Notdoll tanning Lucy!!!

Jun 24, 2006

    1. the tan girl has sold out on both sites again :daisy
    2. Congratulations Tinybear :'D !

      Do you know what shipping is like from Notdoll? I'm so thinking about picking up the little angel Lucy from them.
    3. I have the invoice right here
      I think it was $41.00 , the total is $301.50

      thats with shipping to the UK :aheartbea
      I have been knitting this evening , a lovely little number in pink/green mohair
      I think Im going to dye some pale pink mohair for the wigs

      forgot to ask Notdoll if they come with the odd eyes
      I kinda like thst :D
    4. Notdoll Rock , ! they said she didnt come with odd eyes , but said I could have them if I wanted ,so I chose violet and blue :aheartbea
      I thought that would look striking with her tan skin

      I think I might make her a pale blue wig...:)