Obitsu General Discussion - Part Three (60cm, 55cm, 50cm and 47cm)

Oct 14, 2016

    1. It's really convenient when your dolls have holiday birthdays! I got my very first BJD the day before Thanksgiving and strangely enough another year I also got a doll right before Thanksgiving. It's a very doll hungry time of year for me. :XD:

      Who did you order @NarwhalGirl ?

      Edit: Derp, it's on this page! I love the 48cm body. I hope you do too! They're very cute. :D
    2. @AlisonVonderland I know the feeling! For some reason autumn is a doll-hungry time of year for me too. I'm glad to hear that the 48 cm dolls are cute! That's what I was hoping for when I ordered her! <3

      I've spent the past 3 hours sewing clothes for her. I made her an over-sized hoodie and a skirt! I'll probably make her some leggings to go underneath the skirt too! :whee: (I'm going to wait to post pics of her outfit until she can actually wear it!)
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    3. I can't wait to see! I need to do some more sewing for my girl Aimee but I keep putting it off. :sweat Especially with fall here, she needs something to keep warm too.
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    4. @AlisonVonderland Speaking of Aimee, I just took a look at her doll profile! She's so dang cute! She looks like she has a lot of personality already even though I know she hasn't told you much about herself yet. I love her outfit and glasses, they suit her so well! :D
    5. Thank you @NarwhalGirl :whee: I need to work on her a lot more but I'm crazy about her. She's a great first vinyl doll for me.
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    6. Question - would a size 9 wig fit on a Misuzu head? The head is listed at a size 8, but I don't know if it's closer to 7/8 or 8/9. If the wig's too large, what could I do to help it fit more easily?
    7. You'll likely find the wig is somewhat loose. Exactly how loose depends on the specific wig as some will be tighter or looser despite having the same nominated size. Things such as ponytails or other hairstyles etc can make a wig tighter or looser than others.

      If you find your wig is a bit too loose you can put a wig cap underneath it. I believe Parabox sell wig caps but you may also be able to find some elsewhere that fit. However be aware that wigs that are too oversized can make a doll look egg-headed and alien.
    8. Thank you for answering my question! I found your info to be very helpful. :3nodding:
    9. My girl finally arrived today! Her name is Ingrid and she is a very shy, soft-spoken, and anxiety-ridden daughter of a Frost Giant.

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    10. Frost giants get a bum rap. Lovely color palette Ingrid.
    11. Thanks @K-2! Ingrid is flattered.
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    12. Hi guys, does anyone happen to know of a place where I can buy wrist joints for the 40-50cm Obitsu bodies? It seems that Parabox does not have a listing for them and my search of Ebay, Amazon and Junkyspot has turned up nothing of use. Hoping I can find a place that doesn't require a deputy as I've never used one before and am not confident in doing so, but if I have to I will.
    13. They are probably temporarily out of stock (or the listing was accidentally omitted in their latest site re-do). I'd send them an email and ask about them, when they'll be back in stock and such. There are other places that list Obitsu skeleton parts but they usually don't stock them.
      If you're really, really desperate you could go to the source, Obitsu. But they require a proxy.
      【50RP-F01WP-25】手首パーツ 501 左右セット ホワイティ  OBITSU SHOP
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    14. Thanks for your help K-2 both here and that other place, but luckily I won't have to brave the deep unknown of deputy services as I got word back from Parabox over night and they are available, just, as suspected, got pushed off the website during the update. They should be available to buy soon if not already. :)
    15. Sooo I recently acquired what I think is a DDH 01 head - does anyone know on which body it would look better, Obitsu40 or Obitsu60? ^^

      (no pictures yet, sorry, event thought I should have taken some to scare ;) the heads I bought are currently taking a bath in dental cleaner to hopefully de-yellow a bit. They were cheap, but in a bit poor condition. The Haruka head is not too bad off after a rub down with acetonee, bit yellowed on the brow area, though. However, the DDH head is severely yellowed in spots and the eyes were glued in with... I do not even know what with. I had to carefully scrape it away even after using acetone, and there was no way of salvaging the eyes)
    16. Definitely a 40cm body! The DDH-01 (if it is indeed what you have) is a childish head and works better with smaller bodies. So either a 40cm or 45cm body would suit.
    17. @TheFluffyTankFairy seeing your answer about the DDH-01 can I ask - do you know how the sizes of different standard Volks DD heads compare? This summer I was wanting to make a hybrid Volks + Obitsu but could never find a chart of head sizes to help me out. :( Sorry for being such a vinyl noob.

      Speaking of that failed project, thanks to K-2's help I found an appropriately sized head to make another 48cm girl.
      Here's Aimee with her new buddy Tammy (blue hair). I'm really happy with the Designer 60 head. Opening the eyes wasn't that stressful, and definitely worth it for her adorable sad face.


      I don't know if this head was supposed to be compatible with the 48cm body but I found I could cram the head on the neck piece just fine. Actually the mobility is way better than with the Mafuyu head, so I'm very happy!
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    18. Here a picture of the new DD head (I think DDH 01?)

      However, even though the Mimiwoo tutorial for attaching the Obitsu neck piece is quite clear, I rage-quit that for today... the scew does not find purchase, the little tube does not come out far enough :-( (without the spring, it works, but does not hold fast enough)
    19. Hi guys! I need some help (again).
      I want to buy a lower arm skin for my 60cm body (60BD-F04W-G). I found this in-stock item on parabox site: Untitled Document
      For some reason I'd prefer to order from Hobby Search, but I am no longer sure which part I should get.
      The one which looks legit (Lower Arm Skin Parts 604 (1 pair) (Whity) (Fashion Doll) Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Skin Parts) is sold out - what I find quite strange given that this is the only 60cm body left (not discontinued).
      The other one - which is in stock - is obviously for the older body (judging from "F03" in its product code). Lower Arm Skin Parts 603 (1 pair) (Whity) (Fashion Doll) Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Skin Parts
      But both of them look quite similar. Do any of you know whether I can use "03" lower arm on my "04" body or should I rather acknowledge it is sold out and buy from parabox instead?
    20. If your 60cm has ball joint elbows, you want the 60RP-F04WS-27, which has the angled elbow (wider) end.
      If your 60cm has the double joint elbows, you want the 60RP-F03WS-27, which has the straight cut elbow end.
      They have a lot of different arm vinyls listed on the Hobby Search site. The F01 parts are for the earlier three part body and two part bodies with the hard vinyl busts. These bodies had very slightly shorter arms.
      And yes, there are some listed as "sold out" and some listed as "back ordered". I don't think these listings are all up to date as all the fleshtone (aka natural) parts should be listed as "sold out", not "back ordered", as Obitsu no longer makes that skin tone. The same goes for parts for the 60cm double jointed arms and legs. Obitsu has discontinued those body parts too.