Missing and Stolen Dolls

Jun 22, 2008

    1. My Dollshe Robin has been stolen from my vehicle with our luggage. Missing from either the New To You parking lot in Fergus OR in the parking lot of Panera Bakery by Sherway Gardens mall. The door was jimmied.

      He is in a Gene / Ashton Drake box - white card board

      he has a face up by slink

      he is wearing a red Tonner pea coat, Tonner blue jeans, a toque and scarf set in red / black / white, a burg / blk / white V-neck shirt, black leather boots with punk buckles

      he has his black leather teddy bear with him

      and a wood doll stand

      police report has been filed
      • What is missing? (Mold, skintone) Littlefee Juri13 Elf NS
      • Are there any distinguishing characteristics? (i.e. specific damage, modification, etc). Custom faceup/blushing with lots of freckles that's wearing off on hands, under chin. Mismatched eyes in teal and purple. Fist hands. Light pink wig. Wearing pink hoodie with grey leggings and pink shoes.
      • When was the doll last seen? 1/24/19 6pm ish. Found missing approx 645pm.
      • Where was the doll last seen? In vehicle parked at 758 May St, Calumet City, IN
      • Under what conditions did it go missing, and do you know who may have taken it? Stolen from work vehicle along with personal items. Thief broke window to get in.
      • Where would you like to be contacted if someone learns anything? Message @pinkandyellow or me on here
      Image to show hand blushing wear.
      2018-02-18_03-30-02 by pinkandyellowcupcake, on Flickr

      eta: images
      eta: police report filed in Calumet City
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      • EDIT: Ketti has finally been returned from the faceup artist.
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    2. Doll found Found! Turns out Lovecraftian's relative had taken the doll in with Lovecraftian knowing. Admin feel free to delete this post :)
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