Noble Dolls Asella Tiny Radicelle Rhubarbe Discussion Part 1

Feb 1, 2013

    1. Hi all!

      Does pullip/blythe clothes really fit small bust girls? O.O

      Let me introduce my precious girl :3
      I just face upped her since face up made by Asella started to wear off.
      She's special one of a kind custom order and made by Asella herself. I love her sooo much <3
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    2. I'm not able to try it out yet, but apparently the small bust girls can wear Blythe dresses. I'm not sure if she can share pants with anyone other than possibly some 1/6 action figure types, but I'm definitely going to try a few things.

      Meepu - your girl is beautiful!
    3. Meepu, love your girl! Awesome faceup.

      Tops definitely fit and I've bought a couple of dresses with wide skirts the fit very well. Separate skirts can work too but might look somewhat strange due to the difference between tiny waist and hips. I guess it depends on the type of skirt. Shorts don't fit at all.
    4. Meepu your girl is lovely ! Do you have other pics ?
    5. Thank you all! Plum is loving all the attention! <3

      I love radicelle so much!

      Sept: Ofcourse i have : D There you go!

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    6. She looks so dreamy ! I love the Radicelle mold and I love shades like plum/violet/lavender...
      Great combination if you ask me, especially the freckles :aheartbea
    7. Meepu: SO PRETTY! I love her face even more from the straight on view. What size eyes does Plum have?

      I want my Radicelle NOW!

      Nope, no change to the preorder status page at JPop.:horror:
    8. Sept: Thank you so much! She's my first "fantasy themed" doll and face upping her were so much fun!

      Iwasteela: Hehe Thank you <3 I think Plums eyes are 10 mm since she stole them from my pukifee. I just ordered 10 mm glass eyes for Plum and hopefully they're a match on :D Aww i can feel your pain! Waiting is propably the worst part in this hobby!

      Plum got her first own clothes yesterday. I comissioned my partner to do them and she did a great job!

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    9. Shorts always look so good on them :D

      I can't wait for mine either !
    10. Sept: Those are bloomers but long top is hiding them x) Aww I hope you'll get your radicelle soon because i'm already waiting pictures of her!

      I'd like to request some spam from everyone pretty pleeaaase? :3 I want to see more of these beauties! :3
    11. Bloomers, shorts... same length XD
      Mine won't get her face up right away though, but I'll probably take a few blank pics anyway !

      When she'll be away for her face up I'll probably spam this thread with my soon-to-be-modded dreaming Rhubarbe ^^
    12. My girl will be coming with a face, and those adorable eyebrows!

      I have several dolls waiting for faceups that I want to do myself, but the weather, my energy level, and my enthusiasm have not managed to line up enough to get even one of them started! If I like the company faceup, it is worth it for me to pay and have it done.
    13. I can't wait to see everyone and their girls!

      Meepu, what skintone is yours?
    14. Sept: Don't you have any girls to spam here immediately? :'DD Haha. I'm so anxious to see your girls!

      iwasteela: I know what you're talking, since i also am too lazy to do faceups for my other dolls.. It's been all rainy. I hope you'll like the company faceup!

      Splynterhayde: My girls skintone is one of a kind special tone made by Asella. I'm not the first owner of this gorgeous girl.
      My friend bought this radicelle straight from Asella and comissioned skin to be like lavender. Asella made this skintone just for this girl. She's already got some mellowing and isn't as bright as she used to be : )
    15. Meepu > Sadly I don't have any new pics to offer.. Here's an old one \o/


      iwasteela > I liked very much the company faceup for the Lavender Radicelle, but I just figured I could the exact one I want from Asella herself x) (I'm in love with the way she paints those pouty lips !)
    16. Sept- well, yeah, when you're in the same country that sounds like an awesome idea! I am willing to settle for the Asella-like faceup from the factory, so she can stay on this continent once she gets here. I hope it looks as good as the photos!

      Part of the reason I want to do some of my own faceups is so I don't have to worry about heads getting lost in the mail.

      Today is my birthday! So I guess Radicelle will be a late birthday present from myself.
    17. I don't remember if I have ever posted this photo here, so I'll do it anyway:lol:

      Here's my Ruby (pink Rhubarbe)


      Sept, does Asella take commissions for faceups?
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    18. Nimrod > She usually does when she doesn't have too much work on her hands (right now, she's not taking any untill after the Ldoll, I plan on giving her my Radicelle's head at the convention ^^). You should pm her about it ?

      iwasteela > Same here, I'm always afraid of my head getting lost or damaged. Fortunately there's a french artist whose work I like very much (Yukito) that lives in my neighborhood ! Otherwise I try to give it "in hand" to artists at conventions and such. Much less frightening, but you have to be patient and plan it right XD
      Happy Birthday ! (Late I guess, it was the 8th ?)
    19. Here, let me spam you !


      (sorry about the double post, but the messages are more than 24h appart so I guess that's ok ?)
    20. Hooray! Lovely spam!

      I actually ordered some 10mm eyes today that I might use for my Radicelle if the ones she comes with aren't perfect for her. I better get her some bloomers as well, so she doesn't have to run around with no pants when she finally arrives! I already found some Blythe dresses to try. :)