Narae and Narin 60cm Discussion part 2.

Nov 16, 2008

    1. I can try him on the Supia body when I can squeeze out a little play time. Be aware that I got a new doll yesterday that I haven't opened yet!
    2. Whenever you're able to, I'd appreciate it. Also, have fun with your new resin!:3nodding:
    3. Hi ! I would like some help please. Could you say to me which resin of Iplehouse fit better with the resin of Bimong (classic normal skin and new normal skin) ? Thanks a lot.
    4. The classic normal skin is lighter than my Iplehouse FID guy. The new normal might be better but I don't have a sample to compare.
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    5. Thanks for your answer. :)
      So you talk about the normal resin of Iplehouse ? Do you think it can still match for an hybrid if I have a head of Narin in classic normal ?
    6. I think it should be easy to blush the head to match the Iplehouse normal skin.
    7. Thanks a lot. ^^
    8. @Polychinelle So you want an other SD ? How surprising ! :)
      (I'm sorry I can't help, I only have bimong light tan at home as I sold my Narin ^^')
    9. I send you a message on Instagram. :p
    10. Just bumping this thread up with the news that there is a new Narin and Narae head coming for the bigger models. Bimong is also working on the Narae58 body again.
      Judging by his Instagram pictures, the new heads, Grey (male) and Eva (female), look great!
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    11. Has anyone seen measurements from the last Narae 60 body? The version with all the joints...I can't obviously find the sizing and would be very grateful if someone can point me to them.
    12. Hello!
      I just figured out that the Narin Charisma(609) head would work great for a character.
      Does anyone have an idea or even photos of that head on other bodies(possibly a 60cm - 62cm)? And maybe some resin matches for the NS resin? I'm not familiar with this company, so any help would be awesome!

    13. @YukiOokami _ can't help with actual bodies but Bimong normal is currently a good match
      for Fairyland normal.
    14. That’s good to know. Thank you! That helps a bit on what I can try out, if I manage to get a head. :)
    15. @YukiOokami - sooooooooooooo....I ask Bimong a couple of days ago about plans for a Narae60 version of the small Fusion style body...he said yes he is working on it now!!! I believe he is also working on a new body for the large Narin too...Bimong has posted something on his Instagram about it. (not on there myself)

      This is my quote from August of last year and all I can say now is my dream is coming true....:dance:dance:dance

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