Narae/Narin 43/44cm Mini Discussion Part 7

Apr 9, 2018

    1. I don't know if Bimong will make Dandelion head which suits Narae's body again but Iam pretty sure that he made that once :

      Narae/Narin 43/44cm Mini Discussion Part 7

      On this page, StellaMarigold shows her two Dandelion, and one is 6.5"
    2. @Corarock - you are correct! Bimong did make a 6.5" Dandelion head (the same as the old one, although the upper head shape is a bit different). He also made a new 6.5" "Dandelion/Mindulrae" with an open mouth, but in my opinion she doesn't much resemble the original.

      I think it is possible Bimong might make another version in MSD size since he loves to redo his work, but he probably won't release the exact same head again, because he sold the 6.5" head in a limited edition set (comprised of the closed-mouth original Dandelion and the new open-mouth Dandelion). I could be wrong, though!
    3. Shoot! You are right! And I have one! My memory must be slipping. In fact there was a LE Dandelion head and a classic Dandelion head!

      My memory is coming back. He offered the LE Dandelion head at $300 and I think a lot of people found the price a bit too high and then he added a free classic head.
    4. Gosh I would have loved to have gotten that. I hope he makes one again.
    5. I haven't ordered wigs for my Narae for quite a while, and I've forgotten what size to get. I'm purchasing from Leekeworld, anyone know which size to get? 7-8" or 6-7"? Thanks!
    6. 6-7 for the MSD size
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    7. Yay I paid the rest of my Narae today and hopefully she'll be here before Christmas. How long might it take after payment to the delivery... :)
    8. You bought the Narae with the new fusion body ? I really hope that Bimong will post soon new about the new fusion body... I am excited because my girl needs a body ahah :sweat I hesitate to buy her wig before having her body, but I don't know why, I would like to have the body first ! :roll:
    9. Yeah, I thought it's Narae time, tough I've liked more of the bodies with the bust joint under the ribs instead of boobs. I think it was good timing anyway and I like how the posing looks like so far. I'm thinking like you, it's nice to have a body before getting wig or so.
    10. I like both bust joint I think :whee:
      I hope Bimong will show us soon the different chest : I already took medium chest but I am excited to see other ! I think it will not be so different of chest he does regularly :lol:
    11. Hi all!! I'm really excited, I'm buying a 2014 N412 from someone on DoA which is a sculpt I've loved for a long time and never thought I'd be able to get!

      I have a question (just the one for now lol)! She comes with heeled feet, and I was wondering if any companies have compatible flat feet that I could get for her as well? Obviously I would be looking for the right size, decent resin match, and correct attachment (I can't seem to find any images or videos on how the older feet attach). It would be wonderful if she could wear trainers as well as heels! :)
    12. @Lunameth Congratulations! N412 is a wonderful sculpt! I think the new standard feet should fit. I only have the new Classic Normal which is a bit lighter than the 2014 resin. At least it will prove they fit!
    13. Thank you, I can't wait to get her! <3

      I can't see feet listed as an option part on Bimong's site, so would it just be a case of asking around to see if anyone has any for sale? Would you know of any other feet that might work otherwise? Unoa, Minifee, etc?
    14. I have lot's of feet in the new classic normal. Bimong wasn't offering spare feet in 2014. Now he has learned that we love extra parts!
    15. Okay, thank you! I will put up a wanted post in the marketplace :) I do have a Unoa at home so I can try them on when she gets here to see if they fit!
    16. Anyone who ordered the Narae fusion body have some news? On Instagram Bimong posted a photo showing the arrival of full set. I was a little sad because I only ordered the body and for now he has only the commands of the full sets. I hope that the bodies alone will arrive soon. Especially that I ordered as soon as the preorder opens. I am so excited :drool
    17. I ordered a full set but I haven't heard anything about shipping yet. Everything will probably come in at once.
    18. I also ordered a full set but I chose layaway and I still have one last payment left. When did the preorder open exactly?
    19. I think my July 22nd order was soon after the preorder started.
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    20. [​IMG]

      Here's a pic of my Narae trio! Left to right: LeighAnn (406 mod), Mani (416 v.2), and HaNeul (404)
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