Mini Bactro Creatures Dolls Discussion Thread

Sep 25, 2017

    1. So many pieces! Hmm... Yes, there must be have been been some yellow ordered... I'm very curious to see how that color turns out.
    2. Yes, yellow was ordered and a photo has been posted of them with the blue and mint now: Harucasting's WIP on Nov 29. Looks like they cast the yellows last, as Haru Casting posted that one more yellow left to go. Hope this finally means they will be shipped to Creatures Dolls soon and then on to us.
    3. Does anyone know when the next preorder is going to happen? I gotta get my hands on this doll!
    4. I don't know the answer, but you can always ask her, either through her blog (Contact | Creatures Dolls) or Facebook page (Creatures Dolls). I did see her latest update on Facebook, where she said that she wanted to avoid shipping during the holidays, so the current order won't be shipping until sometime in January. She did refer to the current order as the "first preorder", so sounds like she's definitely planning to offer another preorder at some point. Hope it's sometime soon!
    5. Thanks for the response. I sent her an email after reading this and she said she would do another preorder (!!!). She also said in December so hopefully she’ll release more info soon!!
    6. You can get on the wait list now! Make sure you ask to be included, as I believe spots are filling up.
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    7. I've been keeping an eye on Haru casting's flickr to see when pics are posted showing them boxed and ready to ship out to Creatures Dolls. I imagine she'll open that second ordering period around the same time. I'd kind of like to have the blue one I'm waiting for in-hand first, just in case I want to order another in a different color.
    8. Oooo, what would your next color choice be?

      Once the next order opens up, I'd like to start sketching outfit and wig ideas.
    9. Probably the mint one, though the pale yellow is pretty, too. There's something about having a pair that I find appealing, because that was my first experience seeing Bactro. Someone had a pair of them and they had them both looking so great - very girly and hip. As though they were teenagers. This pic here: Birds of a Feather, now and for Ever!

      Only thing is, those are the original, larger size dolls. Their legs look longer to me than Mini Bactro's, but it's hard to judge. What do you think? For me, if the proportions are different, it may change the way I would dress and style her. She may be more like a little sister than a big sister.

      I think the ordering period will start pretty soon, so get your sketch book out and start having some fun! And hopefully, since Haru has already cast that first order, the second one will be finished faster. I ordered at the end of July and it's been over 5 months. Usually they're ready to ship in 3 to 4, based on other dolls I've seen them do.
    10. New pics up on Haru Casting: Haru casting

      They're looking great!
    11. They're all packed up and ready to ship out! :dance Looks like there are 14 blue, 8 green and 8 yellow - at least from what I can make out in that one group pic.
    12. Eek! They look amazing. So devastated I missed the pre-order but do hope a subsequent order happens. I'm on the wait list so hopefully Mewie will reach out once we're good to go!

      I love Koala Krash's girls...she's painted so many bactro.

      Personally, I think the proportions are exactly the same. I can't imagine Mewie changing them. I think it's simply a matter of the photography...Koala shot that photo from very low which elongated the dolls, while Haru shot from above so they look shorter. Just my perspective!
    13. My MiniBactro arrived with me and she is the perfect big sis for my Feldspathe from Miwie. ^_^

      She still needs a face up but she already looks very cute.
      I'm unsure if she will get a wig or if I will leave her head blank.

      I hope to see more MiniBactros in the future and I think I somewhere read that Miwie wanted 'soon' to open a pre-order again. Maybe I will need a second one. :kitty1
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    14. OMG you lucky duck!!!! She’s beautiful!!! Post a picture when she’s got a face up!
    15. Congratulations, @Saiyaku! :cheer She makes the perfect big sis for your Feldspathe - they look adorable together! The blue Mini Bactro I ordered shipped out on the 23rd and I'm hoping she'll arrive sometime next week. Will share pics as soon as I can.
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    16. @Dino1Kidd Yes, I will post photos when she is finished.

      @Cattwo I hope you will get your MiniBactro soon. She only needed to travel a short way to me from France to Germany. ^_~
      Please post pictures when you get her.
    17. @Saiyaku OMG she's incredible. I am in love with that outfit, especially the pants. Did you make them yourself?
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    18. @tuneful87 She is very cute and so tiny.
      (I saw Miwiefish's handcasted Bactros at the LDoll (a French BJD Convention) and I regretted that I didn't bought one at that time, so I'm relieved to get a 'second' chance).
      I hope for you she will soon open her next pre-order.

      Unfortunately I'm no good at sewing but luckily Dearmine has many cute outfits.
      But the outfits are way too big for little Bactro and you will need to make it smaller.
      I think someone with semi sewing skills could already do such pants themselves. ^_~