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Mirodoll 1/3 discussion thread

May 29, 2018

    1. This is the new discussion thread for Mirodoll 1/3 dolls. Please see the following Announcement for important information regarding Mirodoll and their ban from DoA:
      Rule Update - Mirodoll banned from DoA
      If you would like to discuss the situation specifically, please do so in the Announcement thread.

      Certain Mirodoll items are banned. Only the following heads and bodies are allowed to be discussed on DoA:
      (this list of allowed dolls is subject to change)

      60cm boy body
      60cm Boy body with Thicker Neck
      New 61cm Boy body
      60cm girl body
      60cm girl body with small chest
      62cm Girl Body
      65cm boy body
      66cm Muscular girl body
      New 66cm Boy Body
      68cm boy body
      72cm Boy Body


      If you have a Mirodoll head on one of the banned bodies, please do not discuss that doll here.
      If you have any questions about this situation, or concerns that you would like to address with the mod team, please create a new thread in Ask the Moderators. We will be happy to help you there.
      #1 DoA Mod Squad, May 29, 2018
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    2. Well, I guess my plan to replace Mirodoll bodies has been brought forward. Although mine are not on the ban list, they’re pretty much unposeable even with sueding and restringing so I think I’ll just use them for mod practice and buy my guys new bodies when I can.

      EDIT: I’ve been told by mods that the 68cm boy body is not banned either. To be honest, I still feel kinda bad, like I’m somehow complicit even though I couldn’t have known when I bought them. :(
      #3 Spuggey, May 29, 2018
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    3. Such a shame they've gone bad. I got my best boy from them back when they started out as Lost Angel.
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    4. I got the same reply about the 68cm boy. I guess it's not on the "allowed" list because it's not listed on the homepage any more ... but wow, that whole thing was unexpected. :nowords:

      @Spuggey I don't think there was anything to know about when the old bodies were released. It's only the more recent ones that are dodgy. Don't beat yourself up over something that probably hadn't even happened when you bought your dolls.
    5. You know I bought a secondhand 60cm body the day that the news came out. I got home and was looking around on DOA and saw the banned list! Thank goodness the body i got was not banned but still its sad that thus all came about . Well now I dont feel so bad about modding the neck...
    6. oh thats bad they have to steel! fortunly my doll is not on the banned list!
    7. I don't think they are recasts. The aesthetic is really similar, but when they lay the dolls' photos on top of one another, the breasts were different sizes, the shoulders didn't match up, and a bunch of little details like that were different. What i think happened is they rendered a new 3d sculpt based on the photographs from the other company. Because of all the small differences (which the moderators admitted to in their post), it is technically a knockoff, not a counterfeit. Knockoffs are legal.

      Also, as others have pointed out, there have been dolls from different companies in the past that looked eerily similar to one another, that were proven later to have been sculpted completely independently. I understand their hyper-vigilance given the Luo fiasco, but I think they jumped the gun a little here. I really think things like this ought to be considered innocent until proven guilty, with the burden of proof on the accuser. Otherwise, we could unwittingly hurt legitimate companies.
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    8. I've rather liked the Annie mold. Does anyone have pictures of her? I'd like to see her with a custom face up.
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    9. Mirodoll runs a page on facebook where they put up WIP pictures of their new designs. Apparently, someone has used existing dolls as a reference which is normal when you're studying art and design. But if you put your own designs for sale, they shouldn't look too similar. This wasn't done on purpose, just a mistake.

      Glad my Miro kids are still on topic. I trust the ones with the minimee heads on Miro bodies (60 cm boy and 61 cm new boy) are also okay to discuss here :).
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    10. As far as I know they are a-okay. I wish they would reword the the banner headline because it makes it sound like they are all banned. :(
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    11. For those who are interested, the 68cm boy body was out of listing for some tweaking and now it's back.

      As for the situation: I'm not sure about how well it's been handled. Miro surely has shown that they want to stay in the community by taking away the listings for the three bodies. I'd be curious to see the comparisons between physical bodies. ALSO, and this is more a of a joke: I have a JID from 2012, it's one of the WORST posing bodies ever (only beaten by the April Story SD13, which is BEAUTIFUL, but HELLISH to posE), if they had to copy, couldn't they at least copy something that posed better? XD

      In any case, I'm going to order a 60cm girl body with small chest tomorrow (the discount is too tempting and I had been planning on buying that body for a while now!) so I'll be back soon. It'll have a 5stardoll head, I hope the match is not too bad.
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    12. Since it was out and now back, is the tweaked version included in the ban or not? Do you think mods will treat it as new or old?
    13. I actually have NO idea O.o...

      But I seem to remember that it had been put back BEFORE the ban? I need to check.
    14. Nope. I checked when the ban was enacted and the 68cm wasn't there. But it's their second body ever, just been tweaked ... it's not a new release, the ban is about dodgy new stuff that may have come from heaven knows where. This one has been around before, so I guess / hope it's still okay.
    15. I ordered the 60cm girl body with small breasts ^^... I hope it takes a reasonable time XD
    16. I have been looking at some dolls by Miro for a long time. The whole situation is very confusing, so I suppose if I ever get one, share, and get dinged for it, then maybe it will just be a slap on the wrist. From what I can tell, whatever the situation is, it's not recasting, but some sort of surprise new guidelines about 3 D modeled sculpts. I used to really like some dolls that another company did until they started doing 3 D modeled sculpts, now, I just don't like them. I love the handmade sculpts a lot! Does anyone know if the Muscular Girl pairs well with the elf, Lightning? I love how that body looks and the long elf ears would look really great as an elf character inspired by Sebille, from the video game Divinity Original Sin II. I'm not a gamer, but my bf was showing me some artwork. Usually I don't get very excited about game characters but she looks really neat. I tend to ponder, plot and plan for dolls forever. I'd love to add another girl or two to my crew, but I always get put off if the bodies just look boring and meh.... but that muscular girl body is sculpted by Sick Trees I think, and that would make it even more special. What do you guys think?
    17. hi everyone - been away from the forum for a while due to Uni - totally shocked by all this scandal on my return! My mirodoll Mika, Gloria, is my favourite dolly (shhh don't tell the others!) Although I changed her eyes, miro did a lovely faceup for her (or better than I can do anyway) <3

      And I've only just seen Sally - she'll be perfect for my 60cm headless mirodoll body which has been freaking visitors out for so long - she's really cute I think :aheartbea UPDATE just ordered Sally's head with faceup (can always wipe it!) AND Jared's head with no faceup - he's awesome I think, and will look good on my Dollmore 70cm body (currently with a Kasi Dan head but I'd like a smaller, more boyish and less muscular body for that head really - probably mirodoll 66 or 61cm - when I can afford it) :chibi

      [​IMG]Gloria by elve, on Flickr
      #18 elve, Jun 25, 2018
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    18. I don't have the Lightning head nor the muscular girl body, but the muscular girl body is a 66cm body and I know the Lightning head is pretty big on the normal 60cm body, so I'd think it would look pretty good on the larger one! Just PM Mirodoll on Facebook and I'm sure if you ask them if it will fit, they will answer you pretty fast (within 12 hours, since their time is different in China)

      Grats on ordering Sally! Your Mika is also very pretty! I'm waiting for a secondhand Mika myself and I'm super excited! ^_^
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    19. thank you @cchenique :D Mika is very cute but mine really needs a restring she's so floppy - I will put it off for as long as possible though :XD:

      oooh I should add @cchenique - Mika also has a big head - the wig she's wearing is a 9" for an antique-style china doll, from ebay
      #20 elve, Jun 25, 2018
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