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Jul 1, 2005

    1. I ordered DD and Moha. I hope that it will not take too long to wait )

      How much time to wait for the finished order on average?
    2. I don't recall how long I waited for my Juri and Bada, hopefully someone else will on this thread will be able to let you know.

    3. My boys are already coming to me! Yesterday sent)
      For the report: made an order on December 7 sent on January 14. It is really very fast ... At another company where I ordered only the head, I waited for more than 6 months.
    4. Excellent!

    5. I also got a shipping notice for my Smile DD. I am really excited for him to come home
    6. Yay!


      My order is also in the city! Hope to get it today or tomorrow.
      I am so looking forward to * ______ *
      A few months went to the author in anticipation of pre-order. Her last made head is a prototype of a living person who I really like)) Therefore, I could not get past him.

      PS: I just got a call from a courier! Already coming to me!
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    8. I got them! Oh ~~
    9. My Smile DD head is here

    10. Yay!

      Still so temped by the Smile head - I love smiley sculpts and ones that include teeth are even more my kund of sculpt.

    11. The smile head is nice! Are the teeth a separate piece?
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    12. Thank you! It's easier to paint the mouth if they are separate but I guess it would be the makeup artist's problem!
    13. Is anybody considering buying during this pre-order? I am looking at Yuya as a possibility. I had originally decided to get Supiadoll Zion, but I think he will have to wait a little.
    14. I'm tempted by the Smile head but I already have a Shampoo I haven't got a body for, and I really have no need for a larger SD sized boy. I don't know if the Smile head would fit well on a girl body (although I've no doubt it could be painted as a girl)

    15. I have seen hybrids of different heads on girl bodies, so I think it could be done. The only thing is that the Smile head is listeds as SD17, so you'd need quite a big girl body for that.
      I am sort of hesitant about planning for two SD size boys, tbh. I own vinyls in that size and they're obviously a lot lighter to carry around, but the size is still a little struggle when it comes to carriers/bags.
    16. The DollsTown 13 girl body is bigger/chunkier than the average SD girl body (I have the Juri head on one) but I wouldn't want to go any bigger than that.

      On the whole I think I'd better skip it this time around since I don't want yet anohter floating Ninodoll head added to the collection. I really must sort something about the Shampoo head first.

      The problem is that I like smiley sculpts so much that Ninodoll heads are hard to resist.

      It doesn't bother me, and I spent part of my Christmas break making a padded bag witha quilted lining that I can carry up to four SD size dolls in (plus some smaller ones) for meets. If i want to take more I use a wheelie suitcase instead.

    17. I used to own a Ninodoll head...I think it was an Umpyo?...many years ago and I had it on a Domuya body (remember those!?), but I think that sculpt didn't really speak to me. I am fairly certain I want an SD size boy, but I am still unclear if he should be alone of have a friend/brother. Maybe that's why I can decide if I should jump on this pre-order or not.

      Towing a suitcase around isn't really an option for me. I don't go to a lot of doll meets anymore, for one. And I generally only like bringing one doll for photographs, when I am out and about. I do have a backpack that fits two SD size vinyl dolls, so one resin should probably work for that.
    18. Sounds like it - Probably best to hold off until you're sure what you're aiming for. There will be more pre-order periods after all.

      Sounds like it would work.

      We're direct opposites - I've been known to haul up to thirty BJD to a doll meet and three or four to conventions and other non-doll events.

    19. Wow, amazing! I love seeing everyone's collections when I do go to meets, but I think at the most I've brought 3 dolls and then it would usually be one big and two smaller. :abow: