Noble Dolls Asella Tiny Radicelle Rhubarbe Discussion Part 1

Feb 1, 2013

    1. iwasteela > You should check my flickr ! But the weather's so bad here, the pics aren't that good sadly :C

      Geez I want my Radicelle so bad XD
    2. Hi everyone just a quick note to let you know that the grey lavender Radicelles just came in at jpop! They will be going out this week. :)
    3. How is it possible that I haven't been following you on Flickr already!

      Hooray! I finally got her shoes on Friday, so I'll have a whole outfit for her when she gets here - if everything fits... :-D
    4. Yay! I'm super excited now! Thanks for letting us know!:aheartbea
    5. I got a message from Jpopdolls saying my order was completed! That means she should be shipping soon? I'm uncertain as to what the next step is, but I know the lavender-grey Radicelles are now shipping, because I've met someone on tumblr who got her shipping notice just a few minutes ago!

      The Radicelles are coming! Huzzah! :)
    6. I received my shipping notice too! As a wonderfull birthday gift :B
    7. Happy birthday Sept! I also received mine but I don't know if they sent it to my old address or new one :D. I guess I will find out next week when I get a slip from customs office.
    8. Happy birthday sept ^^
      I received nothing for the moment :atremblin...but my order looks like "processed" ...( so I hope it will be soon ^^)
      do you received your shipping notice on jpop, paypal account or by mail ?
    9. I received my shipping notice from paypal !

      Thanks all, I already bought my birthday presents at the Ldoll fest last weekend \o/

      Does anyone know if Noble Dolls' new mold "Rossignol" is on topic here ? I can't access the off-topic list right now, it doesn't work ;A;
    10. Happy B-day again Sept ^^!
      I received my shipping notice by email from Jpopdolls. Can't wait to get her home <3!
    11. I still haven't gotten an email either. :( My order is listed as "processed" on the website, but I don't know what it said before.

      Congrats to everyone who has already gotten shipping notices, and happy birthday Sept!

      Edit: I just got the emails from jpop and PayPal!!!
      Tracking number stalk mode <engage>!
    12. I ordered my own Winter Radicelle from Jpopdolls today!! Oh dear I'm so excited! ^^ I've been in love with Radicelle for long time, but never had good chance to get her, and now i just had to >.<. After messing up with paypal *hooray* i finally got her paid too. I hope they'll ship her quickly. How quickly they usually ship their In Stock Products? >.<
    13. Happy Birthday, Sept!

      Your Rhubarbe is awesome!
    14. I got my own tracking number this morning! I have to say I am beyond the moon with how happy I am!

      As for the off-topic sculpt, I would post in the 'Ask the Moderators' forum to double check. It'll take a day or so for them to get back to you, but then you'll know for certain (and so will we!). I am excited for pictures!
    15. Thanks you all for the birthday wishes !

      Nimrod > Thnaks for her, I'll try to take other pics as soon as the sun shows its face x)

      Splynterhayde > I don't know if I'm the one who should do that since I'm not the creator/maker of the doll D:
    16. Yessss IgotitIgotitIgotit I got it :dance !!! my own tracking number :aheartbea !

      Congrats for your order Jessykka !
    17. Thankies for everyone!

      How big wig Radicelle/Rhubarbe/Reglisse use? Does 6-7'' fit well?
    18. Yes, size 6-7" fits them well :)
    19. Good, because jpopdolls says 5-6 fits, and i'm planning to get leekeworlds 6-7 wig to her >A<. Just want to make sure that it fits!
    20. I have been having the hardest time finding a dark brown mohair wig for my girl. Even a black one! Does anyone have any ideas? (I lost my tracking number today, too, and I deleted the message it came in by accident yesterday! Oops! At least I'll be surprised when she arrives!)