Event Miya Doll Winter Event + Little Witch Chacha

Jan 9, 2020

    1. Winter Event

      2019 12 30 ~ 2020 1 20
      ♡ MIYADOLL ♡
      1. Head Free Choice Event
      All previous limited dolls heads can now be purchased separately!
      You can also add bodies to make them full dolls
      (New Chacha, discontinued and Chichi NOT included)
      Winter event Head free choice

      All dolls fall under the 6-7 Makeup option ($55)

      Only Rosie and Rosie.R fall under the 7-8 Makup option ($75)
      Rosie and Rosie.R are MSD sized heads, there is no body produced for that head option by Miya Doll yet.

      Some doll sculpts have more than one version of makeup, please write in comment which version of that doll sculpt's makeup you want in the order notes

      2. Amount based gifts
      Spend over $200 and get free cat ears ($200 excluding shipping price)
      Spend over $500 and get a free Chichi head (no makeup) ($500 excluding shipping price)

      If you qualify for a Chichi head, please write down the skin color in the order comment section
      If you would like Chichi with a faceup, please add this to order
      Make up(Face up)
      and make note of which version makeup you want (sleepy bunny or school uniform version)

      3. Body only sales
      26cm Baby Mocha BM body
      [BM]Baby Mocha Body
      31cm Little Mocha LM body
      [LM] LittleMocha Body(Renewal)

      Layaway information
      ♡ MIYADOLL ♡
      Layaway form for 2 payments
      ♡ MIYADOLL ♡
      Layaway form for 3 payment
      ♡ MIYADOLL ♡

      Discussion thread

      Baby Mocha Little Witch Chacha
      [BM] Little witch Chacha

      Available in :
      White - Cream White - Normal - Milk Tea (tan)
      Baby Mocha Boy or Girl body type

      Little Witch Outfit

      available separately
      Little witch Outfit set

      Available in 2 sizes
      Little Mocha (31 cm)
      Baby Mocha (26cm)

      Available in 3 colors
      Mint Pink Blue
      Available until January 20 2020
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    2. I'd like to buy Chacha, however, I cannot sign up an account in MIYADOLL website ...
    3. @iguen

      I am not a representative of Miya Doll, but maybe I can help

      This is the sign up page, you will have to agree on 2 terms to go to the next page of registration process
      ♡ MIYADOLL ♡

      If you are still having problems, I have had problems with registration when using my cellphone before, so now I only register using my computer/laptop

      If you are still not able to, what browser are you using? Im using Google Chrome
    4. I have problem when signing-up with browser. I tried Google Chrome and Safari. The problem is: it kept asking me to "check availability" of my ID name. When I hit the "check availability" , nothing showed up. So basically, the website won't let me sign-in. I wanna ask QA board, but I have to have an account.
      I tried switching to Korea site, the "check availability" worked, but it only allowed me to put Korea address (I guess)

      p.s: I used laptop, when I pay or sign-up anything, I always use laptop. I have not tried the phone yet.

      updated: I tried the phone, not working either. So I have no idea how to sign-up, and I don't like to buy anything without an account :(
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    5. @iguen I just checked using a different browser and I got the same problem when registering

      Ill write them on their Q&A and hopefully there will be a fix soon :) Ill update you when I get a response
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    6. Thank you so much @GreenTeaSlug ! Please let me know the update!
    7. @iguen the registration issue seems to have been fixed now so hopefully you (and anyone that wanted to register) will be able to register without trouble <3
      I tried it on both browsers and the Check ID verification works :chibi
    8. still wasnt able to register and now missing the chance to get her:...(
    9. @sailorbunny23 could you elaborate on how were you not able to register?
      Check ID works fine this time, maybe try going incognito mode or use chrome/safari after a cache/history clearing?

      She's still available to buy on my browser, but that might change in a few minutes in Korea time...
    10. i cant join the site, also what should i choose if im going going to use paypal?

      think i missed it, im so sad:...(:...(:...(
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    11. You didnt miss it. I guess she will be marked sold out when Miyadoll start their next business day.

      I dont understand how you are not able to register, please elaborate as in, what error are you getting, what browser are you using? I may not be very helpful because I dont run the website and its on the deadline date, but I had some friends who were able to register and buy after the check ID was fixed.

      For payment, its in the notice. You choose "Deposit" option then select any bank from the drop down menu and just put in your name, it doesnt matter. You will get the paypal invoice later on your email address.
    12. no errors but it wont push through, if you press confirm, nothing happens, also, the drag down only shows their bank information :(
    13. Check your private message; Ill try to help you with registration