Napidoll Discussion Part 2

May 8, 2014

    1. NOt sure if I like her or not...
    2. Gorgeous dolls! Who's that sculpt with Rogebell?

      She reminds me of Marchen waltz chocolate... not sure if I like her either.
    3. I think I don't like her eyes sockets. Too round for me.
    4. I think it's a cute sculpt... Not really my cup of tea as I prefer their older sculpts but hopefully this is just the beginning and they will release more SD heads in the future. ^_^
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    5. so beautiful!
    6. My Naya has arrived. She's just the cutest little thing!! I put her on a SDGr body... she stole this wig from one of my girls but i think she should keep it..
      Here's just a quick phone pic, I'll try to take more later...

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    7. IMG 6375
      Here's my girl!

      sorry i don't know how to properly attach pictures in comments on doa >.<
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    8. @LapisShufflin To add a picture you have put it online somewhere and copy the address. I use Flickr (free). Then come here, click on the icon for image (next to the smily face) and paste the link to your picture where it is asked. Than click on the 'insert' button.
      ps - she is beautiful!

      @Hypercurve - A Naya! I have always wanted one because of her eyes. Yours is very cute!


      And this is my gorgeous Napidoll Lucifer. I adore him. He was the first SD head I ever wanted and the second ever I bought!
      He will need some attention to his face-up - I damaged the face-up on the nose. :S
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    9. hope to revive the love for napidoll <3 I've finished reading the first discussion and it's so cool to see sculpts no longer listed on the website
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    10. [​IMG]

      This creampuff invited herself over in June. Such a dreamy face.
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    11. [​IMG]

      One more bump, due to the kindness of those who liked my awful photo. Thank you.
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    12. Does anyone know if head only purchases from Napidoll in 2010 came with some type of authentication paperwork?
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    13. i believe they did! I think they all had a small pamphlet that has the owner's name and the sculptor!

      Also I just bought a second napidoll rogebell, OE
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    14. I made the mistake of selling my Naya head a while back. But I was fortunate to enough to be able to buy her back from the person I sold her to. I'm so happy to have my Aubrey home again.
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    15. She's still wearing temporary everything (although she might keep this wig) but I couldn't wait to show off my new girl, a Napidoll Angz on a Volks SD10 body!


      She has no name, but she's stolen my whole heart away...
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    16. Do you have a straight on photo would love to see her whole face!
    17. Here you go!


      Her proper eyes should arrive tomorrow, but I should really get started on making her some new clothes.
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    18. Has anyone bought from Napidoll recently? I'm considering getting a Bebi in the future.
    19. Omg!! I just saw Napidoll is re-releasing Rogebell! Her pre-order starts on September 1st. I know this is awesome news for many of us who missed the chance to get her. I'm definitely pre-ordering one! I'm really ecstatic!! Another dream girl coming home. :aheartbea
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    20. She is cute! I'm tempted. Haha. What size is she? MSD?