Narae/MNF/Unoa slim mini shoe thread

Mar 21, 2008

    1. Yep, that's the right style! :)

      I love those shoes -- very delicate and in-scale!

      -- A <3
    2. The doll modelling is a Narae.

      Here's a pair of high heeled Leeke pumps, they were preorder shoes, but I think they must be about the same size as other Leeke pumps. They seemed a bit big when they first came, but I guess I got used to them quickly. They can be worn with or without socks. I shortened the straps a bit and made a new hole in the strap, as Narae's foot is quite narrow. Sorry for the dark picture!!

      I also have a pair of LUTS Mary Janes for MNF, they're a great fit, with or without a sock. LUTS link HERE.

      I am always on the lookout for delicate, 'small' feminine shoes with a little heel or a pair of great boots, so this thread is fantastic!! :)
    3. Here's (almost) all of the Teen Trends shoes that my girl owns. Can you tell she has a thing for shoes? *grin*


      All these fit great, snug and tight - except the blue sneakers, but they fit my b-el instead. I don't know if it's just my girl, but she seems to have a larger left foot...
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    4. Which TT set did those black flats come with? Do they look nice in the back, or does the split gape open?

      Thanks for all the pics! :D

      -- A <3
    5. I have those black flats and had to cut the back to allow the Unoa foot in. The split at the back does gape when they are on.
    6. My black flats just squeeze on without cutting. Guess each comes out of the mold different. Hehe My trick is to heat them up a bit with a hair dryer if they are being stubborn. ;)

    7. The ballerina-style flats with bows? They fit perfectly, but they are whole, so no split in the back. I bought them here on DoA, so don't know what set they came from.
    8. Ashbet -
      The Teen Trends black ballerinas come from the set Courtney "Night Out".


      Leekeworld LS-038

      Here's another shoe photo (not a great photo - sorry). I love these Leekeworld shoes (also seem to be sold at Dollga and may be in stock there):

      Much better photo here on ExquisiteCorpse's Narae "Ophelia" (2nd photo):

      One of the 4 color listings at Leekeworld minis section:

      They are lovely shoes, maybe a little loose in length and width but not much. I love the way the straps latch - you only have to move the buckle once for length - after that one strap has a little hook you slip over the other strap next to the buckle - you never have to thread the buckle.

    9. I'm utterly confused by Leekeworld's website. And it seems I have ordered the wrong size for my Unoa. I ordered "Size D", but when I asked Leeke, they told me size D is for 4 cm feet.

      Can somebody, anybody, please help me? For unoa, what category shoes should I be looking at? I'm close to tears now, its sooooo frustrating trying to guess the sizes because Leeke's shoes measurement cannot be found anywhere! ><~~~~~
    10. Leekeworld you get M. But at Dollga you get the smallest size.

      BTW - no photos yet but Bobobie Kitty shoes are usable (a bit big and a bit high), and Mimiwoo Kitty shoes are definitely larger than the Bobobie ones.

    11. I'll try to get photos when I have daylight. I also have one pair from Mimiwoo that I like a lot. She calls then Mary Jane but they have a slanted strap (she currently only sells them in pink and red). They are a bit long but pretty good in width and the strap angle keeps the foot back so they appear to fit fine even though there is some room in the toe.

      OK - Have photos now...

      Pink shoe - Mimiwoo Mary Jane (available pink,red on Ebay)
      Black shoe - Bobobie Kitty shoe
      (note mimiwoo Kitty shoes are too large - much longer/wider than Bobobie ones)

      Worst (on purpose) - I pushed feet to the front and shot from side

      Best - feet placed properly, from above

      Typical - standing shot

      I think the strap helps to make the fit of the pink shoes quite acceptable. The fit of the Bobobie Kitty shoes is barely acceptable but they work fine in many shots and they are only $12 or so. They would probably work better with socks or a craft foam insole to lift the foot a bit. Also - the Kitty shoe straps do not have an appropriate hole so I just cinch them with the metal stick to the side of the strap instead of in a hole.

    12. The ballet flats from Denver Doll are too big for Narae. We are right now working on getting the sizing perfected for production. The first run of shoes was so tight that not even I could get them on my Narae.
      I am sure that Denver Doll will be carrying these in the US. If not get in touch with me - I will find a store that will have them.

      Kay from Boneka
    13. What about Dollzone MSD size boots? Does anyone know if the would work on a MNF A-Line?
    14. Ooh, keep us updated, I love those flats.
    15. I bought a pair of the Dale Rae flats from Denver Doll. I like them! :) I prefer simple footwear for my girls and though the Narae flats are a bit tight across the widest part of a Unoa's foot they still look very nice. I don't think any socks would work with these shoes but I wouldn't put socks with this type of flat anyway.
    16. Oh my, they are perfect, Nancy! :D
      Just the type of shoes I was looking for for my Narae. I need to find a source for these...
    17. I love those flats, they are the best I've seen, and Dale Rae says you can embellish them as well.

      I'm hoping they'll fit the J.I.D. girls as well, plus she has those fitums to help with the fit. She has them in suede as well!
    18. I keep seeing this wonderful thread and thought I would add my two cents worth. I love all the shoes that were sold by Dollfair for Narae and Narin. I have every pair, including the boy shoes. I don't see them on the site now. The fit is great with socks and without.

      The Leeke maryjanes from Denver Doll are great too. And the low cut tennis shoes from jujusdollymall, as was mentioned, work fine. They are a bit tight but do look nice. No socks with these though.

      I also love the Unoa mule soles. I got one pair with a kit and decided to use them for an outfit that needed something a bit different. I have shown these before but just in case someone here does not hit the Narae fashion thread, here they are. The purple ones are my first pair and the green ones were made from a reproduction of the soles. I should have bought more soles on the recent pre-order but did not think I would be using them! So I made a cast and did my own. It is a lot of work so I would recommend getting the mule soles from Unoa. The shoes are very simple and so many styles can be made. I am working on another pair for my Narae girls.