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New Doll [new release] PINCH "the crab" BJD [DHSxMariaZhukova]

Aug 16, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      PINCH “the CRAB” BJD

      (created by Mariya Zhukova)
      (produced by Dreamhigh Studio)

      Available for sale in 2 pre-order
      (only total of 35 dolls will be sold)

      1st pre-order
      AUGUST 17th-24th 2016
      00:00 (GMT+7)

      2nd pre-order

      Limited edition dolls,
      all faceup, and 4 magnetic mouth pieces shown in the pictures included.


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    2. I can't resist! Is it possible to order a custom colour? (example: blue instead of red)
    3. It's so gorgeous >w< I finally found something that represents my sign in the bjd world xD
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    4. Hi, Yes you can leave a note on the check out :)
      We can a arrange that custom faceup.

      Thank You :)
      I am glad that you like it.
    5. What are his measurements? I can't seem to find any.

      And just to double check, his pincers/claws open and close right? It looks like they do, which is partially why I'm so excited. Articulated crab! :love
      #5 baxterbrat, Aug 17, 2016
      Last edited: Aug 17, 2016
    6. Hi,

      It's hard to measure,

      The shell measurement from above view is 7 cm diameter.

      It has 24 points of articulations, every bit of the crab is articulated (including the claws) :)
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    7. Thank you so much. I did wind up seeing the in hand picture I missed the first time so that helps along with your shell measurement.
    8. You're very welcome :)
    9. It deserves every bit of attention :)
      Cool sculpt!

      You can order through www.fabricfriendsdolls.com our authorized dealer for layaway payments setup.

      I hope it helps :)
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