Obitsu General Discussion - Part Three (60cm, 55cm, 50cm and 47cm)

Oct 14, 2016

    1. I can officially join the discussion as I purchased a 48cm Obitsu from the Junky Spot! It should arrive tomorrow! I'm planning on making my DD's younger brother Lysander. Now I'm needing to do research on clothes for this odd size. All of my other dolls are odd sized, so I'm getting better at finding stuff.
    2. @kurogane Congrats! I think the biggest pain is finding clothes for our vinyl crew. You'll have to let me know if you find any great places, because I'm clueless when it comes to clothes and accessories (other than the obvious Azone/Obitsu brands and some Dollmore stuff). :XD:
    3. Vinyl at Ikea
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    4. Add these places to your list and let us know of any you have so they can be added.
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    5. @Azael Thank you! And I will certainly share clothing finds.

      @K-2! Thank you for the link! So much great information!

      I watched a YouTube video on Obitsu and it was fantastic! I think I've been made a strong convert! Any new dolls are going to be vinyl. I am tired of un posable dolls, elastics, and being heavy.
    6. YES CHILD! YOU HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT! (cue James Brown and the gospel choir...)

      The Obitsu body is also featured in dolls by Parabox, Azone, Yamato, Angel Philia, Real Art Projects, and Visuadoll. Each of these companies uses various Obitsu bodies (mostly the 48/50cm) and all of them have custom heads and parts that Obitsu manufactures exclusively for each. Looking at some of these other companies can broaden the range of head sculpts you can get and nearly all of these parts (of the same size bodies) are compatible without modification.
    7. @K-2! Thank you so much for the link! Apparently I never bookmarked it! Sadly, I don't have anything to add that isn't already listed, but when I do I will be sure to post about it! :sweat

      And goodness, your girl looks like she belongs there as their new showroom model! Very nice!
    8. Awesome! I will check out each and every one of those companies! I love doing dolly research! :celebrate
    9. I checked out all of the different doll companies listed by K-2 and I'm really taken with Visuadoll. Especially the Ryou sculpt. I remember seeing these dolls in my Japanese Dolly Dolly magazine and as I couldn't read Japanese, thought they were resin.

      On another note, my 48cm body is out for delivery today! I have absolutely nothing for it! Talk about an unplanned doll!
    10. I totally failed and bought the 45cm body and Ai Chan head from the JS sale today. I already have a 55cm Luna boy and a 50cm girl, but I really wanted a smaller cute anime boy.
      I'm hoping he's easier to dress than my 55cm boy. Should he fit most msd stuff?
    11. I've been scouring the internet for answers but all I've come up with are a few links that don't work and photos that are no longer showing so thought I'd ask here.

      I really like the Gretel head that is designed for the 60cm body however I'm not a huge fan of the aesthetic of the 60cm body. Has anyone tried that particular Gretel head on a smaller body? 47-50cm body perhaps?

      I currently have just one Obitsu doll right now, a Mafuyuu head on a 48cm body. But I've always had a soft spot for the Gretel sculpt and I just noticed she has elf ears available too so am hoping to add her to my collection at some stage. I don't really find the Mafuyuu head that bobble headed on the 48cm body. From what I've read on the Parabox site, that head is about 1.5cm bigger than the Gretel head so I'm thinking it may look all right on a smaller body.
    12. Congratulations LadyDeath! I'm looking forward to seeing your boy! I think they can wear msd clothes, but not the slim mini, more of the chunky Volks size.

      I found that my 48cm body can wear msd sized shoes. I did see a review about the body that said it can wear SD skirts but msd sized shirts. So it looks like I will try some SD pants and just shorten them to fit. I'm getting better at dressing odd sized dolls as this is the majority of my collection, lol.
    13. Parabox is always out of the 47cm body. It's driving me nuts. >->
    14. Thanks K-2 for the photo of your girl. That head looks quite good on the 50cm body. Do you find slight differences between the Gretel47 and standard Gretel heads other than the obvious head size? There's just something about the Gretel47 that I can't seem to put my finger on.
    15. To my eye, the Gretel 47 is similar but different to the regular sized Gretel, a resculpt but smaller in overall size. It seems like it was done by hand rather than the "3D scan/digital reduction/3D print method". I have a G47 but I haven't done a face-up on it yet. I look at it more as a completely different sculpt.
      Since the G47 is smaller I don't know how well the pixie ears will fit.
    16. OK, I have a question regarding putting a resin head on the Obitsu 55cm body. The neck measurements are perfect, the rein match to the vinyl is practically perfect. I know I have seen instructions somewhere, but please help! I won't be doing this until I can save up for the body, but I would like to re read the info many times! Thank you!

      Oh, the head is a Doll Family A Anthony head which is anime style. A really nice resin head with thick resin and the head cap fits with no line. Amazing for only $25!
    17. My obitsu 50cm girl Maxine has small stains on the bottom of her foot. Anyone know of a good method to erase them? Also any good method for general cleaning?
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    19. Depending on the type and size of the stain you can first try scrubbing with a dish detergent (like Dawn) and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. If this doesn't remove the stain it has probably already penetrated the vinyl and you'll have to call out the big guns.

      Stains on vinyl are generally not just on the surface. The constant pressure of an article of clothing against the vinyl, such as at an elastic waist band or in your case a shoe, can allow dye from the clothing to transfer to the vinyl. With vinyl being relatively porous the stain will spread not only to the sides of the contact area, but also deeper into the vinyl.

      You will probably need to apply a good stain removal agent such as Twin Pines Remove-Zit. This Twin Pines product has been formulated by a chemical engineer specifically to be used on vinyl dolls to remove such stains. There are other home remedies which can give you some success but may also cause long term damage to the vinyl such as hardening, cracking, and discoloration. Remove-Zit was engineered to do the most good and the least harm to your precious vinyl.
      Twin Pines Of Maine, LLC.
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