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Jul 1, 2005

    1. Sooo is anyone getting a Ninodoll head for the current ordering period? I'm pondering to buy an Um.Pyo head, he's just too adorable :D but there are no price listings on the site atm. Can anyone tell me what their Ninodoll head cost?
    2. Wow, this thread hasn't seen any action in a while! Just thought I'd pop in to share a photo of my Bada, Liang. He's on a Doll Family H NS-Y body. Here he's with his best friend Paul (Crobidoll Zion). :)

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    3. I'm sorry to be dragging up such an old post, but I am kinda desperate! Does anyone have more information about these heads? How much do they cost, when are the ordering periods? There is NO information available anywhere, and I would so like to get a Ninodoll Shampoo head!

    4. Hi Meike, glad there are still people interested in Ninodoll dolls. :) I have an Um.Pyo head and I absolutely adore him! Too bad that people seem to lose interest in them. Here is the official website: Just keep checking the site to see the next ordering period, they are pretty rare though, about once or twice a year. I PMed visavis here on DoA about her next preorder, just to make sure though lol.
      About prices, I don't quite remember but I think an SD head was about $130 without shipping. Keep in mind that this is one person doing everything, from sculpting to casting to selling. I can wholly recommend this company though, the quality is amazing and the transaction was flawless. I hope I can spam my boy soon once I get him his body (I plan to get him a Doll Leaves body).
      Oh and thank you so much solitary agent, for keeping this thread alive, I adore your boy! Bada was a close second choice when ordering my Um.Pyo. :D
    5. Thanks ever so much for the information! I also PMed visavis a little while ago, but I have yet to receive a reply. $130 for a head is very reasonable! I hope I'll manage to get my Shampoo head next time the ordering period comes around. As the last period was in September, I think we'll have to be patient for quite some months... Oh well, gives me time to save up for the body. :) What body do you have your Um.Pyo head on?
    6. Sorry for my late reply. I still don't have a body for my Um.Pyo head tbh. But I'm hoping to order a Luts Senior Delf body next year, I have done a lot of research and I hope the Luts resin is a passable match. What body are you planning on?
      You know, I think the Ninodoll website hasn't been updated for some years now and that "last" preorder in September was 2010 or so. The only chance to catch the next preorder is to watch the website and the DoA news threads. But don't give up hope!
    7. I'll try not to! :)

      I was thinking of getting my girl the Dollstown Elf 2013 body. It suits her somehow. But that's also for next year, haha.
    8. Just popping in here to say that the last preorder was in September of this year, so definitely don't lose hope! She has still been making her dolls, but only on preorder, once or twice a year. So keep an eye on the company news board, she'll post there the next time she has one open (probably! She did it last time: )
      I really want a few of her sculpts as well, so I'm really hoping she'll give us notice if ever she decides to stop producing her beautiful dolls <3
      (Also good choice in body. I lovelovelove Dollstown's aesthetics and want their 13years body for one of my girls :))
    9. Zomboid: when was your head cast? Because I have a Bada head on an SDF body, but the Bada head is from a different batch (newer) than the Um.Pyo, Woo.U and Sukryu heads that I have... He matches my SDF body perfectly, though I can't be certain my SDF body hasn't yellowed at least a smidge.

      Solitary agent: would you happen to have any photos of your Bada nekkie? I'm wondering what the resin match and proportion are like because the SDF body is a bit too buff for my Bada's character (plus another doll shares it with him)

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    10. I didn't, so I took one! Censored just in case ;)


      Almost a perfect match for my boy - only thing is I'm not sure how old the head is, since I bought him secondhand. I like the proportions (for his character, anyway.)
    11. Thanks! Yeah, it's always such a hit or miss thing with resin matching for heads from artist companies that don't produce bodies, especially when it comes to older dolls. It's so nice that you managed to get a good match!
    12. Is anyone going to get a head in the current preorder period? :D I might.... but I shouldn't since I don't have a job this semester >>; I'll most likely wait for the next one.
    13. I think I want the Juri head.
    14. Wooooo, preordering is open!! What a wonderful way to start the new year! *happy dance* Yes, I am going to get my Shampoo head! :D
    15. I didn't think they'd open preorders again until May giving me time to save for a head, so spent up my doll fund the day before this preorder opened... My partner was a sweetie and said I could use the money from our holiday savings and pay itback between now and May as if it were the money going into my doll fund. WHOOP!

      But couldn't decide whether to get Bada or Juri - and was told the price was low enough I could order both so that I could decide once I see them in person (Surely my partner realizes this is more likely to mean a second Ninodoll will be joining the family, needed than one Ninodoll and selling on the surplus head...?!? )

      Anyhow, I sent the order e-mail but don't have any idea if it's been received - has anyone had a reply to their order email yet?

    16. Bada! I have one and I looove his little smiley face

      Juri is really cute too though, I feel like they could be siblings
    17. I ordered one Bada <3 I sooo wanna make it into a beautiful smiling girl. <3 It's a pity there is so little amount of them, but I'm sure Bada will be cute. :3
    18. Yay, how sweeeeeet! :D

      If you haven't received a reply, chances are she didn't receive your order. It happened with mine - she knew I'd sent it because we PM'd a few times, and she contacted me here asking me if I'd received a reply from her, and if I hadn't, could I please resend my order. I did, using my second email address, and I just received her Paypal invoice, so all has been taken care of now. She's visavis here on DoA.
    19. Thanks!

      Luckily, I got converned amd PMed via DoA to ask. Sienna hadn't rceived my order so I sent off a copy via email AND PMed her a copy, just to be on the safe side.

    20. Oh, good to know, since I haven't yet received a reply. :o Thanks, I'll send a pm to her.