Motorcycles for 60-70cm dolls

Aug 24, 2004

    1. I found a harley fatboy for my Sooah River at a Big Lots discounter around Christmas time (06). It was like around 65 bucks (OMG). I've got a really tiny house and no closets, 3 kids and a dog ... read No Storage ... so it's still in it's box. I've wanted to do photoshoots with it all summer, but I've been so busy and it's been so rainy ... *sigh*
    2. Dollmore have some in red and black. I saw them and I fell in love!:aheartbea
    3. I have a harley that's 1/3 sized. They were r/c fatboys however are no longer in distribution so they can get pricey. They came in red or black. I believe there was also another Harley type but I believe it was slightly smaller in scale and didn't work for the boys


      On another note, someone bought one of those rocket style bikes and ripped off the'd need to sculpt new handles and work on the seat but the scale is apparently correct
    4. Same moto as above, from walmart with a 70cm riding and a 60cm on its side for comparison, excuse all the trash in the back =/
    5. I got a FSTL 1990 Fatboy Harley Davidson in black, 1/3 scale, a while ago for a quite high price, but at a store nearby, in fact at a Toys’R Us that I may see from my own home so there were no shipping charges or the waiting for. What I am truly afraid of is 1/3 motorcycles may be being sold in limited editions, only and until they are out. The truth is that means problems to get a replacement if – Accidents happen – any of the pieces gets damaged. I found some Harley V-Rods online (eBay and stuff), but I am really hesitating as it is a little longer than the Fatboy. Also, did it come out only in silver? I do not remember it in another colour. I got also a Victory Vegas in red by Zap Toys at another store in a city next door, but that motorbike seems to me kind of too small for 1/3 boys. At least not everything is lost with it. I think it may work with 1/3 girls. However, this scale of motorcycle does not stay for long at stores and not all the kinds arrive to every of the countries. What I wonder, and would like to know, is if somehow, somewhere, there could be a place, or online store, where 1/3 scale Harley Davidson motorcycles and their accessories were sold. Might somebody help?
    6. You can find both the slightly smaller Harleys that are a bit better for 60cmish dolls and Harley Road Kings which are a little larger and better for 70cmish dolls. I got a Road King and use it for both my 70cmish boy and girl and my shorter 60cmish guys. It works out because the others just look like slightly short people riding a big bike.
      as far as I can remember there were also red Harleys in the slightly smaller size, but black only in the larger size (that would be the Road Kings).
    7. It is a great good to know, Hominivorax. I was guessing something like that, thinking of sizes, but I had no way to be sure. About Amazon, I made the try time ago and I remember I found the larger one, I think. I could not bet for it - Checking out... Not so. I found as still on wishlist "34-Inch Radio Control Full Function Road King", I assume that is the Road King you talk about, a bit or quite bigger than 27 or 28 inches, but also the "1:3 Scale Radio Control Harley-Davidson​ V-Rod Motorcycle" I told, which seems to measure even more (34.2 inches) -. I am afraid I should update my Harley search and research there actually, although postage warns me against it. What I was really looking for was a kind of specialized store or, in the case of a toys store for example, with an accurate and assigned section for items in scale like this. In my opinion a place where 1/3 scale, 1/4 scale and some other scales' items of this type, like motorcycles, were sold would be gorgeous for bjd lovers and probably a good business for the store. Thanks so much for the info about colours and several proportions on Harleys of different sizes. It helped me a lot with among 60cm and 70cm, and even taller and shorter, dolls.
    8. I got a 1/3 scale Tyco R/C crotch rocket a couple years ago. I need to get at least one chopper and one Fatboy (Rafe would be a Fatboy man, methinks) at some point, but I don't really have the room to store them at the moment.

    9. Super photos - would love to see a fan blowing their hair in the wind!:lol:
    10. Hello everyone... I'm looking for a Ducati 848 or similiar type for 60 cm dolls... Anyone know where I can find it ? Looking for a sport motorcycle that can fit for two 60 cm dolls. Thanks in advance... :)
    11. :bump I'm looking for a Ducati 848 or similiar type for 60 cm dolls...
      Anyone know where I can find it ? How much will it cost ?
      Looking for a sport motorcycle that can fit for two 60 cm dolls.
      Thanks before~~~ :aheartbea
    12. If you don't live in the USA these bikes are very hard to find or very very expensive. I got lucky and found one very cheap on Ebay. Only the shipping was very expensive, ouch.

      Yay for bike ^^ ->

      Thanks for this thread! ^^ Else I didn't knew of the existence of these bikes.
    13. Second that! Actually I would like any Ducati.
    14. This makes me want to go hunt for a motorcycle for my SD. xD So cool.
    15. Truly hard to find it here... :( I've been looking through the hobby shop, but find nothing... And when I'm about to order it from E-Bay or Amazon, the shipping will kill me in instant, hahaha... ^^;

      Yes... >.< I've been pretty desperate in looking for it... Perhaps I must ask those hobby shop, can they import it for me or not. :(
    16. I don't know if you are still interested, but another thread with some bike stuff is here

      It shows more pictures of the Suzuki. A company called New Bright made most of the Harleys you see on DoA. They were discontinued about 4 years ago. The V-Rod model is available on Amazon, But it is $200 plus shipping:atremblin which may be an issue. The other company name that came up was Fast Lane.

      Oh, BTW, Just the fact that you mentioned Ducati:love:dance
    17. I've read that thread too, thankies anyway~ ^^
      Yes... The price is already killing, and shipping will really make my wallet becomes worse than a war victim... :doh
      I hope they will make a Ducati, really... :...( I love Ducati very much and would love to see my dolls on a Ducati...
      **crossing fingers
    18. Now I'm pumped! In glad I'm not the only one looking for dolly bikes. Toys R Us usually has their
      limited R/C toys out for Christmas, I'll be on the prowl.

      ...has anyone considered strapping their doll in and riding them around? Precautions taken, of course.
    19. I personally wanna see a 1/3 Kawasaki Ninja (Yumeko's preferred motorcycle). Alas, have not found one yet XD