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Nappy Choo discussion

Oct 17, 2016

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    1. Thank you so much!! :D
    2. awww so adorable :whee: I'm really glad these are on topic too!
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    3. I knowwwww finally!! And thank you <3
    4. love nappy choo, glad we can post pics :)

      also wish there is more new face mold coming out ,

      Anyone got happy choo, I love my happy choo also.
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    5. I would just be happy with them releasing more of the ones already created!!!! It's nearly impossible to find legit ones where their owners are looking to sell!! The doll is so lovely, no one wants to let them go :D I love making furniture and accessories for my boy! Has anyone ever restrung one? I am nervous about that prospect but I can see how much it needs doing!!!
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    6. I hope SOom is reading this so they can introduce new face sculpt, I love my nappy and happy soo much. Also wish they come in diff. skin colors too. I displayed mine in a doll house :)
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    7. I hope they are too'n. Do you have pics of your choos?? Would love to see em
    8. Don't have any new pics of my nappy and happy but I have them in my flickr, click on chinadoll1 and go to my album and look for folder of nappy and happy :)

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    9. Ohhhhhh myyyyy godddddd your collection right there is basically my entire grail <3 :D I cannot even! You're the first real life happy owner I've ever met too!!!!!! So gorgeous! Thank you for sharing xD
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    10. Thank you I got some twins and happy is triplets :) Also I ordered one Lili Happy Choo and waiting for her :)
    11. Lili?!?! I'm so jealous!!!!! Haha I am praying they open orders again >.<
      I am so happy to see I'm not the only person so in love with those particular sculpts! I will love to see any photos you get of her when she arrives!!! What do you call each of your babies? Thank you so much for the compliment on the furniture!! It was a blast making it and it continues to prove a joy in photographing and planning scenes. I'm looking forward to his new room box and crafting that to be the perfect setting for everything else I've gotten to put together. Although it's looking like I'll have to upgrade to something much larger after the completion of the crib and swing set- they are so tall!!
    12. @aureliaXaurita What pattern did you use to make his outfit? I am having a hard time sewing for this bottom heavy little guy! Its my daughter's first bjd and I can't get a sleeper right! I'm contemplating filing off his parts so she will just use dresses, lol!
    13. Oh my goodness! No need to go so far haha! I am actually quite unable to sew! However there are many many tutorials to be found, here is one from an online group I'm in for making a nappy https://www.facebook.com/groups/113849662123138/permalink/386379604870141/

      And here is one for a little dress for another doll size, simply add a strap at the back to extend the fit around. Pukifee/Littlefee-Iplehouse BID

      Baby boy will fit perfectly fine into lati and pukifee shorts and tee shirts, pants and long sleeves are too long. The clothes I have him in are made by Spampy( bonnet and nappy in green) and Gugu Moda (sleeperwith hood in tan and ivory)

      Hope this helps!!! <3 :D Congrats on your little girls new boy!!
      #17 aureliaXaurita, Oct 24, 2016
      Last edited: Oct 24, 2016
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    14. Wonderful!!! I'll be looking forward to seeing you in the group! Send lots of spam of the lovely little things you make :D
    15. I love this sculpt as well and really hope Soom offers them again. Love the furniture. Would love to see more pics. I am searching high and low for a Nappy Choo.
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