Mystic Kids 1/4 Discussion

Jan 9, 2013

    1. Oh what is your IG??
      I'll add you.
      I'm glad to hear it, because i am completely smitten with the beauty of their one piece torsos.
    2. Candy for Glade and Beryl.

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    3. It's kimsch.bjd! I'll try taking some pics tomorrow evening ^^
    4. I added you, mine is @Anythyas_Dolls

      Omg your girl is incredibly precious!!!
      I've been a huge Fairyland fan for so long, and haven't really fallen for others, but i am loving these MK MSDs so much.:D:D:D
    5. Does anyone have a MK in both White and Normal side by side comparison???

      I've decided after my current doll is paid off, i need one (or two lol) of these cuties but i cannot decide between white and normal.
      So a side by side would be quite helpful. :)
    6. Thank you!! MK has so many cuties, Nicole is definitely my fave! Oscar and Sleepy eyes Francis are very close seconds :chibiAnd their new msd bodies are very nicely sculpted too!
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    7. Oscar is for sure the first one i will be getting, i am in love with his delicate feminine features, but if i can afford to laybuy two then i will get Nicole as well.
      I think they would look quite cute together. :D:D:D
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    8. Hi new friends! I was wondering how long it takes to receive a MK doll? I ordered my first on may 19, 2018 and it still says processing. This is my first new doll ordered from the company (my others were gifts) and I am not sure what to expect.
    9. Mine arrived within two months or so, relatively quick comparing to other companies ^^
    10. Hopefully I’m almost there then. Thanks
    11. Beryl!

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    12. Your Beryl is so cute, @xyuemoto ! Is that the normal yellow?

      I hauled my Tremmel from his box for the first time since moving. Nice to see the little guy again. Maybe someday I'll even get a decent picture of him not lit by a reading lamp at 10 PM, lol. But now that he finally has a wig after a year of going bald, I was too excited not to commemorate the occasion. Next on the agenda is taking another shot at his faceup. My painting skills are...amateurish, let's say. I was going for ghoulish, and fear I landed somewhere in juggalo territory instead. Please, nobody ask him if he's down to clown. XD
      Next to Nocturne's hand, you can see how much Tremmel has yellowed in the year or so I've had him. Be smart, kids, and don't leave your white dolls on display all the time in a room with windows on two walls! Poor guy was getting UV out the wazoo. Not making that mistake again.
    13. Thanks! Yes, he's normal yellow.
    14. [​IMG]

      My Evelyn finally arrived! I'm so happy to finally have her home!
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    15. Yaay!
    16. My Oscar named Nugget, I love this little demon clown. Nox, a mind reader cleared him to join the Curious Twilight Bazaar. He just want to make people laugh not cry.
      [​IMG]Nugget! by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    17. Nugget looks great in his matching outfit and wig :love
    18. Thank you, I think his peace sign belt is the symbol of his feelings.
      [​IMG]Little Nugget by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    19. She is so pretty! i'm so happy for you!
    20. Hello everyone! I'm bouncing with excitement! For my birthday/Christmas my in-laws bought me a Francis from Junkyspot and my husband bought me a Lillian also from junkyspot, and the sales their having is wonderful imo. My Francis is already at their house and my Lillian was just ordered today:dance but now I have to wait till Christmas to open them but I don't mind at all! I'd rather know their home instead of waiting for the company to send them out. :celebrate
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