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New Doll Nier: Automata x Dollfie Dream Collaboration (2B, 9S)

May 26, 2017

    1. [​IMG]

      Facebook Source (Volks Official)
      VOLKS USA, Inc.
      Twitter Source (Volks Official)
      ボークス ドール企画室 DD担当 on Twitter
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    2. do we know if it's preorder or lottery yet?
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    3. Has there been an update? I tried digging around and haven't seen anything. I don't want to miss this like I keep missing their sword art dolls.
    4. I don't believe so. They have yet to release the date for the Emilia DD that was announced before these.
    5. I saw the Emilia one as well but forgot if that was announced before or after. I think they did a great job for her. But thank you for bringing that up. I hope they do an open preorder. They've only confirmed she will be 1/3 scale on fb.
    6. Emilia's dates were announced almost about 2-3 weeks ago. I am assuming there will be more info on 2B (and maybe 9S too) in the September issue of volks news if they're preorder dolls. If they're lottery they'll more likely be in the November issue. After the news of Emilia, the news standards and the new DD full choice system, I dont expect them to make another big DD announcement for a few more months.
      They never reveal whether it's preorder or lottery until they actually show the doll, though.
      Taking a while to show a prototype after the initial announcement is normal, too. It took nearly a year to hear anything else about Kagamine Rin and Len after they were announced but that may be an extreme case.
      #6 Torino, Jul 1, 2017
      Last edited: Jul 1, 2017
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    7. That's very true Torino, I will post here if I see anything. I will just have to live with my cosplays of them for now.
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