Nabarro’s Boys discussion thread - Part 2

May 11, 2019

    1. thanks, @Lady Ravenswood . He has freckles, but they're very faint. and I just used low light with cell phone. He's just perching on that Akagi body.
      The N heads are so big at the neck joint. I think I'll mess with his faceup. very disrespectful, but you can really be creative with a head that's already painted.
    2. The neck joint is quite large! Ahh, makes me excited to get mine all put together...though I know I'm in for a wait on the body. Ah well. I should actually start on that wig, but instead I'm stuck cleaning up the cluttered mess I've made of my doll things the last few years. :horror::eusa_naug:sweat

      Really just popped in to say that the new Kalan photos (#10) are so cuuuute! :D
      He looks like he's up to no good and having a great time at it. Hehe.
    3. Whoa! What does everyone think of Kalan #14?!
      So deliciously creepy!
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    4. He is incredibly eeeerie!

      So - my Kalan was mailed - and now I'm doing the waiting game - waiting for China to ship it, that is. <taps fingers impatiently> Somebody tell me that it won't be as bad as waiting for a doll from Russia.... Please?
    5. that's a fabulous face! early Halloween. I must admit, seeing such wonderful faces, my guy is not as personable as he could be. (bjd faceup envy?) I just hope I don't destroy the nice N face trying to make him 'more.' (so spoiled) not sure yet what to do. :apirate: he needs extreme sidelighting to even see details. anyway, hurricane maybe this weekend, company week after, house renovations after that. meanwhile, John Hero isn't even physically attached to his body. (gotta move him anyway)
      more owner photos! please.
    6. Congrats @Julie M :sumomo:
      Hope he arrives to you soon!

      And wow! The faceups are really branching out now! #15 is very glam goth.
      I really wonder how the faceups work now. Like can you request a certain theme? Does anyone know?

      I hope you can find a way that works for you!
      I am super itching to work on faceups too but it's been strangely humid where I not yet.
    7. I just wanna know where those knitted sweaters and hats come from.
    8. I love Kalan 14.

      All of the face-ups on Kalan are like "oooh I want to try that on a doll" "I wanna try THAT on the doll"
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    9. smiles - Kalan showed up while I was at a show in Texas. Fortunately, my stepson went to the post office and brought him home, so I didn't have to wait until after Labor Day to see him.

      Unfortunately, Influenza type A and pneumonia came home from Texas with me. As soon as I feel better, I'll pop him onto a body and show him off. He might be nude, but he'll be pretty, so small matter!
    10. I'm still waiting for my shipping notice...……...
    11. Oh! I just got a notice that the body I ordered for my Kalan is ready to ship. That's so much faster than I thought it would be! I'm so excited to see him all together!! :love

      Aw, no @Julie M
      I hope you are feeling better!
      My Kalan also has no clothing as it's a new type of body for me. So our guys can be in good company. :lol:

      Did you order a faceup @DominiqueB ?
      Hopefully you'll get your notice soon!
    12. Congratulations to all who have their Kalan, and i hope the others do not have to wait so long!

      Kalan 14 is for me, Kalln 15 belongs to my friend :)
      Both are already on the way to us. We are very excited and can not wait.

      Because of the Face Up:
      You can specify a topic. Angel, devil, demon, human ..., of course, make-up, freckles ..., with hair color and eye color that you plan for your Kalan. Or they take an older face-up of older heads, from Nabarro, as inspiration.
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    13. Oh, that is so interesting to know about the faceups @TheyCanSeeInTheDark :chocoheart
      And congrats to you and your friend, both of those Kalans are super lovely. Please show your Kalan off a lot when he arrives.
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    14. Yeah i want to see what you do with Kalan 14!
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    15. You guys are really selling me on Kalan. He's not grown on me as fast as Nabarro's older work, but I do like him.

      I'm flying over the moon. My job is hanging in the balance, so I had to be sure I could pay off the layaway in time and bring home...



      This man.

      He still needs a body. And everything else, but I'm ecstatic.
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    16. Yes I did, I'm patient he'll get here one of these days when I least expect him. Then the search for a body will begin.
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    17. Congrats @Loptr
      That is nice Nabarro collection! :3nodding:

      Oh neat. Did you request a specific theme? I'm excited about all this now, hehe.
      I hope you get your notice soon. ^__^
    18. Thanks, we will show pictures. Please you too :)

      I hope he arrives before Halloween. I have plans ;)
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