Obitsu General Discussion - Part Three (60cm, 55cm, 50cm and 47cm)

Oct 14, 2016

    1. @K-2 thank you! This just what I need. Thank goodness for the pioneers who have gone before!
    2. Thanks K-2 for your help and observations. I was curious about staining too as this is my first Obitsu vinyl so it's good to know there are products out there that will remove the stains from vinyl without long term damage. I worry about heat as well as I often have to use a hair dryer to get the eyes into the eye pockets. I have heard some people remove those pockets completely. I find the pockets handy for keeping the eyes in place so I've left them for now. Not sure how putty would go being used on vinyl to hold the eyes in place...
    3. With vinyl, your hair dryer is your best friend. Heating the various soft vinyl parts will temporarily soften the vinyl even more. In many places this heating is necessary to remove some skeleton parts, such as removing/replacing neck pieces in heads and changing hands on wrist parts. You can also use the hair dryer to heat parts that have become deformed for some reason. Heating the part can help it return to its original shape. Unless you touch the vinyl to the heating elements of the hair dryer you probably can't heat the vinyl enough to harm it.

      Cutting the eye pockets out can be difficult. If you're having trouble getting eyes in and out of the eye pockets, you can snip the side of the eye pocket.
    4. [​IMG] He came today! Oh how cute he is. Here is is next to my 55cm Luna boy.
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    5. [​IMG] Sorry for the double post and multiple pictures, but upon closer inspection the Ai-Chan head has all this yellow patchy discolouring all over, you can see the head cap is the normal colour. I hate to bug Emory about this, but it wouldn't come off, with a magic eraser, I think it may be yellowing from sun damage? And I thought only resin turned yellow in the sun?

    6. Thanks for the tip on the eye pockets K-2. I might have to do this as I do have problems getting eyes in and out of those pockets even after heating the vinyl.

      It's good to know vinyl doesn't damage from heating it though. I had read somewhere that it wasn't good for vinyl and it would make the vinyl eventually crack which was what I was afraid of. I never hold the hair dryer very close to the vinyl at all.

      It was hard enough trying to put the neck piece in, I don't fancy trying to remove it to attach to another head. I ended up just buying a few extra neck pieces and giving additional heads their own so it's easier to change out heads.

      Wow LadyDeath, I have never seen an Obitsu with that sort of yellow patching before. That's really bizarre. I've only just started buying these dolls so can't help you with your questions. Perhaps some of the other people in this thread who have been long time collectors might be able to shed some light on this. I hope you can get it fixed or at the very least exchanged.
    7. If my monitor is displaying your picture correctly, that doesn't look right. It's almost like two slightly different batches of vinyl were used and not mixed thoroughly. I would think sun damage (yellowing) would be more even and not as splotchy as shown in your second picture. It can be normal to get a body where two parts are not an exact color match as parts don't always come from the same batch of vinyl. But color variation like that in one piece is strange. I've never seen that before (in my 40+ Obitsu bodies).
      Was this the head that came with the body or one you ordered separately?
      In any case I would definitely contact Emory about this.
    8. K-2 I ordered it from the Junkyspot, separately from the 45cm body. I emailed him last night and he sent me a new one already, he's very nice. Yes it does look like two different batches of vinyl were used does it? It's exactly as you are seeing it, patchy yellow.
      It's very weird as Emory told me all his stock is kept in boxes, so it must've come from Parabox that way. I've never seen anything soo strange. I tried magic eraser and it did nothing.
      I suppose I'll put it into my floating head collection.
    9. Gotta say, Emory understands customer service.

      Or like it was stored pressed up against some crumpled up fabric and the yellow/orange leached out of the fabric into the vinyl. The fact that the staining stops dead at the head cap blows that theory out of the water.

      Got any characters coming up with jaundice?
    10. lol jaundice! I'm tempted to give him a faceup anyway since he's soo different looking. It reminds me of vitiligo, only yellow instead of the patchy white.
    11. Ok this is really bizarre. Emory sent me a replacement head but it's got the weird yellowing too! New head is on the right in the photos, it's not as severe as the first one.


      You can see the chin area is very yellow compared to the nose on the one on the right.
      I emailed Emory again to let him know the second head has the yellowing too. I'm not sure why he didn't check it before it was sent though.
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    12. I've seen a yellowy film form on a old Jenny doll's soft vinyl legs, that was splotchy where cloth was touching it. It came off with acetone. However, since this is a new head, I'd personally not even try that, and just get a replacement or refund. :( My Jenny was 20~ish years old, not brand new.
    13. Yeah it's almost like it was stained, but they are new from the Junkyspot.
      I gave the second one a faceup, and here he is, it's not soo noticeable since he's got a wig on.
      I emailed Emory anyway to let him know, it's weird how both heads have this issue.


      I was wondering, does the small bust piece for the 40/45 female body fit on the male 40cm body?
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    14. Yes it will.
      Just about all of the 40-50cm busts/abdomens are interchangeable on those bodies as are many of the other parts. Since all these bodies (40cm-50cm) use the same basic interior framework the parts are all about the same diameter. You can get into issues with the tops of 50cm abdomen parts being too long on the smaller bodies but those can be trimmed down to fit. Arms and legs can be different lengths but can be swapped wholesale. Hands and feet are all the same. Heads are all interchangeable, it's just a matter of your personal taste as to whether a certain head works with a certain size body.
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    15. Thanks for that. I got the 40cm boy body with the small bust just to have some options. I was going to get the Hime ane head, but I decided to finally get that DD head I've been wanting. I just hope attaching it won't be too painful lol.
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    16. What an awesome body! Are they their own company or are they made by Obitsu? I've seen them before and always wondered.
    17. It's a long and convoluted story full of love, intrigue, ABS, PVC, and some other stuff...

      An Incomplete Crash Course in the History of Obitsu/VMF/Angel Phillia 48/50cm Dolls.

      Somewhere around 2008, Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing designs and produces their first 50cm doll body. This is a new design improving on the technologies of their older 55/60cm doll body, which also employed the soft vinyl skins supported by a hard plastic inner frame.

      Before the general release of the Obitsu 50cm body, Yamato Toy Corporation (known for their PVC figures) has Obitsu manufacture their first Yamato VMF50 (Variable Motion Figure) using the new 50cm body. She is the licensed anime character, Minmay from the Macross Saga.

      Shortly thereafter (about 4 months) Yamato produces the second VMF50, Kanu Unchou from Ikki Tousen. Kanu's exterior body design is almost entirely new, dubbed the Type B body. The only exterior parts from the stock body are the hands and the feet. The entire stock internal frame was used and remained unmodified.

      And now we’re off to the races. Over the next few years Yamato designs and Obitsu manufactures an alphabet soup of body types, the Type D, Type E, Type F, Type G, and finally the Type A, used in the first two Yamato versions of the character Sonico.

      During the latter part of this period Real Art Projects, a company affiliated with one of the people at Yamato (Tommy), starts using the VMF bodies for some more erotic versions of the 50cm. The RAP girls will be known for suggestive face sculpts, unusual breast and torso pieces, and exotic accessories.

      Shortly after the third Sonico is announced, Yamato goes belly up and reforms as Arcadia. Arcadia continues Yamato's toy lines and produces more 48/50cm dolls under the new name Angel Philia. The third Sonico is produced as an Angel Philia on the new Type C parts.

      After about two years Angel Philia breaks from Arcadia, becomes Quarantotto, and continues to produce dolls under the Angel Philia name. Real Art Projects continues to produce sexy dolls under the Pink Drops line. Accessories sold through RAP include bondage gear, strap on phalluses, and tentacle sets.

      Over the years other doll producers start using the Obitsu 48/50cm body. Yamato, Angel Philia, Parabox, Visuadoll, RAP, and Azone all have their own exclusive vinyl designs using the Obitsu 48cm and 50cm bodies, still all manufactured by Obitsu.
      It should be kept in mind that most of these bodies, variant busts, torsos, and heads are compatible with each other.
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    18. @K-2! That is so interesting! Wow, so many body options I had no idea existed. I'm glad you are here to share with us. I really enjoy this thread!

      My 48cm guy is still slowly coming together. I got some anime eyes and spent twenty minutes putting them in. I didn't have any trouble with the eye sockets, it is nearly impossible to get them lined up right! They are still a little off, more adjustments needed. I should have gotten eyes that weren't so complicated. :sigh