Narae/MNF/Unoa slim mini shoe thread

Mar 21, 2008

    1. Thank you very much! What I have found so far is that the 22" American Model shoes will fit, but the open toe look big at the front, so closed shoes it is :D lol
    2. I second what @Giodrakes says. AM shoes fit well, they can stand on them, etc... but open toes will show their feet aren't long enough to fill the shoe as their feet are fatter than AM feet and shorter. Otherwise they look great! Boots are especially nice, and I still have some of my girls with open toe shoes on because overall they still look cool with the outfit :D
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    3. I'm looking for what heels fit the m-line minifee heel feet. I have a Doll leaves Nina and because of the resin match issue finding her a pair of heeled feet has been a task. I've given up and decided to buy from FL but I want to know what size fits.