Noble Dolls Asella Tiny Radicelle Rhubarbe Discussion Part 1

Feb 1, 2013

    1. I wasn't quite sure yesterday, but I think I've actually decided now. I must have the lavender grey Radicelle. I still have to make some extra money and save up a bit so it doesn't hurt my wallet too much, so I'm going to need some inspiration.

      Does anyone have a slim msd and/or a yosd size that they can photograph with either Radicelle or Rhubarb? I'd love to see how the sizes compare. Thank you!
    2. Lavender-grey Radicelle looks so beautiful! I'll be ordering mine next week. I'm still not a fan of ordering from jpopdolls (only because of customs here in Finland, my dislike has nothing to do with Grael, she's great, or jpopdolls itself!) but I have to get one of these cuties for myself! I'm feeling a bit quilty already though 'cos I shouldn't be ordering any dolls now but I just can't resist. She will be the perfect color to be my Rhubarbes friend/sister/what ever. Aah can't wait! Radicelle is so cute with her little pout.
    3. So many adorable photos! Here is my Rhubarbe, Juny Camille. I adore her.


      And I like the new lavender grey Radicelle a lot, too. It´s almost same colour as the one I previously owned, just a bit more light maybe.
    4. Oh! Well, maybe it was because I had asked for a short one?

      Either way, I am definitely getting her! I prefer paying up front, anyway. How many other people have ordered her, yet? I kind of wonder if there's a waiting room? Maybe I should start one. I will SOMEHOW order her. I just love her! I'm going to buy her to replace my sweet Soom Afi girl I had last year, who I had to sell for rent when I lost my job. I just keep thinking Radicelle would be a great updated version for her character! And even if not, she is purple-ish and it is hard finding purple dolls.

      Speaking of purple dolls! I have more news! I recently messages Asella on Etsy (she is SO nice!) and I asked her if they were going to make either a bigger version of Radicelle or a more purple version, because she's lavender-grey. I was told that she had never considered making a big Radicelle before, but it wasn't out of the cards. I would LOVE a big Radicelle!

      More than that? I know that the next preorder now will be a lavender-grey Raspberry! So now, I have to save and buy her, too, in case I want to make my character more to-scale with her parent (my Soom Migma boy, who is 65cm). So, I'll share this discovery with you, too, in case it helps you decide! It sure helped me! Since an even more violet tone wasn't guaranteed, I decided that I need to act now! :)
    5. I'm glad you'll be able to get one, after all! :)

      I am just going to order the blank girl, no face-up or anything. Like I stated, I'd buy her to replace my Soom Afi, who I really loved but had to sell last year because I became unemployed and needed the money for rent. Her name is Hortense, and she is a young Victorian girl, so I guess Lolita is closest to her style that she has?

      Her character has changed a bit since I sold her last incarnation. She used to be the daughter of an incubus banker character I had -- though I always felt that was wrong, but never had time to develop her properly before I sold her - but now, I actually have it so she's the thumb sized daughter of my purple devil jewel thief, who is a male Soom Migma. Her personality and all that is the same, but now she's purple, too, and I plan to blush her with browns and pinks. She needs to have wild black hair!

      (This is what she used to look like. She's not a deer, anymore, though, and now as a Radicelle she'll be more mature.):

    6. Hi, just popping in to answer a few questions. That is the default face up by the factory on Radicelle. They do a great job of copying what Asella that is it. The purple grey is a matte resin, and it is really a purple grey.
      Oh ship options, the site is linked to USPS site, so that you get actual cost...and since flat rate envelope is up to 4 pounds, it comes up as an option. But no, she could not be shipped in an envelope meant for documents, XD!
      If you need payment options, just email Jenny at the staff email...
      Rhurbarb is coming, but we do not have samples yet..
    7. Thank you for the clarification. I really like the default face up. She is so sweet.

      Are you going to produce Reglisse?
    8. Rhubarb is a ways off, at least late summer or early Fall.....Reglisse has not been discussed, but...we never know what the artist will decide..
    9. Is it August yet?

      Does anyone have any favorite Etsy sellers who sew for Radicelle/ Rhubarbe? I'm already on the search for Blythe tops for my Doll Chateau Hilary, so maybe I'll find some things they can share. I'm so glad the lavender gray girl came with the small bust, since that's what I would have picked if given the option.

      I think I already read this in here somewhere, but do Littlefee size pants generally fit?
    10. I'm not sure about the littlefee size pants, she does seem to have a lot more "curves" than most YoSD! (I know that's why I have trouble finding fitting YoSD sized pants on my Rhubarbes.)
      So if anyone has good Etsy shops to share, I'm interested as well!
    11. I already have a couple pair of Littlefee size leggings from Monstrodesigns that I can actually stretch over DC Hilary's wide hips, so I'm guessing they might fit Radicelle.

      So I'm going to end up with my three "YoSD" size dolls who are not normal proportions. I have Hilary (skinny on top, wide on the bottom) and DZ Moon Dragon (normalish on top and dragon sized on the bottom) and eventually Radicelle (curves all over!). :)
    12. If you have stretchy clothing it should be good ! But otherwise her bottom might not get though XD
      Geez I can't wait to get mine @[email protected]
    13. Sept: Shorts would be great, for sure! What kind of style will your girl have? (My dolls are often naked, too!)

      grael: Oh my goodness, thank you! I didn't know Radicelle can fit Blythe clothes! Would she be able to fit Pullip clothes, as well? Do you think?

      Is your girl also in the lavender grey tone? She's beautiful and I love her dress! That's close to what I'm looking for! I am going to Ho window shopping for Hortense right now! 8) Thanks for the tip!
    14. Hi, yes she should...if hand opening are too small, you can always unhook her hands, and hook back one...there is so much on Etsy, and that size...Pants though, I am not sure...I will have to buy some and see, but Tshirts, dresses, sweaters, all sorts of things... Radicelle has a tiny waist and fits so many things.. that are not expensive!! Even some Barbie tops or old style Barbie sister Skipper. The old stuff from the 60's -70's was really well made, real buttons, snaps, etc...
    15. I love the old Barbie clothes! Barbie things back in the day were VERY well made! I remember as a kid trying to help my cousin dress dolls that had been passed to her from her mom, and her mom before that. The clothes were sometimes very difficult because they had real snaps! And I had such chubby, clumsy toddler fingers!

      I'm so excited, now! I was having just a heck of a time finding her appropriate clothes, but now I'll have an easy time! Thanks so much again! I really appreciate it! 8)
    16. Another note on old Barbie clothing. Some of the "Mod" clothing for Casey can fit too... I have a yellow Casey dress with puffed sleeves and it looks great on her...will try and get some photos taken...
      With my dolls, rarely do they have a style...I think I buy clothing I love, then figure out who will wear it instead. I am a fashion and fabric hound XD.
      Radicelle is so cute and she can be older or very young, so I just get the clothes then see.
    17. Does anyone know if 12mm eyes would fit in Radicelle? I was looking at Souldoll eyes and they only go down to 12mm. ):
    18. Sept: Whelp, we only have a few months to go! May is halfway over, already! Three months! I wonder how many people joined in the preorder? Perhaps if its a small amount our girls will be here even sooner! :)

      grael: Oh my goodness, a yellow dress? I would love love love to see her in yellow! I want a yellow Victorianesque dress for my girl, but everything I find is pink or multicolor. I think yellow is Hortense's favourite colour. So I would just love to see that gorgeous skintone in yellow when you do get the chance!

      I love so many clothes, but I'm at fault for making dolls from distinct time periods, so my crew rarely wears clothes I like from a more modern period. Hortense probably won't be any different, but I am a sucker for any quality fabrics and complex outfits! :D

      howtobreakaheart: I'm not sure, but I bet grael will know! I'd also like to know if 8-10mm would fit!