Mystic Kids 1/4 Discussion

Jan 9, 2013

    1. @xyuemoto I tend to hoard things, and I'm pretty sure I purchased them with Meta's character in mind, before I purchased his actual body. I need a better place to store all of my eyes though.

      I still haven't decided if my Tremmel boy, Kaine, will be keeping his old eyes or getting a new pair. I'll see which ones suit his new face-up more when his head gets back.

      Is Beryl getting new eyes? I like the ones he has now, but I bet the new ones will look great too! Trying out new eyes is always fun.
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    2. @Magnus Vale - His is, unfortunately I could not find eyes I liked with very similar colour (whiteish blue) at all and the seller has to be able to do black sclera. But these look really bad and flat in person as the sclera colour and iris is just a piece of flat paper behind a clear dome. I really like the colour scheme he has but I can't find it anywhere, I am hoping I like the new ones when I see them in person.
    3. @xyuemoto I hope you do! If it helps, I know that GalaxyNook on Etsy does custom eyes, and they've done black sclera before, so they might be worth checking out if you don't like the pair that comes in. I hope they do look nice, for your sake, though!
    4. [​IMG]
      Kaine is back from getting his face done!
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    5. @Magnus Vale - He looks very cool. Nice stylish outfit too.
    6. Glade and Beryl.

    7. Your boys are looking lovely as always, @xyuemoto! Does Beryl have his new eyes in? They look bluer than normal! I like the color.
    8. @Magnus Vale - Yes, they both have new eyes. I really like them. They still look like themselves despite the slightly different colours, so it really worked out. Unfortunately my crappy phone camera doesn't pick up the colours in Glade's eyes that well. They kind of traded whose eyes don't show well in pictures now, haha.
    9. @xyuemoto Oh, I knew that Beryl was getting new eyes, but I wasn't sure about Glade. Comparing to the older photos, you can definitely tell the difference though! I DO really like the new color on him, kinda has subtle hints of green and gold in it? Almost like a hazel grey, it's really pretty. I guess I just kinda caught onto Beryl right away because I love black sclera eyes so much, haha.
    10. @Magnus Vale - Yeah, I looked at an old photo by mistake earlier and was kind of shocked that Beryl's eyes looked so white and not whiteish blue anymore after seeing him in these for a bit, haha. Glade's new eyes are actually a slate blue ring fading to light blue with an orangeish brown ring around the pupil (the old ones were a light periwinkle blue). My phone camera and lighting are just really bad. I was worried they might not look like themselves but they do, so they got a nice upgrade to more detailed eyes with effects which is what I wanted but without changing anything about the characters.
    11. @xyuemoto I like them both! The new eyes really suit them, and it's true how having nicer, more detailed eyes can really enhance a look! I'll probably be doing a bit of eye experimenting myself.

      I like the sparkling blue on Kaine, but was wondering if he might look good with black sclera eyes. I'm getting two pretty pairs, one purple with sparklies and regular sclera and one with pink swirl and black sclera, along with a blind box of three eyes soon, so might be switching around a bit. Meta, Rae, Lionel, and probably Kazhiel all have their perfect eyes, but everyone else is up for grabs at the moment.
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    12. Kinda like the glittery substance in the iris is swirled around a bit. Nothing too fancy.
    13. My boys got their swords:
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    14. @Magnus Vale - They look very cool!

      I need more 1/4 scale weapons in my collection as a lot of my characters are fighters but I only have the luts one for now.
    15. Thank you! They're actually keychains from some anime that I don't know, but the size worked out perfectly! Most of my characters are part of a fantasy RPG based story, so I wanted something for them at least.
    16. Glade and Beryl in autumn.
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    17. @xyuemoto Loving the tiger shirts and the cute tiger plush! The boys look great!

      Kaine's just hanging out in the kitchen for now in his spring duds.
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    18. @Magnus Vale - Thanks. I just noticed how long Kaine's scarf/tie is. Very cool. Nice diorama, I like how you arranged the props.