Nympheas dolls : Tea Spoon

Jun 24, 2019

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      Hello !
      Do you know the story of Thumbelina? I was inspired to create tea spoon, she’s a semi-articulated mini doll 7,5 cm,
      her eyes are painted which allows to play with their shape and let go your inspiration!
      Tea spoon live in a walnut shell that we can hang like a pendant to carry it, obviously it does not allow us to do our jogging with :)
      The pre-order will start on the 1st of July and will remain open all summer, you will have the choice between the tone Real tan or Fair and between 2 different makeups, the nut is optional but unfortunately I can not propose painting for this one which is too complex to paint for factory artists face-up. Payments will be available up to 6 times, postage is included and I can make a gesture for those who order several dolls!

      If you like her, do not hesitate to share her pictures, thank you <3

      K6 / nympheasdolls.com


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    2. Are the eyes painted on or changeable?
    3. They are painted !
    4. Are these still on topic then?
    5. I don't know ... ?
    6. These dolls are off topic for DoA, as they do not have changeable eyes, and appear to only have a head and shoulder joint.