Narae and Narin 60cm Discussion part 2.

Nov 16, 2008

    1. I'd love to know the difference (if any) between his previous heads and the newest Elf head. I mean, if they're all that big, I can see why you aren't happy with him on the Supergem. Of my bigger dolls, that's one of my smaller bodies. I didn't even bother to try the head on it (especially once he dwarfed the SSDF - which was the body I was originally hoping to put him on, that or Popodoll which was even tinier).

      If the 09 is about the same size as the 61E it might work on the Megagem...if they're around EID sized!

      It worried me that Bimong was making his body slimmer for the Narin heads. I can't imagine the head I have fitting a slim 68cm body XD
      I'm really hopeful about the 28M body though, it has the body type and all the joints I want. Fingers crossed. For about eight years. (boo Dollshe waits). I might try to find a temporary body for him while I wait on this one....
    2. Its exciting that he is releasing his jointed hands soon
      I think he is because he just updated his website with the listings

      art BIMONG

      Theres a resin one for $250, a brass for $450 and nickel for $500 :chomp:

      It seems steep for jointed hands, but I do like the mechanics of his hands better than the ones traditionally sold

      Im not sure what body its for. It says Dandelion but there are several sizes of Dandelion 40/53/60
    3. My 53cm Dandelions should arrive tomorrow! Should we add Dandelion to this thread or start a new one? I think I favor having all Bimong's dolls over 50cm in this thread!
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    4. @nancy_schroeder_ca I think you can add her in this thread! It can be useful to have all bimong's dolls over 50cm here.

      I've redone my Narae faceups! I changed her character, now she is part of my steampunk crew:
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    5. I am pretty sure it is for the current Dandelion53, given she is the only one he still sells
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    6. Last night I bought a temporary body for my Narin so he'll have a body while I wait for his body. Lol
      At least I can do his faceup and scrounge up some clothing. He's another suit-wearer, so that's nice. Nice and expensive. Freedom teller here I come *sobs*

      Maybe he can borrow Bruce's clothes while Bruce is Batman....

      I'm good with all of them in one thread. Not that my opinion matters, I have one head!
      Did you get your girl Yesterday??

      Wow, she's gorgeous!! What an amazing job. I love the color of the lips especially.
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    7. Very nice! They are very unique and I find them very interesting! I have been sitting here for several minutes just noticing little details!

      Yes! My girls arrived! Twins! I didn't have time for pictures yesterday.
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    8. The temporary body I bought for my Narin head is out for delivery!!
      Except I'm at work and I bet they leave a I won't get him today. Still I'm excited to actually be somewhat close to having him as an actual doll. I'm totally going to mod him and give him a faceup now! or when I have time!

      EDIT: I was wrong! he was left on the porch! Expect pics of my Narin finally! eventually anyway lol
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    9. @Follow-the-Wind - wow! great work! I like how the detail is the same in for both marks and tattoos.

      I don't know if it's been mentioned anywhere - and I don't follow any social media - but is Bimong planning a 60cm version of the Narae Fusion body? I adore the small version and having owned the little Narae years ago, can only guess at how lovely the newest body will be...BUT a large version of the Fusion body would be something!!!:aeyepop:
    10. Wow, I haven't looked into BIMONG heads etc in a decade! I absolutely love the NARIN N61E Head! And really love the boy bodies, but they're not for sale anymore. Is this temporary?
    11. I think he's working on a revised body. A lot has happened in recent years!
    12. I already love the bodies he's got! LOL. Oh boy, I can't get anyone ATM but Narin jumped to the top of my list!
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    13. For those who have received the 53cm Dandelion, can you give a brief review of the body?
    14. I will! If I don't do it in a few days, remind me!
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    15. Okay, I've recently become extremely interested (today, actually) in the Narin N61E elf head for a troublesome OC of mine, and reading through this's admittedly got me a bit scared of some prospects. The current head I've got for my boy (Simply Divine Thomas) has a noggin and face that's too big and long for my liking, and I'm afraid of repeating the same with the next sculpt I reshell him with.

      I'm planning to have him on the Loongsoul 68cm body. Would this be too small, or could it possibly work? I can create a neck piece to fit the neck if needed, so that's not really my issue. The measurements for the Bimong 68cm body made for this head has very similar measurements according the the website, but....I'm still a bit concerned.

      Can anyone help me get this figured out? I'd love to get the head, but don't want to repeat the same mistake again.

      Thanks in advance!
    16. @jade-eyed-cat I have a Loongsoul 68cm doll on order. I'll try to take a picture of the elf head on the body when he arrives. Unless someone else does it first!

      Art-Bimong has the 53cm Dandelion heads available with makeup by Zakozako! So I will have five heads with two bodies! My original heads are off for a spa treatment, so currently I have two headless bodies!
    17. I've been having a hard time finding comparisons, so it would be greatly appreciated. Heck, I'd be happy to see comparisons of N61E next to other company heads just to get an idea of the size of his head. Dollshe, Supia, Granado, Loongsoul, Dikadoll, Dollzone, Impldoll girls, Little Rebel, etc.—all I'm really looking for is to see if he'd be proportionate with the rest of my crew or not. If his head size is smaller than the Simply Divine boys (I've got Thomas, and his face and head are just too long) he just might work for me. Do you by chance happen to have any heads from these companies (or similar sized SDs) to compare him with?