Mystic Kids 1/4 Discussion

Jan 9, 2013

    1. I just bought a boy three part body for my floating head. I'm really hoping it works out well. My little redhead needs to run amok, and make his older brother's life more interesting, if not raise his stress level.
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    2. Congratulations! :3nodding:
    3. Glade again with his new shoes.
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    4. Glade is charming and i love his shoes :)
    5. Heeey all! I mentioned this in my Intro thread but it relates, and I'm so glad I found a Mystic Kids thread, since they don't seem to be talked about as much as someone like Resinsoul, ha.... Anyway I ordered a Gene with his faceup, and he'll ship in April! I plan to turn him into Ciel Phantomhive, based on an image Toboso painted ---> here! (The resemblance was uncanny and it was so easily in my price range, I HAD to finally buy my first doll.)

      It'll be a while before he comes though. c: So for the time being, I'm compiling things I'll need like eyes and a wig. For now, finding blue/grey wigs that are nylon and not mohair is kind of a pain, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! I have no idea how to do my own wig from scratch, tho I'd considered it. DX So the search continues.
    6. I also ordered a Gene last month through Alice Collections. Where did you order him from?

      If by nylon you mean the thick plasticy fibres, you could try looking at the 6-7 wigs at Leekeworld, they have a lot of colours and have cool unique coloured wigs in the art wig section. Though the sizing unfortunately varies, I ordered two wigs from the 6-7 section but one fit my Tremmel sculpt and the other didn't (it was actually more 6 inches than 6-7) but I'm not sure if the head sculpt size vary amoung the 1/4 Mystic Kids.
    7. I found him on an Etsy listing. c: I checked it over and over worried about a recast, but I didn't see any red flags. I checked out DoA's red flags list, I didn't seem to spot any. I'll be checking his head plate as well when he arrives just in case. His price was around the same as the main site, and their reviews are near-spotless. gene MK mystic-kids Doll 1/4 46cm Boy MSD mini super dollfie BJD | eBay

      I ordered quite a few outfit pieces from Etsy too. There's a lot more listed there than Amazon, which surprised me. Two things shipped, so I should have most of his things before he ships. c:
    8. Haha, amazon is not really a good place to find a variety bjd clothes I've found. Etsy much is better than amazon in my opinion to find bjd clothes. And of course dedicated bjd sites that sell clothes like Alice Collections,, Nine 9 Style, Rrabit, Tree Design, et cetera.
    9. Huh, I haven't heard of the last 2. I'll have to check those out later today. LOL I have no qualms with backlogging other outfits from what I ordered. May have to wait a while to buy some tho, haha my wallet's yelling profanities at me. XD

      I have a little Notepad document I keep tinyurl links to places of things I'm interested in. It helps me stay organized, and prioritize what I needed more than other things. Dunno if anyone else does that. XD I'm kinda doing it right now tho simply because it's hard to remember, since I'm starting with nothing at all. But I'll browse those and link some stuff into it if I find anything!
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    10. Glade trying a new wig eating lunch.

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    11. Just got a Mystic Kids Ophelia via Junkyspot. Eyes weren't installed but included in a little bag and while putting them in, they look really too big, in that they don't show much white, just the dark green. [​IMG]

      What's the standard size for eyes?
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    12. Mystic Kids usually sends 14mm eyes, but I've found that Kendra (my Lillian) looks better with 12mm, and Quinn (my Illy) needs 10mm to look her best.
    13. Thanks for the response! The eyes she has, the pupils just look way too big, so that all I see is black lol.
    14. My Oscar named Nugget love to play a creepy clown.
      [​IMG]Nugget by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    15. Has anyone ordered a Mystic Kids from Alice's Collection? I'm wondering how long it will take for me to get an estimate on my Evelyn's arrival
    16. @angelwingstodust - I did. I got my second boy from there. I think it took around 2 to 2.5 months (only option I got was with faceup, no clothes / shoes). Though when I asked them around 1.5 months after I ordered it they said the current waiting time was 3 months. So I would send Alice Collections a message and see what they say.
    17. I bought my Nicole from them and it took around two months! Very fast considering most companies I see have a 3-4 months wait time, try emailing Alice she's very quick to respond! ;)
    18. Hey everyone,
      So i just stumbled across the gorgeous 1 part torso msd bodied, and they are so fricking beautiful!!! :D:D:D
      I'm considering ordering one at some point (not sure if male or female, i want both lol) but can't seem to find any owner pics or anything about them.

      Anyone have any nudie pics and reviews???
      Does having the 1 piece torso terribly effect their posability and sitting???
      Any reciews and pictures would be very much appreciated. :3nodding:
    19. I have this body! I can't seem to post pictures here but I have some on my IG and can take more if you need to. I don't think the one part takes away any poseability unless you want poses that have to "twist" the upper part somehow, like laying down while looking up, etc. she sits straight and stands very well!