Narae and Narin 60cm Discussion part 2.

Nov 16, 2008

    1. OH! Is Venitu about the same as David Kuncci in size, do you know? Because I do have DKs head so I can compare them. If that's the case then I think Bimong's body will work great and I don't have to worry about anything other than a. finding one and b. paying for it XD *dies*

      Thank you for that picture, it was great!
    2. I'm afraid I don't, I don't have any of the bigger Dollshe guys. I did find this picture of Venitu with some of the other Dollshe guys if that helps you out at all. I'd expect the 68cm body to work great with the newest head though. :) I hope you're able to find one!
    3. I have a Dollshe Aramis head and it is a very similar size.
    4. Does anybody know how to make the pictures BIGGER? I can't, for the life of me, see the details of the body and the heads.
      I like the body from far away but I'd rather know what I'm looking at in details :lol: .
    5. Bimong has posted quite a few photos on Instagram in recent history. He also has links to Facebook and Flickr.
    6. Thanks, I found them, still, there aren't many of them. I don't understand why he does not put more of them on his website. He must be thinking he'll sell enough.
    7. Send him an email or ask on Instagram where you can find more detailed pictures. He usually responds quickly on Instagram.

      And, yes, I think he will get enough orders from the people who have been following on Instagram!
    8. I put in my order for the 53cm lady today, she looks very pretty, and the body looks amazing to me plus Bimong is one of the few artists I really love how they engage and show the process of his dolls. Very excited to get her after reading and seeing how amazing his dolls pose :)

      I really liked her in the first order period, but Im glad I waited because the upper joint looks more nicer to me than the middle joint, Im glad that it is now an option

      @Lilla I had the same problem, the website feels off a tiny bit to me, but I looked at his instagram for reference to know what I will be getting and the various poses/ cross checking etc. His other social media isnt as updated as his instagram. My order still shows as incomplete payment, but I did pay in full and he did confirm my order on IG so Im not worried at all. (edit just got a confirmed status!)

      A heads up for people looking for Narin, other than the 53cm lady and her optional parts, it looks like he is also taking orders for the Narin 61 Elf head too!
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    9. Well I found out that he's making his 68cm boy body slimmer than it used to be. Which makes me very nervous considering how massive the head is. I guess I should be looking for larger bodies. Anyone have any that work?
    10. Thanks, I'll have to register. I am pleased he hasn't left the hobby yet.
    11. I am pleased for you, it is such a worry when websites don't update an order immediately.
      The elf sculpt is quite something, it is going to be interesting to see what the owners will come up with.
    12. I am pleased also! I think the large number of dolls ordered in what was to be the last order may have saved the business! He was forced to get a casting company and I think that he reduced the stress on his hand and allowed him to do more of what all artists prefer; CREATE new things! A win for Bimong and his customers!
    13. ☺️I totally agree!
    14. Does anyone at all have pictures of the NARIN N61E Head on a body? Or any Narin 60 head on a body??
      I'm seriously about to buy a Dollshe body for it, but I a) don't want to wait a million years and b) still have no idea if it'll even work. But I can't find any other options.
    15. I have one Narin head on a Soom supergem 2012 body. I'll try to put my elf head on the latest body!
    16. Why are you thinking the Narin head is so massive? I measured the rlf head and it is barely over 8 inch wig size.
    17. @VampireAngel13, Have you considered the Supia body? I should be a good color match also.
    18. Thank you, but I caved and bought a Grant Phillipe (sp?) from Dollshe for his body. XD So I'm (hopefully) good!

      It is huge. It's literally the same size as the EID heads I have. I put it on the EID body, and other than it not fitting because the neck hole is too small, it looked perfect proportionately. I had tried it on all my larger bodies, including SSDF - which is what I was hoping would work (way too small), Argo doll 65cm (tiny - it was laughable), Dollmore Glamor (might have been ok if the neck had fit, it practically sat on the shoulders of the body and looked so weird), Dollshe Pure\classic and he was way too big for all of them. Literally the only thing I have that it looked right on was the EID - and he looked really good on it...but EID necks are massive. And I really don't want another one. One is too much XD
    19. Soom Idealian and Megagem necks are smaller and might be a good option.
    20. @VampireAngel13, I see what you mean! I got my Narin N609 head on the supergem body and I don't like the fit anymore. I guess I want the more realistic head size now! I will try him on the megagem body in the morning. His head is about the size of the megagem head.