Mini Bactro Creatures Dolls Discussion Thread

Sep 25, 2017

    1. @Saiyaku! You're so lucky to have seen those at the convention! I would give anything to own that green xb12 - such a beauty.

      I have a friend who will be sewing clothes for the mini bactro for me, and I think I will need to use your photo as an inspiration for one of the outfits! Do you plan to wig her?
    2. @tuneful87 Bloomers on dolls look often so cute and I hope your friend can realize your outfits plans.
      Will you choose the green/mint colour for your girl?
      It would be great if other fantasy colours would be available for the next pre-order but if not, I think I would love a second one in mint. The colour looks very nice.

      I fell in love with the blue Bactro, that's why I ordered her in this colour.
      Photo from the booth:
      Photo by Sai Chan
      I also like the wig style.
      I tried a 4-5 Wig but the bangs were too long and it looked a bit off.
      I hope I can see wig styles from other MiniBactro owners to get a feeling what style could fit her but I think she would also look good without a wig.
      Do you think you will use a wig with her?
    3. @Saiyaku That bactro is very pretty with raven hair! Do you think an exact 4 wig would fit better? I did some outfit sketches the other day and I included wigs in all my designs. Hopefully someone talented with wig making will get a mini bactro and take commissions!

      I'm on the wait list for all three colors, and if more colors were released, I'd be interested in them as well. I've been wanting a bactro for probably 5 years now. I stupidly missed out on the pre-order because I was following things on instagram but the official announcement was on the blog and facebook, I believe. But I'm eager to make up for lost time!
    4. @tuneful87 I tried a Leekeword wig with 3.5 inch (but I think the wig feels bigger than 3.5 inch).
      => it's this one LSO-010

      And I also tried a no name brand wig with 4-5 inch wig.
      It's the wig for my Enoki (Irrealdoll) and I had to cut the bangs. When I tried an other wig the bangs were too long for MiniBactro.

      I think a 4inch wig is better than a 4-5 inch wig but maybe it depends on the wig brand.
      But it would be great if someone will take commission in the future for a perfect fitting Bactro wig. If more BJD owner have MiniBactro it would be interesting for the wig maker (Frappzilla for example also offers wigs for Enoki).

      Awwhhh, that would be a cute army of Bactros and I'm looking forward what you will do with each of them. :love
      The wait is definitely worth.
      Yes, the announcement was on FB.
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    5. I think the bob style is very complimentary to her outfit. Thanks for sharing the wig tips as well. I look forward to seeing how you paint her.
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    6. Thank you very much, Dino1Kidd! Here's another pic I took of her:

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    7. Omg! These pictures are just so good. I love the way you styled her. I definitely have to get one! Can’t wait for the next preorder
    8. Thank you very much, Dino1Kidd! What's nice about Bactro is that you can pretty much style her anyway you want - you're only limited by your imagination. I'd like to give her an 18th century style one day, too. She's a lot of fun and I hope Mewiefish opens up the next preorder soon - I'd love for you to have one, too!
    9. On Instagram Mewiefish posted a picture and she said that she’s going to open the second preorder soon!!! :cheer
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    10. Sounds great! :thumbup
    11. Would someone be able to provide the diameter of mini bactro's forearm at the widest point? I'm planning outfits and trying to figure out what minimum sleeve diameter I'll need.
    12. The widest point on my Bactro's forearm is 1 1/2 inches. Her wrist joint is a touch larger than that, about 1 3/4", and her hand is about 2 1/4 inches, because her fingers splay out. When I say "about", it's because my tape measure has a metal tip and I had to try and measure from the 1 inch mark, folding back that metal tip so it wouldn't get in the way. So please take these measurements with consideration that they may very close, but not be 100% dead on. Allow a little more wiggle room. Sorry I couldn't be more accurate than that - perhaps another owners here has a better measuring tape they can use.
    13. That's perfect, thanks so much! My friend and I are brainstorming how to make fitted sleeves for her. I was thinking perhaps a long slit in the back of the sleeve might work, which would clasp together with a few tiny buttons. I can't think of any other way around it without the entire sleeve being as wide as her hand!
    14. It will certainly be a challenge, but I'm sure you and your friend will figure something out that will work well. I think she's worth the effort to design for and I'm looking forward to what you come up! Good luck to you, tuneful87!
    15. Nice to see that pre-orders for the next batch of Mini Bactros are being taken now! Hope everyone who wants one remembers to submit their order by May 8th. I was going to get another doll, but may only wind up ordering the sleeping face for my blue one.

      Anyone else ordering one?
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    16. I sent an email on Saturday for the 2nd preorder but I haven't received any confirmation yet... Is that normal? I'm afraid my email didn't go through :<
    17. I sent one a couple days ago to order a sleeping face and I haven't heard back yet, either. I wish I could remember more sharply how things played out last year, but I do feel like it took awhile for Mewie to send out confirmations. Still, if you're worried, send her a note about it. The preorder is open until May 8th, so it you want to wait and give it a couple more days before contacting her, you can do that, too.