Miyadoll Little Mocha, Baby Mocha & Petit Mocha discussion - Part 1

Jan 5, 2017

    1. I can never find their working Q&A board, either. XD;; I've been able to get them to respond via the e-mail address at the bottom of their home page. After I made an order, I started communicating with them via the individual inquiry board on my member account page, and that has worked well, too.
    2. So I ordered a Miyadoll ChiChi with a dress and some socks yesterday, and I'm a little confused about payment. The notice on their site says that their through-site payment isn't working and to make the order for deposit and they'd send a paypal invoice to the account holder's email, if I understood that correctly. I sent an email to the email at the bottom of their home page, and an inquiry under the order's page via my account as soon as I made the order. Unfortunately, I haven't recieved a paypal invoice or word back yet.

      I guess I'm just a little anxious about it. I know not every doll company can reply in a day, but I'm starting to get worried that my order will be canceled due to lack of payment. Did I understand their notice correctly and do payment like I was supposed to?
    3. @watercolorpastels
      Most of them dont operate on weekends, and its just now the morning of Monday in Korea, so maybe give it a day?

      I never got a reply to any of my emails, and to find the individual Q&A on your member page was very difficult for me but I finally found it, which Ive read here that gets replies.

      Personally, I gave up ordering because I never got a reply so maybe you will have better luck than I did
    4. Honestly I still haven't found the actual Q&A board I don't think. I'm using an Inquiry system on the same page as the order, I hope it works. I really hope I get a response, I love this doll and desperately want her to be a part of my doll family.

      I'll give it a day or two, or I guess until my order gets cancelled if they don't respond at all, but if they do end up not responding I don't think I'm willing to try and order from them again.

      Edit: Good news! Naturally I was overreacting and I got an invoice through paypal just now. Turns out March 1 is a Korean holiday! I feel a little silly now, but I'm glad things are all squared away :3nodding:
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    5. @watercolorpastels

      I came back to see if there was an update and Im happy things worked out for you :)

      Makes me optimistic now because I gave up ever buying a doll from them

      Did they respond to the individual Q&A or was it only an invoice that you got?

      Congratulations on your ChiChi, shes reallllllllllly cute. What skin color did you choose?
    6. Thank you :)

      They responded to my Q&A but not the email. I'm not sure if they saw both but only decided to respond to one, or if they don't check email very often so they didn't see it? Either way I'd say Q&A is a safer bet for getting ahold of them.

      I decided to get my ChiChi in normal skin, with white cat ears & tail. <3
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    7. Congrats, do share pictures of her when she arrives if you can! ^-^ Miyadoll sculpts are so cute, I wish there were more photos of them online~

      Today is the last day to order the 5th "Monthly doll", Sweety (a re-release). I'm still not sure if I want to take the plunge! I'd have to find her a body if I do get her (or him?), as I'm not a fan of the mature 31cm size.
    8. Oh~ Hey! I must have found and subscribed to this thread before ordering my first MiyaDoll, but never got around to saying hello. :sweat
      @shan your post brought it back to my attention, so thanks! If you do go for Sweety, she’d absolutely look great on a smaller body too! I wonder whether Miya’s resin is tough to find a match for. Depending on the color you want to order, I’ll help with resin comparisons if possible when my order arrives!

      I have ordered Rosemary with the boyish faceup (plus freckles! :D ) and couldn’t be much more excited! I’m just into week 7 of the wait!
      I love the “tall yo” size, personally, am glad to see various companies coming out with their own offerings in this size range, and look forward to comparing Miyadoll’s workmanship with my BunnyNine, Bluefairy Juniors, and other tinies. Rosemary really caught me by surprise. Looking at Miyadoll’s offerings, I expect (and sure do hope) they’ll do well!
    9. I regret waiting too long on Rosemary and missing out, but I have an adorable ChiChi here, and am waiting for Poco <3
    10. You're welcome, Lokinta! I'm thinking of putting her on a body around the same height, but with more child-like proportions. I had a BF Junior before and while I really liked the size, it didn't look right beside the rest of my existing crew. Sadly, that rules me out of the growing pool of mature ~30cm dolls, like the Honey31 Delf, etc.

      Congrats on your Rosemary and please do share pics of her/him when they arrive!

      I hope you get a second chance at Rosemary, I think it's a distinct possibility since Miyadoll has done several releases of many "limited" sculpts. ^^ I was eyeing Poco too but I managed to talk myself out of her since she looks so much like my Volks Kanon. In retrospect, though, perhaps she would have made an adorable younger sibling for her...
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    11. Has anyone else got some dolls from Miyadoll? I follow them on Instagram and their work is so cute. Especially Chichi and Bluebell. I would love to see more pictures :)
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    13. Aww so cute, thanks for sharing!
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    14. Thought I would visit the Miyadoll website randomly and was very pleased to see that theres a current event with all the older limited doll heads available for ordering. Ive been waiting for something like this since they had a similar older (as Shan mentioned) event because I really wanted Suki but never found her in the secondhand market!

      So I wanted to pop by and let everyone know who is interested, I also posted a news thread since I know not everyone checks the discussion threads

      Is anyone ordering anything or getting Chacha?

      Ive always wanted Suki, she's such a cute sculpt! If anyone has one, I would love to see her :) I couldnt find any on instagram or anywhere really
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    15. Thanks for the heads-up! I hadn't seen they were selling the older heads. I flipping love Chacha and this fullset is so adorable. Love the Cardcaptor Sakura look.
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    16. I ordered ChaCha and Berry. :) And I already have ChiChi and Poco. :) I wish I could spare enough for a Rosemary head as well, but maybe she will be re-released later..
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    17. Thank you for the heads-up @GreenTeaSlug ! I'm curious about the extra free gift with purchases over $500 (besides the Chichi head), the small print says it's worth over $200, could it even be a full doll?? :aeyepop:
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    18. @shan you are welcome! I thought others like me might be in the same boat so I had to post about it. I keep missing these things, and the news website I follow doesnt really update on anything Miya, I only know by the new posts from DolkUS, but they arent getting the promotion so didnt post about it.

      I skimmed through it, and thought if you spent $500, you also get the $200 tier gift, but I think I interpreted it wrong, and you did it correctly!
      I had a look through her IG account for any smaller type statues like those fortune sheep ones by Luts? Or the grumpy cat things by Doll-Chateau but I couldnt find any. It would be super super super cool if it was an event only doll/head that you cant get elsewhere!
      My mind is thinking it might be a small gift box with an assortment of different animal ears released through out the years + a limited outfit. I dont know, but Im excited to find out what it is!

      @wherethelilacsbloom Poco is another one I really love from Miya, she reminds me of Ponyo with her baby face and fish charm :)
      Congratulations on your Berry and Chacha, I think Berry would look very nice with Poco and your Chichi will be happy to get their Chacha sibling!

      Ive ordered Wendy, Suki and Vivienne + some of the witch outfits. @Datsuki is spot on, I havent watched Card Captor yet, but Ive seen it on available on Netflix, and they have the same cute vibe. I might actually watch it now so I can pretend my girls are also card captors lol
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    19. Thanks for the congrats! :)

      I usually keep up with the events from the Korean companies by watching their Instagrams at least once or twice per week. I feel that we Westerners usually get very late (or no) notice at all for their events.
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    20. I can’t believe I missed it ;-; I just discovered the Romantic version of Rosie and I’m so in love.

      Have they done events like this before? I guess I should just have some hope they even did this!