Narae/MNF/Unoa slim mini shoe thread

Mar 21, 2008

    1. I believe that that Dollzone boots fit Minifées just fine. My new MNF boots are exactly the same size as the DZ boots I have.
    2. Yes they are!
    3. Has anyone tried the Dale Rae flats on a MNF yet? I need to order some shoes for my incoming tiny, and it would be nice if I could get some for my MNF too.
    4. I just tried all my Dale Raes on my brand new shushu A line body and they all fit great.
    5. Awesome thanks! ^^ Do you have any photos by any chance?
    6. They look like they might be a bit too wide.
    7. :o:(:...( Could I use padding one the sides?
    8. if you don't think they might be visible, or you don't mind it, then i guess you could?
    9. I don't know if that would be a good idea. It might work with runners...but it will probably look very off balance. I got some clog shoes from Monique, and was told they were the proper width but upon getting them home they definately were not. There was at least a 1/3cm gap on each side (probably more) and they just look really silly overall. You could try it I suppose, then decide if it works for you, they aren't so expensive that it would be silly to even bother trying...but personally I wouldn't suggest it. :(

      Also, you might be able to get an idea for the size differences by measuring your doll's foot on a piece of paper then adding the dimensions of the shoes over top. It will probably not be an accurate representation, but then at least it might help you decide if you want to even bother trying.
      With the runners it might not be as much of an issue since they are completely enclosed, but with half/partway/etc. open shoes don't forget to take into account that most of these shoes are made for chubby little children's style feet, so the curve of the upper is going to reflect that and could make it larger than you anticipated.
    10. :...( So does anyone know were I can get just plain white sneakers?
    11. the sneakers my boy wears isn't completely plain, but it looks like a pair of (aha, adidas?) sneakers. you can get them from dollmore. they're a little loose on my boy, in that i can slip them on without unlacing them (convenient!), but they still fit pretty well, especially with a little pair of socks. :3

      i'd reccomend those if you want a low-cost pair of casual shoes. the vans also work pretty well. ^^
    12. i've seen how tight a fit they are with some of the normal MSDs, even 's own pado, so i'm actually preferring the loose fit. ^^;; it takes me far less them to slip them on and off. :3

      the ones i have are the tan+white sneakers, and one side of the black+red (the other side fell off my pile of doll stuff that i was collecting from a friend and i could never find it when i went looking) and the white skull vans. :3 i'm aiming to get more vans and sneakers for my boy, and some of the dale rae flats for my girl. ^^
    13. I didn't mention that this fit was on my Narin and Narae. Sorry for the confusion!

      Yeah, I don't mind the fit. It kinda works as boy shoes. Also, Narin and Narae have the same size feet, so if you can find a pair that fit on Narae, Narin will be able to wear them.
    14. oh, are they distinctly different-sized than MNFs?
    15. Looks like I'll be ordering shoes when the next Dollmore Group Order rolls around then. ^^ Thanks you guys. :)
    16. I have no idea, but I thought I would clarify to avoid confusion. :sweat
    17. A quick comparison shows that my A line Shushu's feet are exactly the same size as my Narin's.
    18. brennil>> Awesome~ ;D

      After a MNF, I honestly don't think I could get any MSD that wasn't a slender-built MSD. The outfitting costs would just be insane. :<