Not being able to find the sculpts you like in the size you want?

Dec 2, 2019

    1. I'm in the exact opposite position from you. I am desperately looking for a female sculpt in 1/3 that I like and want to own, I've actually spent over a year on this by now which is terribly frustrating. Every head I've found that I even considered were all 1/4, which I don't want to buy as I want all my dolls to make sense together.
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    2. I a lot of my characters need sculpts with softer, friendly faces but still clearly male & clearly adult. I see a lot of feminine or youthful faces, or else the superhero manly types but those are not the kind I’m looking for quite often. Not all guys turn 35 and morph into the Rock. (Actually, this goes for bodies too. They’re either skinny childlike or ripped with nothing else. A few of my characters are just short, averagely built dudes. But almost all the 62/3cm boybodies are either childlike, very feminine, or super, super thin.)
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