my favorite:

      [​IMG]Mitski by the_alien_experience, on Flickr
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    8. She's gorgeous, tuneful87! Very regal, indeed, and I can see why she's your favorite. Yes, I see what you mean - you'd never want to cover up Pollen's head with a wig. It's wonderful with those spikes!

      I don't know what size wig Bactro might take. In the side-by-side comparison pic Mewiefish posted on her facebook, it appears Bactro's head is a little bigger than Pollen's. A 3 is pretty small - I've used that size on an Elfdoll tiny. They're only 14 cm tall, while Bactro is expected to come in at 22 cm. My best guess would be more the 4, but possibly even larger. Perhaps Mewiefish will post the measurements soon. That would give us a much better idea of what we can buy for them.

      I love colored resins, too, especially the fantasy colors. I only have a couple blue ones now, my favorite color, but I have a few others in various shades of mint resin - my latest is Nympheas Dolls' Brioche, which actually looks rather blue in brighter light. Catsy cats - those I have a merry band of, in the 4 colors they made them in and another I dyed pink. Also in both sexes, since they made males and females. Catsy was the first bjd to sucker me in. Too bad that Elfdoll stopped making dolls. They do turn up for sale from time to time, so I hope your friend finds another one. And she won't be competing with me for it - no room in this inn for more. They wouldn't be considered "on-topic" for this thread, but you can see pics of them here: Kitty Korner
    9. Thank you!

      Sorry, I had it in my head as 3/4 but Mewiefish posted a head circumference as 11cm, which comes out to 4.3 inches. I suspect a custom wig might be best, as 4/5 will probably be too big and 3/4 too small. But I guess we'll have to wait and see.

      Thanks for the link...I'll leave my comments on flickr.
    10. If it's a wig with some give, a 4 should work fine. My only concern is how deep is her headcap - meaning is there more to it than the average doll. It almost looks like her head is longer in some pics, but you're right - probably best to wait and see.

      Thanks for the comments on flickr - figured they were from you, so had to check out your flickr, too and spotted your lovely Pollen. Wow - great pics and some other fantastic dolls, too! Noticed you had some Max Toy kaiju sofubi figures. Naturally, I have a soft spot for Negora, especially Max Toy's version. Second to my love of dolls come Japanese sofubi toys. Lots of fun weird there.
    11. Forgot to ask the other day, but did Mewiefish post any other measurements for Mini Bactro, besides her head circumference?
    12. Yes, she posted height and eye size I believe. The height posted was similar to Pollen, but the mini bactro seemed taller in photos!
    13. I was just checking Haru Casting's to see if there were anymore WIP pics for Mini Bactro. I didn't see any but noticed a pic of doll that I believe was at about the same stage of progress is now cast in a cream white. Hope that a good sign that Bactro is not too far behind. BTW - I received your flickr pm and responded back. I hope you received it okay, @tuneful87
    14. Was just checking out Haru Casting's flickr - there is a pic of the blue Mini Bactro pieces: Harucasting's WIP on Oct 14.

      Won't be long now!
    15. Eeek, thanks for sharing! It seems to be a deeper blue than I expected it would be.
    16. You were hoping for lighter? I think you never can tell what the exact color is until it's in your hands. I mean, monitors read color differently and then some people up the saturation level in their pics. Of course, it won't be the same lt. blue that was used in the big Bactros, since those were hand cast by Mewiefish, I believe. It's a different type resin, too. I think this new stuff is lighter weight - I read a post where someone mentioned it, in regard to Bulbi, another doll Haru Casting produced. Check out comments #32 -34: HeartStrung Bulbi doll (25cm) Not 100% sure Mini Bactro will be the same, but also not sure she'll be different.

      If it's as it looks, I'm happy with the color, but then again, I really love blue dolls. Sometimes the blue is so light, it hardly registers and for me, that's disappointing. Like with that blue marshmallow. Same thing with some pink resins. I have a pale pink resin that most people would think is white, because it gets washed out from the lighting. Those are the times I have to up the saturation level, so people can see the color better and how it appears IRL.
    17. Yea, I totally know what you mean.

      Eek, mint is beautiful! Can't wait for orders to open up again.
    18. Well, looks like they've multiplied - their parts, anyway: So far..
      I just see the mint and blue, no pastel yellows. Hard to imagine no one ordering one in that color, as it's rather pretty, too.
    19. I wold love to get a blue one of these at some point, though I can't afford one right now. Hopefully I'll have a real job by the next pre-order!