Noble Dolls Asella Tiny Radicelle Rhubarbe Discussion Part 1

Feb 1, 2013

    1. Haha the dress on the pic was supposed to be for my Radicelle.. I guess the Rhubarbe has now snatched it, and I'll have to find something else x)
    2. Hello !

      Can I do some Rhubarbe spam ?

      Here's my Ysaline ^^

    3. Spam, spam everywhere !

      Did anyone get their winter Radicelle already ? I want to see !

      Lylyesp > where did you get her dress ? Is this your "glow in the dark make up" rhubarbe ?
    4. Someone must have gotten the white Radicelle by now. Jpop has had them marked "shipped" for a while. I should know, since I'm stalking their preorder status page like a hungry tiger for any news on my lavender girl. :sweat

      I ordered two pairs of bloomers for her today, so she will have clothes, eyes, and I have a few spare wigs in different sizes to try out. I'll be able to at least give her some hair until I figure out exactly what she's supposed to look like. Now I just need the doll!
    5. Jpop now has Raspberry listed in light tan - I wonder if they'll do Radicelle next?
    6. Yes it's her ^^.
      Here is a picture of her taken under UV light ( with another wig ):


      The white and brown stripped dress was made by myself.
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    7. I just bought a blank Radicelle from Jpopdolls! I'm so excited for her to get here!
    8. I'm so excited for my Radicelle girl to be shipped out. I keep checking jpopdoll's preorder page multiple times a day and it's killing me. Most of the wait was fine but now it's so close and it's so hard to wait. ):
    9. Agh! I was able to stay away from the preorder status page for a little while. They have updated the delivery to September. At least it didn't go out to October or November. My girl has some clothes and eyes waiting for her, and I'll have at least one wig that fits her in my stash. I can't wait!

      Edit: I just bought a Leeke wig off the marketplace for my lavender girl. It is serious now!
    10. Gah I can't wait either... XD
    11. Does anyone have shoe recommendations, or good foot measurements? That's the only thing I have left to pick out! I usually lean towards sneakers and boots, but Radicelle might demand something more ladylike.

      This is horrible! I'm getting really impatient! I'm sure this wait contributed to my new Figma addiction. *_*
    12. Hello,

      I saw on Jpopdolls the measurements for Radicelle's feet are :
      ( 48mm long/24mm wide .)

      I hope it could help^^
      and I agree for the waiting ,it's so looong ...I want my little Radicelle too ( hoping she will come before my birthday :abambi: )

    13. Duh! I should have checked there.

      Thank you lilaseven!

      That measurement seems larger than I expected. Does that fit in any of the normal yosd sizes? All I have now is slim msd girls with small feet and some tinies that wear chunky Blythe sneakers.
    14. Iwasteela ​Noble dolls Rhubarbe and Radicelle can wear 16" Ellowyne Wilde shoes ^^.
    15. I can't wait for my Radicelle, and I can't wait to get back my dreaming Rhubarbe now that she's turned into a pretty demon..
      *Roll around on the floor in anticipation*
    16. Hooray! It's always easier to shop when you have a name of a more common doll, since it's usually impossible to search by measurements.

      I'm going to assume that means the high heeled shoes for Ellownyne. It looks like the shoes for flat footed Ellowyne are smaller than the Jpop measurements. I already know which eBay store to check. Paul_zhangby has already supplied some awesome boots for my other girls.
    17. No news of the lavender Radicelles ? Anybody ? ;A;
    18. I checked the preorder status page again earlier today, and there's still nothing. Plenty of other preorders still in production as well. Aagh!