New Doll New Doll Brand[VaniDoll ]A boy head(With 4 Type of mouthes )And 1/4 Limited Head★Stacy's Pink Ocean★

Jul 2, 2016

    1. It's me again!Today let me introduce Chinese new doll brand—VaniDoll to you.The brand is very small,and not famous.But The artist is innovative.Please have a look!

      1.Xiu edition head-VaniDoll 70+ Boy(With 4 Type Of Mouthes)


      Sale page:Xiu edition head-VaniDoll 70+ Boy(With 4 Type Of Mouthes) -

      The first 20 customers who buy this head will enjoy half-price for default face-up.(Please contact me to change the price of your order ^^)

      2.Zoe edition head-VaniDoll1/4 Boy(Limited)

      Sale page:Zoe edition head-VaniDoll1/4 Boy(Limited) -
      *Quantity: There are 8 heads in stock.(White skin color:6 /Normal pink Skin color:2)

      We accept layaway,please tell us your layaway plan when you place your order.And pay through USD1(USD1 - on Stacy's Pink Ocean.

      For more details, please visit our

      This is my feedback thread on DOA:Feedback for STACY

      Thank you very much for your attention!
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    2. I'm getting a 'bad gateway' message when I try to access your site! Are you down or just overwhelmed because of these beautiful heads?
    3. Regarding the Xiu edition head, are the different mouth parts also painted if you select the face-up option?
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    4. Sorry,my english is not very good.What you means is you can't find the website or can't enter it?Please contact me.My email address is [email protected]
    5. Yes,of cause!
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