Noble Dolls Asella Tiny Radicelle Rhubarbe Discussion Part 1

Feb 1, 2013

    1. She is beautiful

      The eyes are made by me : )
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    2. Hasn't anybody got any (new ones) of these gorgeous dolls?
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    3. Oh my gosh is she carved?
    4. Yes indeed ! I need to take pics of her beautiful carved back ^^
    5. @Sept omigosh I remember seeing her on tumblr I think! (Or instagram?) She's so lovely and I admire the bravery. I don't think I'd be courageous enough to carve a doll like that.
    6. She is gorgeous
    7. wow, she is gorgeous!

      i'm thinking of getting an atelier momoni nena or momolita as a companion for my rhubarbe. the measurements look similar. has anyone seen them to know if they would look good together?
    8. Does anyone have measurements for Reglisse/Rhubarbe's waist and chest? I've ordered a girl and I'm wanting to make some simple dresses :)
    9. Hello, I haven’t Asella doll, but I love looking rhubarbe and Radicelle!
      You have a chance, my dream is a elf glow in the dark, but it's not possible in new and difficult to have in second hand....
      Now, I admire your doll
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    10. There's a "what fits" thread that has measurements of the bust (:
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    11. I found it! Thanks !
    12. No new dolls?
    13. By what I understand Asella isn't making dolls anymore.
    14. Hello ! I present you my Nobledolls rythm Artist cast
      Make up by Ehowinn

    15. pretty girl. nice to see some more life on this thread
    16. Eulalie is the doll I had for the longest. I decided to try on new eyes :3

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    17. I like those eyes for her!
    18. they look great on her. are they purple? that's what they look like on my monitor anyway (my favorite color so i'm always excited to see good purple eyes)
    19. Actually there are black and golden xD