Mini Bactro Creatures Dolls Discussion Thread

Sep 25, 2017

    1. Thanks @Cattwo ^^ I'm just being a worrywart X3 I'm relieved to know there are others in the same boat, I'll probably wait a few more days.
    2. I sent in the form on Sunday, but I haven't heard back either. I'm not too worried about it, but I will let you know if I get a response.
    3. @mokarran @iwasteela
      I sent my form last Friday and I got a response this morning, so hopefully you’ll hear back from her soon!
    4. I just got the email today too ^^ Very happy I didn't miss it! <3
    5. I got an email this morning, too. Just a thank you for your order and payment info will be coming soon, but YAY!
    6. Glad to hear everyone has been contacted! I got the same email and it does seem familiar to how Mewie handled it last time.
    7. My order of a sleeping face is paid for and now the wait begins! Hope everyone got their orders in okay, too! :thumbup
    8. Yep I got my first payment in for my blue girl + sleeping face ^0^ So excited!!
    9. ^ u ^ I was lucky and made it into the pre order for this doll, I am awaiting her arrival later in the year but until then I am wondering what current owners are finding fits in terms of clothes and wigs and what sites are best to buy from?
    10. First off, congratulations on your pre-order, Stabbington! :cheer As to clothing for Mini Bactro, it can be a little challenging to find clothes that fit well. Her body presents a couple of obstacles. Her proportions aren't standard - she has a small bust and upper arms, large hips, and large lower legs and arms. I have a lot of tiny dolls and dolls about her size, but her proportions make it very hard to find the perfect fitting clothes.

      Getting a top that has any kind of sleeves or arm straps past those big hands and have it actually fit her well, seems to be an impossible task, unless there is good stretch to the fabric. This is why you see Bactro dressed in corset tops a lot. You also don't want to try forcing her into anything because her toes and finger tips could get chipped. The resin appears the most susceptible to breaking or chipping in those areas. I've had some success with a few Blythe pieces (halter-type dresses) and Azone fashions (ones that fit a Petworks Nikki cat), but you need to look for styles that don't require slimmer arms and legs. Also, the hands are actually a little wider than her wrists, so it can be difficult for her to wear certain styles. However, once you have her in hand, you'll be in a better position to judge what will work or not. I posted a couple of pics on the previous page. Those don't fit her perfectly, but certainly come close enough.

      As far as wigs go, her head measures in at 4.5 inches, so 4-5 size wigs will fit. If it has a stretchy wig cap, maybe you could get a 4 to work, but none of my 4s did. I wound up making her some mohair ones, after I got her. I just used the tutorials on-line. It's not hard and they do fit her the best.

      I haven't had as much time to play with mine recently, but I hope to be able to do so again soon. Then I'll experiment some more with what might work. If, through trial and error, I find some clothing that fits her well, I'll be sure to post on here about it, along with some links for you, too. Despite the difficulty of dressing her, she's a lot of fun and worth the effort. I'm sure you'll love yours, too, once you have her home. <3
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    11. Could owners of mini Bactro please post some comparison photos with other dolls of similar size? I find it easiest to get an idea of what to expect from seeing how the doll compares with something familiar.

      I'm halfway done with my layaway for a green mini Bactro!
    12. I don't have my mini bactro in hand just yet. However, I have seen mini bactro side by side with pollen, who I do own. The torsos are almost exactly alike, and they are just a bit smaller than Monster High little sister torso. In fact, I have quite a few custom monster high skirts/tops/dresses that fit them quite well.
    13. Does anyone know of any shoes that might fit the mini bactro?
    14. My girls arrived today! Very pleased with all three. I particularly like the mint and yellow. I have the sleeping faces, but not sure how long I'll be holding onto them. If anyone is looking for the sleeping faces, feel free to PM me.

      Has anyone had their mini bactro sueded? And if so, did you find suede or hot glue worked best?
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    15. Congratulations on their arrival! Having all three together must be so much fun! :cheer

      I haven't felt the need to suede mine - at least not yet. She seems to hold her pose well for now. I got her a sleeping face, which arrived earlier this month. Haven't gotten around to doing it's face-up yet, but I think it's a nice extra to have. I want to take a sleeping beauty photo of her once I get it done. Or perhaps one as an ode to Shakespeare's Ophelia.