Noble Dolls Asella Tiny Radicelle Rhubarbe Discussion Part 1

Feb 1, 2013

    1. Sniff.. I was hoping to get her before next month's convention :'C

      (there's still a little hope!)
    2. Me too! I was planning to commission face-up for my Radicelle in LDoll but if she doesn't get here in time I will have to send her face away :(. And I don't want to I wanna play with it. Oh well there is still some slight hope. If jpop would magically get them and ship them within a week I could still get mine before I leave. OK so if I'm realistic it's not gonna happen.
    3. I just wanted to nudge this thread in reply to some info from the Raspberry thread. Sept, so sorry that you might not get your girl in time! I guess they wait to send them all together instead of sending the blank girls first. At least that's progress though!

      I have everything I need now to finish my girl when she gets here. Well the shoes aren't here yet but at least they have shipped. I'm hoping everything fits and looks right on her, and I can't wait to try! Hurry up!
    4. My winter Radicelle came today! :) She was in pink satin bag but without a box. Were everyone else's dolls without a doll box?
      Still happy with her though!

    5. Oh! BunnieB, she is lovely!
    6. BunnieB> Great girl!!

      I hope she will one day sale in Normal skin :fangirl:
    7. Thanks iwasteela and Couturistique! :) I wanted her in normal skin too but now pleased bought in white, such a lovely resin.
    8. BunnieB, she is so pretty!

      Jpop doesn't have doll boxes only those satin bags.
    9. That is actually awesome. I love having a bag to carry and cushion each doll when I go to meetups. I can put all the body bags in a basket or a tote bag and everyone is safe and sound. After I got a few dolls from Doll Chateau, I decided I was going to make bags for my other dolls who came with just pillows. Also, bonus! I won't have to find space to store another box!

      I'll go back to dying from the wait now.
    10. Thank you Nimrod! The bag is lovely, i just put her in the bag and into another doll's spacey box. Saves room indeed! :) iwasteela, I hope your girl comes soon!
    11. I can't wait to show you my modded Rhubarbe ! I'm getting her back at the ldoll next week :D

      I pm'd both Grael and via the site, no answer yet.. I was hoping to get my Radicelle at the Ldoll if they ever had room for her XD
    12. BunnieB,
      your Radicelle is beautiful in white skin , I'm enjoying to see her with a face up !
      Still no news from Jpop ? :atremblin......
    13. Sept, sorry I did not get your mail...The girls are enroute to us if we get them before my daughter has to get on the plane, I will send with her. We shipped all of the goods for Ldoll weeks ago..
      But again, if they get here before Layla has to get on the plane, she will take yours with her.
    14. Oh and btw, here is my personal mail [email protected] if you need anything, let me know.
    15. That's ultra nice thank you ! But don't worry if it's too much of a bother or anything. I'll mail you so that you'll have my personnal mail as well ^^
    16. Are you talking about the lavender gray Radicelles that were on the jpopdolls May pre order? I'm also going to the LDoll so I'm wondering if it would be possible for me to also get my girl there? :3
    17. Yeah I will be in LDoll too but I think it would take too much space if all of us asked to have our dolls delivered there :D. Even though that would be awesome. And what about customs? I have no idea how it works when someone travels from US?
    18. Yay :celebrate ! Thanks for the good news Grael !
    19. Beware !
      The awesomest Rhubarbe that ever existed !

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    20. Oh my! Sept, she is awesome! More photos please!

      It looks like Grael's post was lost when the forum was reset- but the government shutdown seems to have delayed the lavender gray girls in customs because of reduced staffing or some nonsense. Argh. Now that my doll is involved, I'm annoyed with this shutdown business.