My New Girl "Eve" (New BJD Artist!!)

Feb 26, 2010

    1. Is there anyway of getting a picture or two of her next to another mini doll? i know this is your only mini so its a far off hope but it would be amazing to get a better idea of her size next to a "standard" mini!
      thanks in advance for your time she really is special! =)
    2. About the best I could do is take a couple pix of her next to a Tyler doll. I just sold my Ellowyne or I would take a photo with her too. Drats! :doh

      Like I said, she is my first MSD BJD so I really don't have anything else to compare her to right now. If the Tonner doll pix would work I could do that tomorrow for you?????
    3. This is definately a case of finally! A lovely, full figured and posable MSD girl. I want her pretty bad!

      If you don't mind me asking, how much was she?
    4. Andergib...congrats on your wonderful new gal....she's simply awesome!....I love her body and face!..:aheartbea...Thanks so much for sharing her with us....:D

      xen :)
    5. She was $350 w/o face up. Alba also offers her as a full set. If you visit her website you will find the 2 options. I don't know at this point what she will be charging for her second edition in the smooth resin.
    6. I'll probably be at the summer meet, with my dolls... maybe my daughter too.
    7. Congratulations on your new doll! :) While she is very lovely, the moderators do not feel that she is aesthetically on-topic for DoA. You may show her in the gallery with other on-topic dolls, but she cannot be the focus of any thread or be sold in the Marketplace. :)