Nabarro’s Boys discussion thread - Part 2

May 11, 2019

    1. Is everyone using normal "S" hooks on Kalan? This man has such a deep and long groove in his head, I'm wondering if a hook will slip out too easily.
      I have a fat, crescent-shaped resin hook that Soom sends with some of their dolls. Am thinking of trying that, but will need someone to help me. lots of tugging!
    2. My Dollstown body arrived! :sumomo:

      I am in love with the proportions. <3
      The resin match is pretty good too, the head is just a tad more yellow. I'm really happy. And I looooove this body soooo much. What a treat to finally own it. <3

      Ok, so my new goal is to try to take more reference photos for things, so I hope this is a bit useful to people.


      I haven't pulled the s-hook through yet (I need to wait for help, hehe that's why he has the little pillow), but I can let you know if it seems sturdy with this body once the head is fastened.
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    3. My Kalan arrived a few days ago, I haven't had time to take photos or even try a body on him. The faceup is exquisite, I had ordered makeup #2 for the delicate freckles I was not disappointed. Surprisingly, when I opened the box I saw he had beautiful grey eyes.
      I'm thinking of putting him on a Dollshe DSam 32 body in Freshskin I hope the resin match is not too bad. I really don't want to order another body. Do you guys think he is closer to Oriental than Freshkin?
    4. @DominiqueB
      I have a WS Kalan and can take a photo with both Dollshe fresh and oriental, but I'm not sure if you have a WS or NS Kalan. Would that help you?

      Edit: my photo in the post above is WS Kalan with Dollshe fresh (Dollstown body).
    5. I have a WS Kalan, It would defiinitely help, thank you.
    6. @DominiqueB


      I eye-droppered the colors at the top. The photo is unedited except to add words.

      None of the lighter Dollshe resins are a perfect match to Nabarro WS.
      In person I think that Fresh is pretty close, though it is more pink. It seems in the same darkness range though, if that makes sense. Oriental would need some blushing up to match, but also totally doable I think. If you want to maintain a WS doll look with a Dollshe hybrid, I think Fresh is a good option.
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    7. Thank you for the photo, I agree with you Freshskin seems the closest. I would rather use a body I already have and all of those are Freshskin to start with. I'm hoping the Dsam body is good since the head seems large so a tall body would work well.
      I have to start digging in those doll boxes to find it.
    8. Yee-haw, my first Nabarro boy is here, got his faceup and wig:dance
      I call him Maddy, it fits the character :3nodding:

      Really love the contrast between the smile and absolutely calm eyes.
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    9. I love freckle face ups so pretttyyyy
    10. @zekarmisama thank you! I adore freckles, and wanted Maddy to be red and freckled :drool
    11. @petiteballerine
      Oh goodness, I just saw the post where you asked about the s-hook again. Sorry for the wait! My Kalan has been sturdy with the s-hook! :thumbup
    12. All the new photos of Kalan are so lovely. :chocoheart
      I really like some of those faceups. Hmm...I'm stilly trying to pin down exactly what I want to do with my own Kalan...he goes back and forth between ideas too much. :sweat
      I stuck some rather sparkly eyes in him on a whim and he looks so innocent at the moment that I'm still leaning toward a sweet theme. Hehe. But...then sometimes I think he should be an evil wizard or something. :doh

      Anyway, I took some photos of Julien recently.


      How's everyone else doing? :)
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    13. Ah! Julien is a vision. No wonder he's looking at himself. <3
    14. @petiteballerine
      Oh! Haha, thank you! As a character, I think that would make him completely self-concious. But I do have to admit that I find myself just looking at him and sighing happily. Hehe. He's definitely one of my favorite dolls. :chocoheart
    15. Woo-hoo! Who got the second Kalan? I did! This sculpt is my real crush-of-the-year, I'd bought 3rd if there was tan skin :lol:
      Got him blank yesterday, and couldn't even wait for the weekend, I wanted him asap, so painted at night! Today I am sleepy a bit, but it worth! :dance

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    16. @Rook_Sever
      I love that faceup for Kalan! He's so pretty and fresh looking. :chocoheart

      I was playing with a Nabarro boy today too!
      So...Julien stole the Dollstown 18 body that I had gotten for my Kalan...(whoops)...but he looks amazing on it, so I guess all is well that ends well. Hm, guess my Kalan will be a floating head for a bit... :sweat
      I pulled Julien out for a simple photo, since I need to suede the body still. But it was fun.

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    17. @Lady Ravenswood thank you! both my Kalans are so different! I really like the varieties this sculpt has.:3nodding:

      Julien looks cool! :aheartbea I also love the color shift!
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    18. There are so many beautiful nabarro heads here! I love seeing what everyone has done with their Kalan

      This is my boy Faust. He is on a demiurge body which goes great with him.
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    19. Hi everyone :)
      I was able to scratch Kalan off my wish list and he is on the way to me, yayyy !!
      What is your fav or go to body for him ?
      Basically I only own Idealian 72cm so I know that will prob not work lol
      Anyone use a Iple SID male body or I was wondering about the 75cm Idealian as it is slimmer.
      I tried to look back thru the threads but my internet is slow as molasses lately lol
      Thanks much for the help :)