MYou tinies discussion - Part 2

Dec 16, 2020

    1. Does anyone have a comparison picture between a Honey Delf and a MYOU 27cm or 30cm doll? I am debating whether to invest in a new doll and wanted to know if the sizes were comparable, as I make all clothing for my doll.

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    2. Don't have any yet, but I'm DYING to get their mature 1/6th called Bettina. She's absolutely stunning.
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    3. I don't have both for those but my Myou 27cm can wear Honey Delf clothes. The 30cm can wear Honey Delf dresses but bottoms may not fit. My 30cm can actually wear Kid Delf shorts.
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    4. Thanks! Good to know. :3nodding:
    5. I got my little Alan late last night. Poor baby spent the night in my mailbox but he is now in comfy warm pjs meeting the other guys.
      [​IMG]Night time welcome by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    6. Congrats @SteamWitch, Alan is such a beautiful little guy, tanned resin suits him really well! I wish I could get mine this year too, but looks like I'll have to keep my fingers crossed they won't discontinue him before I can get one. DX
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    7. Figured I'd toss this pic in here since it's mostly my Myou tinies. I've gotten mutliple of them this year and it's safe to say that I'm obsessed. The triplets, blond boy, and red haired girl on the chair are all Myou. :>

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    8. Oh my goodness! Who are the two cuties sitting on the floor on the bottom left? :D
    9. I have a Myou 30cm Delia and a Honey31 Delf Ani. They both are wearing yosd dresses. I dunno if this helps at all. I believe the Honey31 Delf can wear the same clothing as the 26cm Honey Delfs. Clothing will just be shorter.

      Here's my two cuties for reference.
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    10. @juumou
      Those are two little hyrbids. Left is an Element Doll Pitt C head on a 2DDoll body and right is a Dollsbe Mango head on a Pipos PO-11 body.
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    11. Does anyone know if 8mm or 10mm would work for the 1/6 Myou Gina mature mini? I'm having a hard time finding a 9mm silicon eye mold for her.
    12. I just got my Gina, and she came with the tiny iris, no pupil, purple eyes in the pictures. I found 10mm and 8mm eyes too big, and put in 6mm acrylic eyes. Those look fine. I've decided there's no reason to get expensive glass or silicon eyes, when you really can't tell the diff at that size. On the other hand, 16mm eyes need to be high quality.
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    13. @Chraurelius Thank you for the information! I'm going to have to give 6mm a try. My Gina came with eyes that had no pupils as well, and they still look so pretty. I prefer it that way.
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    14. @SaltedPretzel it's not a great picture, but I have Myou xiaobudding 30cm and I have a HoneyDelf Madeliene on the type 5 body. it's chunkier than the type 3 (multibody). I'd definitely say that the 30cm can share tops with the hdf but not bottoms. I have to use slim msd bottom patterns that I alter for length. i just can't get yosd pants over those hips.

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    15. My Vieruodis in coffee arrived in the mail today! :dance Her little pointy ears, I can't...:pout:I asked MYou to paint the bottom eyelashes shorter than the original faceup. I'm hoping to have enough time and energy to make her a little elf crown and outfit. I'm still waiting for her boots. Her eyes are from EnchantedDoll and the wig is from Maskcat. If you are looking to add an elf tiny to your collection, she's definitely worth it imo!

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    16. @ResinRapture do you think your Willow Tig (who is wonderful!) Would look like a old kid or tween next to your FID or Raccoondoll ? I just discovered these dolls by Myou. @Calust I adore those ears!!
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    18. I have received my Bettina last week, and I am absolutely amazed by how well she poses right off the box? The engineering has me blown away, she can take so many poses and hold them easily, she stands perfectly, and she's just so damn pretty too!
      Now I want a dozen more myoudoll tinies, and I hope they continue making those mature tinies because they're just amazing <3
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