News Guidelines

Sep 22, 2010

    1. What kinds of things are news?
      • new doll releases
      • rereleases of limited/discontinued dolls and items
      • in-person events
      • contests of skill
      • new batches of clothing/wig/eye/accessory releases
      • new additions to the brands a shop carries
      • official statements regarding piracy
      • any unusual or extraordinary news of general interest

      What kinds of things are NOT news?
      • restocks of non-limited items
      • local meetups
      • contests of chance

      News Guidelines
      1. Anyone can start a News thread. You do not need to be an official dealer or company representative to post news.

      2. Make one thread for each announcement. Put new releases in one thread if they are being introduced at the same time. Start a new thread for later releases.

      3. Add information to an existing thread if you are a representative who is also selling the item or participating in the event.

      4. Do not advertise banned or off-topic dolls. Threads about new releases may be locked temporarily while the moderators decide whether the doll is on topic.

      5. If you created a BJD-related book, ask the moderators for approval to post about it.

      6. Do not bump News threads. Edit the first post with updates for clarification, changes, or new information.

      7. Do not chat in News. You can discuss news in size-specific discussion or in Conventions. If you have a specific question about your order, contact the company privately for customer service.
      Businesses, official dealers and company reps should also read Additional Guidelines for Official Dealers and Company Reps.
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