Noble Dolls Asella Tiny Radicelle Rhubarbe Discussion Part 1

Feb 1, 2013

    1. I just flipped back through the thread and I counted about ten people who said they ordered or were going to order lavender gray Radicelle. I'm sure there are others who aren't in this thread.
    2. grael, do you know if Asella has ever considered making high heel feet for these girls? I've tried a couple of Tonner shoes as well as Gene shoes and they fit rather well but my Rhubarbe has a little trouble standing on her own.
    3. High heels feet existed (on of my Rhubarbes has a pair of high heels feet)! I hope one day they'll be available on Jpop ^^ (as well as choosing between normal and large bust!)
      On the company thread of Noble Dolls on the French forum (MC), it is written that Rhubarbes have 10-12mm eyes, so I guess it's the same for Radicelles?
    4. Oh, this would be awesome! Imagine a large-busted Reglisse with the ability to wear high heels. She would be deadly)))
    5. Hi, all. Asella is sending the high heel feet to be made!!
      There were a lot more who ordered but they are not on this thread,,,many Russian and French too.
      The factory is a bit delayed in orders but, they bought another place and so maybe we will get sooner. They will then have 2 factories by July!
    6. Is there a "what fits..." Thread for this girl! I ordered the Love Lavender Grey Radicelle and would love to know what to get her!

      I see that blythe dresses fit, but I'd also like to get her shoes, stockings, and have a better grasp on what specific wig fits best!

    7. I like your dolls:)...Can you tell me where I can buy a Nobledoll?I search via google,but I did´nt found anything.
    8. Devilldoll666 I also wanna know about what shoes fits the Rhubarbe/Radicelle's body the best ! The wig size is 6-7"

      blacksaphir90 You'll have to wait for Jpopdolls to propose another preorder on their website ^^
    9. Sept Okay thank you for the qiuck answer,then I will look on the side and wait for the new preorder:-)
    10. For Rhubarbe and Radicelle, if you like high heel shoes 16" Ellowyne Wilde shoes fit them ^^.
    11. Here, let me spam a little:


      I can't wait to get my Radicelle \o/
    12. Sept, your girl is so amazing! I love her sultry look.
    13. Nimrod ​> Thanks a lot ! I wanted her to look more "succub-ish" than my elf Rhubarbe who looks quite innocent and sweet :)
    14. Has anyone heard any updates from Jpop? Waiting for my Radicelle is getting tough!
      Also does anyone know of any sewing patterns around for Radicelle?
    15. The Radicelles are supposed to be shipped out in August.. you'll have to be patient ! (and hope there'll be no delays.....)
    16. Baahhhh!!! That’s what i thought. The waiting is soooo hard!

      Thank you for the quick reply Sept!
    17. Are you still waiting for the white Radicelle? Jpop's site still says June delivery for her, and August for lavender gray. June is running out pretty quickly though.
    18. White Radicelle actually. I hadn't seen any updates on the Jpop site so I was guessing they were running a bit behind. =<
    19. Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to ask which one !
      I guess you'll still have to wait a while, I'm currently still waiting for my Raspberry Elf whose preorder period was before the one of the white Radicelle...
    20. Did anyone here get their white Radicelle yet? I have been stalking Jpop's status page waiting for my lavender grey girl and I need a spam fix of any of the little Asella girls! Blank is fine!

      I've been shopping for Blythe dresses so my girl will have something to wear when she arrives, but I'm afraid my DC Hilary will take them all! I guess she can only wear one at a time.