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Nov 28, 2013

    1. Reya, thank you! Painting this head was fun, he is so very detailed. Such an interesting sculpt, I really want to make him into an original character. Hopefully I'll find a body to match his skin, but a "coffee" tan might just work.

      Wow, your Mikkel looks cool, so very realistic. It's very interesting to see mature looking dolls in the community, as well. What body is he on?
    2. Evie, thanks a lot! Choosing a proper body for a hybrid is such pain all the time. +__+ It's even more difficult when it comes to tan heads, so good luck with your one!

      This is a borrowed Volks SD17, not his actual body. I ordered an April Story body during the event - it looked quite mature among all else, and the neck isn't thin. It will come next week - hope it will be fine for Mikkel.
    3. I also just got a Murph head! *^____^* I'm going to create a "Tommy Shelby" from Peaky Blinders with this head. I got a 68cm. Mirodoll body for him.
      I'll post progress pics when I have 'em. :)
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    4. Resurrecting this thread by sharing my Murph - who finally has a body!

      [​IMG]Xaion Belcore by Evie ex Machina, on Flickr

      His name is Xaion Belcore and he is an old fashioned gentleman who is probably not quite human.^^
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    5. Wow, aernath, you have Pacle! Another great sculpt. Any plans for his style? I like the SDGou body for him, but the DT 18 keeps impressing me …
    6. No name or style ideas until he gets a faceup. I've been kind of itching to get him done up, but now it's too cold, so it may be a while. He is a very nice head! I guess I will have to look at it as having the winter to decide his name and look. ;)
    7. Soooo I know the last post here was about five years ago, but surely at least people still have these beautiful heads! -does arcane ritual to try to bring the thread back from the dead-
      I need to find a body for the Mikkel 2.0 head I just snagged second hand. I saw all the good body pics @aernath had done years ago, but unfortunately the Dollstown body seems to have changed its neck size twice since then. Sooo any help would be appreciated. I figure 16.5 cm shoulder width would work well overall, and I can mod some if neck size isn't quite right. . . maybe the Ringdoll RGM-3 would work with a little neck sanding? Thoughts? -watches the tumbleweeds drift past-
    8. @TatterPunk
      Hey! I have the first version of Mikkel (with the sculpted wrinkles). I don't have any Ringdoll bodies, but I could possibly try mine on some of the bodies around here? I still haven't found a body for mine, but I've been kinda picky lol. When he first arrived, I tried him on my Dollshe Pure body since that was going to be his, but my Aramis got to keep it cause the neck was too long for Mikkel imo (and I fell in love with the Aramis lmao).

      Here's a not great pic of him dressed (for a Halloween meet lol). One day he'll have a proper wig and...well, everything else lol. He's hard to fit things (so, I could also try some eyes/wigs too if you need? I don't know how many differences the 2.0 has from mine, or if it's just that the sculpt was smoothed out)
      And a pic when I first put him on the body to try it. He's Pale Fleshtone and the body is Fresh. (pic is from 2014, I got Mikkel in February that year and the Aramis in August and they were a very good color match)
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    9. A magical try-on post would be wonderful. Whatever bodies you've got! Also Eyes are definitely a concern. Most of what I have right now for bigger dolls is 12mm small iris (I think 5mm iris). Wigs aren't a problem for me since I usually make my own, though it'd be nice to see other options for if I am lazy to begin with. . I have a little wait ahead of me, so hopefully I can get enough information gathered to get him a little trousseau together.
      Your Hannibal is absolutely lovely <3 <3 <3 I love hiiim.
    10. I'll try to get some pics this weekend <3
      Making your own wig for him will probably be your best bet, to be honest. A lot of wigs have too much hair for his face, since his features are small compared to most BJDs. If you'd also like to see pics of him next to some other dolls, feel free to poke around my profile and let me know. ^^
      Thank you so much ;; <3 Poor guy has been a major work in progress for so long. Hopefully I can get him a body soon, he has suit fabric that's been waiting for him for years lol
    11. You are wonderful <3 I'd love to see his head next to any ladies you might have, and next to LLT Roderick . . and Aramis, V-07, and Agent Mads. . .I'm a little jealous of the Mads portion of your Doll List (namely cause of V-07) I am working on attempting to ammass a Mads Army as well, but I got started later than would have been convenient.
      My Mikkel is going to be a dollmaker and alchemist named Dr. Wather Madsen. Not sure if he'll be modern or more neo victorian or what sort of fashion world. Possibly a mixture of many just so I can make menswear that doesn't make me want to pull my eyes out from prescise tailoring.
    12. Always happy to help ^^ Will do! I don't have many ladies, but I'll see if I can borrow some of the girls in the house. I hope you can complete your Mads Army one day! I honestly got lucky being able to get all of mine, but am beyond happy to have them...even if trying to find bodies has been a pain. (my V-07 has a kinda intense faceup, so hopefully it won't be too distracting. He's a Skyrim OC lmao. Oh, lemme know if you'd like to see the Granado boys on bodies. I can just do a head swap day lol)
      That sounds so cool though. I'm excited to see him when you get him/have him complete! Having many different styles for him sounds like fun. Mads is a very versatile actor and I think sculpts based on him can work with a lot of looks too :'D
    13. I would love to see the Agent Mads head on other bodies (though that might be better discussed in the Granado thread) I have one coming at some point cause Clover Singing managed to get them to make one last one. I've seen your V-07, I don't think the faceup should be too distracting since I'll be focusing on the actual archetecture of the head.
      I'm planning to have Mikkel paired up with a Supia Juah, which may end up a bit odd with her being slightly less hyperrealistic, but she's going to be a living doll anyway, so that works.
      My thought on bodies is that the chest needs to be sufficiently broad to make his head not look overly huge. Not sure how many heads wide, but from what I've seen, the ones where the chest is thinner look a little wonky to me. Obviously shoulder width works along with this. . . and he has to look extra nice from the back while cooking people. . . I mean. . cooking food. . yes. Currently I'm leaning towards trying to get a RD RGM-3 still, since the Dollstown bodies are kinda expensive to still have to mod the neck on. (not that the Ringdoll ones are that much less, but there's about a hundred dollars difference at least). If you have anything with an 11.5 inch neck so I can see how much modding I'd have to do on there that would help too. I'll also have a Mystic body for my Granado Uriel head, so I'll be able to do at least a little head showing too when I get Mikkel's head in (in three months or however long the post from Russia takes).
    14. I'll get some and put them in the Granado photo reference thread. Congrats on being able to get one! To be honest, I'm actually the reason he ended up on the Clover Singing site lmao. That's good at least, I'm glad he won't be too distracting. ^^
      Oooh, that sounds like an interesting pair. Don't have any Supia girls, but if you give me her head size, I can try to get photos of him with girls that have similar sized heads.
      That's very true. Mads is a broad man, so I definitely agree. And he must look good while cooking 'food' lol. I'll check if any of my bodies have that neck size. I know I've got 10.5 and 12, but not sure about 11.5 (I honestly forget the measurements sometimes, too). I'll try to remember to include the neck measurements when I post the pictures. I would definitely love to see how he looks on the Mystic body, though. Doubt the Dollshe boys I'm waiting on will arrive before your Mikkel, with how long Dollshe takes... (I hope your Mikkel doesn't take that long, though ;; )

      To stay more on topic, I do have a picture of him with more visible eyes (he's wearing ridiculously large silicone ones in the previous picture, wanted to make him creepier for Halloween). I can't remember what size these are, but I'll measure them when I take pics (I'll try to include iris measurements with the pictures, too)
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    15. Aaaaaaaa he's so handsome -swoon-
      I will definitely get some pics with the Mystic body. I got one second hand, so he'll be here before any of the 10 dollshes I'm waiting for probably -weeps cause that number isn't an exaggeration at all- I will also of course get a hilarious photo of him on my 26f body too, because I am a goof like that.
      I'm hoping the 12mm eyes work well, though I can easily order some smaller (or unlikely this'll be needed) bigger ones if need be. I'm currently waiting for some Soul in a Box eyes to get in also, and I'd love those to work for him. I NEED ALL THE EYES 0___0.
      12 cm neck is fine to see him on too please.
    16. Thank you so much ;; I actually plan to repaint him, but figured I'd just wait til he has his own body lol
      Awesome! And that's quite a lot of Dollshes, but they are pretty addicting lol. omg yes please. I'd love to see him on the 26f body XD
      Small iris 12mm eyes would probably work (I only have small iris 14s, sadly). The ones I posted before turned out to be 8mm...so small, but the iris still looks too large imo
      I need to measure my eyes, but I did get a bunch of pictures. Still need to get them off my phone and resize them. I'm thinking maybe I should just make a post for them in Photo Reference, so everything won't have to be links? (due to the discussion thread one pic limit) Maybe someone else might find the info useful too? o:
    17. Yeah, a photo reference post would be good. Even if we're the only people who use it lol.
      Interesting about the 8mm. When I get him I can try my smollshe (fashion dollshe lol) eyes in him too. I have some 7's and 8's with smol irises. 10 with extra small iris might be where it's at for him though to avoid any possible gapping and the like. . . Which is totally okay since I should be able to get those made just fine.
      I really am looking forward to painting him when he gets here, and hopefully I'll be able to at LEAST get a plan for his body by then. I wonder how long the wait for Dollstown is right now. . .

      Edit: I just snagged a Dollzone B70-004 body I'm gonna try on him when he gets here. Obviously he's gonna be a bit cause ground/sea mail transport and things, but at least I'll have the Dollshe Mystic and the Dollzone bodies available by then to possibly work with him! And to add to the body comparison option list.
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    18. I'll do that then. Finally got the pics resized, just trying to get them uploaded now (I have a rather slow connection orz)
      Yeah, the 8mm has some noticeable gaps. Which might not be too bad if they're filled in with white eye putty, but prob not good for long term. I am curious how those really small eyes fit, though, so looking forward to being able to see that. Where did you get your smollshe eyes? I need to get some eventually lol
      Looking forward to how you paint him! And I imagine you'll have an easier time than I did, since yours is the 2.0 (I like the sculpted wrinkles and texture, but it's difficult to paint). Hopefully Dollstown waits aren't anything like Dollshe ones :|

      Oh, nice! Congrats! It'll be really good to see him on both those bodies.
      I tried him on some really beefy bodies just for the neck/shoulder sizes and some of them are hilarious because of how muscular they are lmao (couldn't get him on the Impl Idol though, the c-ring was too big and wouldn't fit)

      Edit: Got it posted!
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    19. I get most of my eyes from Dreaming Tree Studio Eye-Maker by trade, and Artist by career the website is a little difficult to navigate, but pretty much, you e-mail her and tell her you would like to have eyes made and would like to see color charts . . then she sends you the charts . . and you tell her what size and colour. Get the Paperweights as the regular sort -the flat backs - don't really work like regular doll eyes. She'll do custom sizes down to a point. Turn around time is about a month since obviously she has to make them. . BUT she's in the states, so the shipping doesn't take horribly long even now.
      The other option for custom iris size is OOAK author dolls eyes wings accessories for craft by DOLLines They're based in Russia though, so the shipping time right now is. . long.
      For now I'm not worrying about Dollstown since I have the two body options. Really hoping the Dollzone one works for him since the body shape is nice and the shoulders won't make him look like a linebacker or anything. The Mystic would probably need more neck modding, but again, we'll see when eventually everyone is here.
      I'm definitely looking forward to painting him I need to study Mads' face a bunch. . . for science (okay fine I just wanna look at him) so I can decide what sort of techniques I must adopt to make him look proper. So far I haven't painted any older looking dolls, so this should be a fun challenge. I did get some lovely alpaca with some gray in it for making his wig.