Missing and Stolen Dolls

Jun 22, 2008

    1. EXCITING UPDATES! I have heard from the person who unwittingly bought the Belladonna. She was not aware of the theft, she wants to return her to me and we are working out the details of that. Belladonna has been located! :) :) :)
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    2. * What is missing? (Mold, skintone)
      Enaibi Brimbelle Winter Mouse in blue skin

      *Are there any distinguishing characteristics? (i.e. specific damage, modification, etc).
      She had a tiny snowflake on her head

      * When was the doll last seen?
      She has been sent to me on 15th of March 2013, I guess this is the last time someone might have seen her

      *Where was the doll last seen?
      The doll has been sent out from Corse .... So somewhere there

      *Under what conditions did it go missing, and do you know who may have taken it? (i.e. Was it "traded" to another forum member who has disappeared or been banned? Was the doll stolen at a meetup?)
      I bought the doll from another doll forum and the seller sent her out without any insurance (not as required) and the box was empty when it arrived. Everything that was inside the box was a lot of packing material, a letter that the seller sent me and the certificate. The box itself was undamaged and taped. There has been so many packing material inside that there was no space for a doll box. I tried it out myself because I own another Brimbelle. No way that there is any space for a doll box.

      * Where would you like to be contacted if someone has any information on your doll?
      via Email or PM, please

      Here´s a picture of Enaibi´s Doll as this is the only photo I have. The seller deleted those she sent me. And as she never arrived here I wasn´t able to take my own.
      Brimbelle winter mouse von Enaibi auf Flickr
    3. My Belladonna is home from the person who bought her, and my Kassia is home from the Ebay seller... these dolls have been returned to me thanks to the kindness of strangers :)

      P.S. The Ebay seller has been pretty good about working with me, and I don't suspect him in the theft, so please, nobody else send him emails. I appreciate everyone having my back, but he got some snarky messages over this he may not have deserved.
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    4. Update January 21: The Unoa L-Bi I had traded for arrived today. It was shipped Saturday Jan 18 -- though I have still received no contact whatsoever from RockScientist/Suuchan.
      I think it's got a buff headback (I don't remember that being mentioned), but other than that, it's fine/as stated.

      I can't even say how happy I am that this is over.

      I need to thank the BJD community...
      I am so grateful for all the help. The tips, advice, information and support was so appreciated, I can't even say thanks enough.

      I am considering this trade finished/resolved, though unsatisfactory. I would not ever do business with this person again.

      Thank you again


      Dec 29 I made a deal for a trade on Dairyland, the Midwest USA doll forum, with member RockScientist, Suuchan here on DOA. I would send her my Switch Taeheo head on a Souldoll double body I had had for sale and she would send her Unoa L-Bi, also for sale on DL.

      I sent the doll off as planned and messaged her to let her know.


      I didn't hear from her, I didn't get a doll in the mail, she hasn't even logged back onto Dairyland.

      The Switch Taeheo was attempted to be delivered on Saturday, Jan 4, and a notice was left. It sat there until jan 8 when it was finally claimed. I pmed her again then, knowing someone had the doll, but did not get a response.

      I have tried to get in touch with her here, and through email and still have had no response.

      I still have no doll in return, and have still heard nothing.

      What is missing? (Mold, skintone)
      Switch Taeheo on a Souldoll Double boy body (both NS)

      Are there any distinguishing characteristics? (i.e. specific damage, modification, etc).
      The switch head in question has no identifying marks at all, i had given it a faceup but wiped it when I put the doll up for sale. It does have faceup residue in the mouth and eyes (but what head doesn't?). It was shipped in the head box with COA and a pair of Dollmore Acrylic eyes in an olive green color. There was a black fur wig I had made for it a long with...trimmed in the back.
      I was storing the broken finger in it's head, if she never removed it, it may still be there, but I seriously doubt it.

      The Souldoll body may be a little easier to identify -- it has a broken pinky finger on the right hand, a full body blush by me, mani-pedi, and the symbol for the angel Uriel on it's back. I shipped the doll unstrung. Souldoll does not sell extra hands, so the finger will either have to be glued on, or left off.

      When\where was the doll last seen?
      I shipped the doll unstrung by priority mail on Jan 2. There was an attempted delivery Jan 4, and it was finally delivered jan 8.
      The doll was sent to League City Texas.

      I am still holding out the hope that there was an accident or emergency and somehow this will be resolved,

      this is the doll I sent, that has been lost/stolen





      As I mentioned, I am still holding out hope that this was somehow a huge misunderstanding, a mistake, or there was an emergency...so if there is anyone out there in the area who might know anything, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know.

      I can be reached via pm here, on Dairyland, Deviantart, Livejournal and my personal blog (link in sig) and I am the same username pretty much everywhere.
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    5. I am missing a Normal Skin Dollfie Dream 003 Head
      She had a realistic faceup when I lost her, rather than an anime one.
      I last saw the head december 10, 2013, in Amarillo Texas.
      She was in a black tote bag that went missing on a Greyhound bus while traveling from Santa Fe NM to San Antonio Tx. I have reason to suspect that the bag was stolen.
      Please send me a private message!
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    6. UPDATE!!!

      My Winter Mouse Brimbelle finally found her way home to me.
      Thanks to Enaibi and Grace of Jpopdolls for everything they have done for me!

      The seller that I bought her in March 2013 still had her in hands and put her up on ebay. Grace was able to win the auction and was willing to send the girl back to Enaibi so that I was able to finally got my baby home <3
      The seller told a weird story that I was the one who wanted to scam her and someone around me took the doll out of the package to save her from me and then sold her back to the seller. This is simply a lie because no one except me and her new the tracking number and only my parents and my ex-boyfriend new that she was sent to me. I told no one else what I was going to receive and when!
      So nobody ever had the chance to open the box!!! (and everyone around me knew about my dream to finally own one of Enaibi´s dolls, so why should I scam her?! This makes no real sense at all!)
      Well, finally this odyssey has an end and I guess this the real proof that I was the one how got scammed by this person and that she never send the doll to me.
      As I wrote in the first post, there was too many packing material in the box that she sent to me in March last year that there was simply no room for a doll box.

      Thanks again to everyone who supported me during that time and who has always believed in my story.

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    7. Lati Doll posted this on Facebook today (https://www.facebook.com/purelati/posts/657968514333475?pnref=story):

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    8. Hello all! This might be a long shot, but we will try everything. This head belongs to a customer of mine, we are desperately trying everything we can to find her. An insurance claim with the post office is in progress, but of course we would like to find the doll. :(

      If she pops up for sale or is otherwise found, please contact me. Thank you!!

      What is missing? (Mold, skintone):
      FairyLand MNF Mirwen (head only) in Tan skin.

      Are there any distinguishing characteristics? (i.e. specific damage, modification, etc).:
      She has a faceup by me (AngelToast), including a nose piercing with a silver jump ring (see photos below). The ring is not permanent, it is glued on, so it could be removed. The silver eyeliner is pretty unique though.

      When was the doll last seen? 5/16/2015

      Where was the doll last seen? Raleigh, NC (dropping her off at the post office)

      Under what conditions did it go missing, and do you know who may have taken it?
      She was mis-delivered. There was an error in the address; but instead of sending it back, the mail carrier apparently signed for the package himself and dropped it in the apartment complex's community box instead of delivering it and having it signed for properly, and the doll has been missing since (we have tried contacting everyone possibly involved with no luck).

      Where would you like to be contacted if someone has any information on your doll?
      Please PM me here on DoA or email me at [email protected].



      Thank you very much for your time!

      Sculpt - Latidoll Blue Shaina, normal skin


      Last seen - Sent to Kentucky for trade, 8/17/15

    10. Posting this on behalf of someone who does not have DOA:

      Mold: Iplehouse JID Asa, in the company Special Real skintone
      Distinguishing characteristics: She has the mobility joints in her thighs.
      When last seen: Room service reports seeing it Friday (10/30/2015) night between 5-8PM, the neighbors across the hall told her that they saw the box still sitting outside the door early Saturday morning.
      Where last seen: Outside room 506 door.
      Circumstances of disappearance: My friend was attending TusCon, a small convention held at the Hotel Tucson City Center and were in room 506, the Lincoln Jacuzzi Suite, with some friends. The doll was left outside the hotel room door on Friday 10/30 morning; the friends she was staying with apparently didn't think the box belonged with their group of stuff and she hadn't realized it was missing until Saturday afternoon. The doll is usually kept in her doll box with extra clothes and her Certificate of Authenticity from the company; she only gets taken out only for certain activities and she wasn't going to be taken out to the con floor until Sunday morning. The room had to house the luggage of three people, and my friend saw a dark colored box amongst the pile they had so she didn't think anything of it till Saturday night when she went to check for it. Apparently their neighbors from across the hall noticed the doll box outside the door just before room service showed up on Saturday morning, but room service reported last seeing it on Friday night between 5-8pm.
      Contact: Please email [email protected] or [email protected] with any information.
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    11. I saw one just like her on ebay a couple of days ago but was unde a diferent company name. Thats why it stuck with me. I knew it was iplehouse but it said it was something different. I cant find it now though. Maybe they unlisted her.
      Hope shes found.
    12. Thank you! I've passed on that information. Do you remember what name she was listed as?
    13. Im sorry, I don't. I tried finding her for you on ebay yesterday. I am new here, and I am sooo inspired by the stories I ve read here of people actually getting their stolen dolls back because of this board I really wanted to help but I can't find the listing now for the life of me. But I'm sure it was a doll just like her. Same model, no face-up. I am now following all the searches related to iplehouse, or Asa, or real skin bjd, even tan skin bjd ( which is probably how I found her in the first place.) I promise I will let you know imidiately if I find anything.
    14. Well, this is a bit late now, but that is because I honestly have given up on ever getting her back :(
      • What is missing?
      A Volks Kyotenshi Shiratori on the jointed SD10 girl body (not suwarikko).
      • Are there any distinguishing characteristics?
      She has this faceup I've made, her left eyebrow stands out due to the small scratch:

      She wore this dress:

      And this is exactly how she looked when she was lost:
      Also, her left and right hands are different (left has fingers apart and the right is a natural pose)
      • When was the doll last seen?
      4th of September 2015.
      • Where was the doll last seen?
      On a bus going to Oslo (Norway) from Gothenburg (Sweden).
      • Under what conditions did it go missing, and do you know who may have taken it?
      She was packed in a Volks carrying bag on the top shelf inside the bus I was traveling in. I was so caught up in a conversation with my sister that I forgot the bag on the shelf. I remembered it a few minutes later but by then the bus had left. The bus company did register the bag as missing but they claim they never found the bag. She was taken by either the bus driver or one of the passengers, probably at the end station which would be Oslo, so she is likely in Norway.
      • Where would you like to be contacted if someone has any information on your doll?
      A PM on DoA or Flickr works fine for me :aheartbea
      (click the images for full-size and link to me)
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    15. UPDATE! She received her doll, don't know if the original doll made it back to Dolk or not but my niece has her little one.
      My niece who used to be on here but is very ill and was deactivated, ordered a Dollpamm Bebe po-bi from Dolkstation in August, she got tracking number in November, it made it as far as Dallas but has gone missing. Supposedly, it went to the wrong sorting station and was returned to Dolk after not being picked up or delivered. Dolkstation says the doll was not returned. She and Dolk are trying to sort out the insurance to get her money back. So if you see or have heard of a Dollpamm Bebe Po-bi being sold or for sale let me know. Thanks.
      *I just heard about this on wednesday and just remembered this thread.
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    16. EDIT 16.03.2016

      SHE'S BACK!!!!

      What is missing? (Mold, skintone)
      FairyLand PukiFee Bonnie faceplate and headcap in normal pink.

      Are there any distinguishing characteristics? (i.e. specific damage, modification, etc).:
      She has a custom faceup with blue/ green acrylic eyes.

      When was the doll last seen?

      Where was the doll last seen?
      In a fashion store, which also send Hermes packages.

      Under what conditions did it go missing, and do you know who may have taken it?
      I was sending this Bonnie head to a friend for a faceup. But it never arrives there. The tracking first said, that the package is on the way, but I think it wents wrong, cause it was first in a total diffrent place and then finally... it goes back to the packstation. (???)

      That was the day it gets lost!

      Thanks for the dependable Hermes postman! :x

      Where would you like to be contacted if someone has any information on your doll?

      Right here, would be perfect!

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    17. Sometimes you may be able to search for BJD on ebay and look up Finished and sold listings in the search options. Anything that was listed, even if finished early should still be there for 60 days. Not sure if this helps.
    18. Can you renew the picture link? I think it expired. :c
      I have seen a few Asa's on eBay in the past few months, so if you renew the image, I can tell you if I recognize her. ^^
    19. Has anyone here lost a doll between moving recently? I saw a post on facebook and the fact that someone would just put a doll in the dumpster, it... well, it seems fishy.
    20. I saw this and it definitely seems off. I'm going to suggest that they post it here as found. It's an older doll a Notdoll Cosette.
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